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SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Smart Dog Doors: Features and Reasons Why You’ll Need One

Smart dog doors, or electronic dog doors, open and close automatically. It allows you amazing convenience. After installing one, you won’t need to open your home’s door to let your pet in or out anymore.

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door MountToday’s best electronic dog doors incorporate features that will leave you stunned.

The technology they use allows you to even program them, as well as use phone apps to operate them remotely.

Here are reasons why you’ll want a smart/electronic dog door.


You are able to sleep all night long without worrying about having to wake up to open the door for your pet.

If it’s during the day, you can attend to your duties or even go out and leave  your home’s door closed.

Your main door remains safe

You will not have your dog scratch your home’s door wanting to be let in or out and ruining it.

Pet safety

Your pet won’t get out when you don’t want it to, especially if the smart dog door is the programmable type.

It reduces cases where young pups get outdoors without your knowledge and get injured.

Happier pet

You can program the smart dog door to let your dog in or out at any time, and he becomes a more comfortable pet.

Enough access

When your dog can get in and out at any time, there’s more exercise for him than when he stays confined in one place for hours.

Reduced boredom

Nothing bores your dog like to get detained for the better part of the day or night.

A smart door allows him to walk in and out of the house at will, eliminating boredom.

The technological features of smart dog doors allow them to be utterly convenient, freeing you of the task of playing door-person to your pet.

With the below 5 features, you will find smart dog doors irresistible.

Features of irresistible smart dog doors

1. Microchip Technology

This feature works if you have had your pet injected with a microchip.

You then program the pet door to be accessible by the pet’s microchip.

The chip in the pet’s body transmits signals which are picked by the door’s sensors, helping to identify the dog and et him in or out.

The microchip works a mechanism that allows your smart pet door to open at the approach of your dog.

It’s a secure and reliable technology because your dog cannot lose the microchip.

You’re always sure that the pet will find its way into the house when you’re not around.

If you have several pets, find a pet door that’s programmable to accept more than one chip and have each of the pets injected with a microchip.

2. Phone Apps

appSome smart doors for dogs can be operated from your smartphone.

It presents a novel and exciting way through which to monitor and control the movement of your dog in and out of the house.

To use this feature, you need to install a specific app on your phone.

Once installed, it communicates with the pet door’s system and keeps data of your pet’s behaviour, such as how many times the pet goes out, the specific time frames, and other information.

3. Insulated Flaps

Unlike normal pet doors, most electronic dog doors do not allow draught into your house.

They come with flaps that are insulated to keep out cold air from outside

With these smart doors that don’t allow in air or cold, your home’s heating system runs efficiently.

Not all electronic dog doors will incorporate a strong and effective insulating construction.

If you want better obstruction to cold draughts, choose smart doors that feature gasket seals; they offer better insulation.

4. Key Fobs

A normal pet door lets in any animal that can push it open.

Not so for electronic dog doors.

They have a feature that makes them allow no other pet except yours.

How do they achieve this?

You attach a key fob to your dog’s collar.

The key fob acts as an electronic key that causes the pet door to open when the dog comes to it.

Only ensure your dog doesn’t lose this fob because the door will not open and he risks staying out or in for the entire time you happen to be away.

If you have more than one pet, you will need to have separate key fobs for each.

5. Curfew and Lock Modes

These features allows you to customize your smart pet door to keep your dog out or in for defined periods of time.

You can also use the features to keep a pet indoors for specific parts of the day.

A typical electronic dog door with these features may indicate options to keep your dog out, in, with full access or completely locked out.

Curfew and lock modes are useful when you want to control your dog’s movement to suit your preferred times.

Should you decide to get for your home a smart pet door, there are several factors to consider.

You want the best smart/electronic dog door that will not disappoint you.

Ensure the door you buy is really smart, in addition to other features that improve its ease of operation and durability.

Choose a door that does not open your home to intruders.

Ensure it’s made from materials that are adequately strong and that its mechanism works right.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a smart pet door


Can your pet walk through it comfortably? If it’s a pup, buy a door large enough to allow space for when he grows up.


securityHow secure is the door? Will it allow in intruders, both humans and animals? Look for a door made out of sturdy materials and a mechanism and sensors that accurately distinguish your dog from other pets.


Is it easy to install, or will it need you to call a professional? Easy-to-install doors are better since they will not cost you more in installation fees.

Method of operation

Does it require your pet to push for it to open or is it fully automatic? Fully automatic doors offer more regarding convenience.


Some electronic dog doors allow you to customize them to work according to your preference.

Some do not.

You may want to have full control over how your smart door works, so it would be advisable that you choose the programmable type.

Smart dog doors cost more but offer more regarding control, convenience and safety.

Using them allows you and your pet unmatched freedom.

Your dog becomes happier and healthier as a result of unrestricted exercise.

PetSafe Wall Pet Door

Best Electronic Dog Door Reviews in 2020

Best electronic pet doors can help you in a lot of ways. It’s no surprise that most pet owners are comfortable with the standard open door policy in their homes. However, amid the everyday hurdles, most of you would somehow agree to some level of the inconvenience this might pose either to you or your dog.

And as much as you might try to understand your pets’ habits, body language, and schedules, sometimes some go without notice.

How then do you ensure your pet doesn’t feel neglected at such a time?

The answer is simple; an electronic dog door.

Best Electronic Dog Doors Reviews in 2020

High Tech Pet Door Review

High Tech Pet DoorTaking the first place in our best electronic dog doors reviews is the incredible High Tech manufacturer’s product; Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door.

This automatic fixture leaves nothing for imagination as it proudly displays its military-grade robust design that would readily protect your pet and home form strong impacts including gunshots.

And if you tend to worry about adverse weather conditions, then you should rest easy as the High Tech product can withstand extreme weather conditions all through the seasons, making you feel entirely safe indoors.

Also, its motor-driven door gives a stylish opening design through a vertical slide mechanism that’s not only attractive to watch but also secure enough with the use of a small MS-4 ultrasonic collar.

The four mode system configurations of this best smart door ensure to guarantee access as “Closed and Locked, In Only, Out Only and Full Access.” You merely have to pre-set what works for you.

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High Tech Pet Pros:

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Extreme Weather-resistant
  • Handy four access modes
  • Offers Uncompromising security features
High Tech Pet Cons:
  • Poor collar quality reports

Our verdict:

The High Tech Pet Electronic Pet Door makes use of 110V Ac power in its operations.

And with its backup battery option, it’s one of the best choices for your investment.

Click here to check High Tech Pet price on Amazon

Solo Pet Dog and Cat Door Review

Solo Pet Dog and Cat DoorSolo Pet Doors comes second in this list because of its popularity and positive functionality reviews in the present electronic dog doors market.

This door’s operations are entirely automatic, hence would offer you and your pet ultimate convenience.

You would have to endure endless door opening trips, and your pooch wouldn’t have to depend on you for movements.

Another thing that you would love about this door is its durable construction that ensures you receive value for your money.

The collar tags on this entry tag are waterproof and don’t use batteries.

Also, since the labels are magnetized, your pet demands entry/exit at will.

With this Solo Pet Doors product, you get to enjoy peace of mind as it guarantees 100% safe access for your pet through its unique slow-gravity closing technique.

So no loud bangs to disturb your activities and no slight chance of intruder access.

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Solo Pet Door Pros:

  • It’s robust and sturdy for guaranteed durability
  • Comes in ten different sizes and free pet tags
  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent functionality and security features
Solo Pet Door Cons:
  • Glitches complaints from some users

Our verdict:

This electronic pet door comes with a one year warranty from its manufacturer to assure you of its quality.

Its two installation options (wall/door) make an excellent bonus!

Click here to check Solo Pet Door price on Amazon

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Review

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoorYour guess could be right as our next in line is the popular PetSafe company product.

This Electronic SmartDoor makes use of the RF-tech mechanism and has its operations going with the help of the 4 D-cell batteries that are known to function in three efficient modes.

The activation of this automatic door is also through the battery-powered SmartKey that your pet has to wear on its collar.

Large/big-bodied pet owners now have something to smile about with this dog bed as its full flip makes access easy and can comfortably accommodate pooches of up to 100 pounds.

And as if that isn’t enough, you get to enjoy the flexibility of controlling and pre-setting up to five pet IDs, which makes it a favorite pick for multi-pet owners.

With the automatic access and secure lock of this automatic door, there’s a guarantee to the security of your home, so you and your furry get to enjoy daily life.

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PetSafe Electronic Pros:

  • Helpful SmartKey technology
  • Excellent durability and insulation features
  • Two installation options
PetSafe Electronic Cons:
  • Short-lasting batteries
  • Makes some noise

Our verdict:

The PetSafe product offers your furry easy access to the house.

We love its high sensitivity levels that guarantee user security.

Click here to check PetSafe Electronic price on Amazon

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door Mount Review

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door MountThe Carlson electronic door product is an actual definition of the real benefits of the rapidly spreading technological innovations.

This dog entry places into considerations the various heartily needs of pet owners to present itself in different sizes to ease selection.

It comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, with medium opening dimensions of 16- 10-inches and rough passage dimensions of 8.5-14-inches.

The Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door Mount offers an easy installation time, and its expandable tunnel can comfortably accommodate various wall mounting measurements without unnecessary trimming.

And to ensure top-notch security details for you and your pooch, the smart dog door contains a stainless steel security lock that’s easily attachable to the security panel, so you get to enjoy a worry-free rest.

Additionally, the electronic door has double opening capabilities that allow you to make use of either a quality hinge system or a magnetic gasket for durability and reliability.

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Carlson Pros:

  • Comes with a free training manual
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Dual operation modes
Carlson Cons:
  • Complex installation guide
  • Not tight enough reports

Our verdict:

This Carlson door might be pricey, but it surely compensates that well with its incredible blend of features.

We, however, hope they offer timely solutions for the few complaint reports.

Click here to check Carlson price on Amazon

Endura Flap Pet Door Review

Endura Flap Pet DoorIf a touch of class and flexibility is what you’re looking for, then the famous Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door would make an excellent choice.

This door comes with an incredibly beautiful and flexible design that seeks to prioritize the security of your home and pet.

With it, it doesn’t matter whether you love small, large or extra-large dogs as you’ll be spoilt with its wide sizes range.

From small, medium to large, the choice remains yours to make.

The dimensions of this electronic door range from 6-inches to 10-inches and there’re three colors of choice (white, bronze and tan).

Its automatic locking mechanisms come handy especially when you need the door to close when not in use.

Also, you get to benefit from all-season adversities, and its duo flip helps you save on electric bills.

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Endura Pros:

  • Flexible and safe design
  • All-weather resistant
  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Offers great insulation
Endura Cons:
  • Time-consuming, complex installation

Our verdict:

We particularly commend Endura for providing installation instructions and a video, so even if the process takes longer than expected, you at least get it right at the end!

Click here to check Endura price on Amazon

Plexidor Large Door Review

Plexidor Large DoorHaving a perfect and secure electronic dog door for your home is the dream of every pet owner.

Plexidor Performance Pet Doors doesn’t only offer a sleek appearance but also ensures the safety of your loved ones.

So if you’ve little children in your house, you would appreciate the secure obstruction anti-closure mechanism this dog door provides.

It’ll also be a plus for those whose love for “made in the USA” products can’t allow them to shop anywhere else.

Also, with it comes a 5-year warranty that would ensure you enjoy its durability and share success stories with family and friends.

Look at this electronic door as an additional security fixture to your home as its operations blend well with other home security systems.

You can purchase it for both your dogs and cats and train them to intermingle in peace as they collaborate to use a single passage.

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Plexidor Large Pros:

  • Easy to use without supervision
  • Quick response customer support
  • Automatic battery-free operation
Plexidor Large Cons:
  • Fall-off collar transmitters reports

Our verdict:

Although this electronic dog door is expensive, it makes to the rare list of multi-pet accommodation, hence doesn’t come as a surprise.

Click here to check Plexidor Large price on Amazon

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Review

SureFlap Microchip Pet DoorNext in line comes the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door that’s would sure offer you a good return for your money.

The door grants ultimate peace of mind to pet owners as it seeks to ensure no other animal intruder comes into your home when you’re away or probably busy.

It also contains a fantastic memory keeping system that can comfortably trace the IDs of up to 32 pets, such that you get to enjoy your multi-pet love without a worry in the world.

With this electronic dog door, it doesn’t matter as to whether you’re purchasing it for your dogs or cats, all that matters is that you get to control door access especially at wee hours of the night.

And with a bi-scan feature, your pets undergo secure in and out scanning to ensure only you get to let in other pets after a thorough vetting.

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SureFlap Microchip Pros:

  • Fantastic for multiple small pets
  • Works best with RFID tags
  • Stylish design
  • Quick installation
  • Compatible with various microchips
SureFlap Microchip Cons:
  • Not for full-size dogs
  • Difficulty of use in some pets

Our verdict:

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is the best solution for small multi-pet lovers.

You, however, would have to be patient training your pets for collaborative use.

Click here to check SureFlap Microchip price on Amazon

PetSafe Wall Pet Door Review

PetSafe Wall Pet DoorNext up in our best electronic dog doors ranking is another incredible product from PetSafe; the Wall Entry Pet Door.

This pet door is an excellent pick for pets of up to 100 Ib.

and has a new and old version for preference.

When it comes to sizes, you’ve got the flexibility to go for the small, medium and large, all of which contain a high-quality aluminum frame that gives you appropriate reliability over the years.

The PetSafe product has an attractive slide-in closing panel that would ensure you and your pet enjoy proper insulation even in the extreme winter weather conditions.

Additionally, you get to control your pets in and out movements to favorable trips such that they don’t get too naughty.

If you love doing things for yourself and would love to put your masonry skills to the test, you will; love the hassle-free installation procedure.

Read more reviews about PetSafe on Amazon

PetSafe Pros:

  • Works perfectly with multiple walls
  • Proper insulation all year long
  • Accords freedom to your pets
  • Fantastic wall fitting
PetSafe Cons:
  • Plastic frame durability concerns

Our verdict:

This PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door offers excellent insulation with its double flips.

And despite the plastic panel, its construction is pretty impressive at its price range.

Click here to check PetSafe price on Amazon

Perfect Pet Dog Door Review

Perfect Pet Dog DoorLast but not least we have the Perfect Pet’s dog door which is among the number one choice for go-green shoppers.

The dog door is a clear demonstration of the importance of product variety as it seeks to meet its client needs with the small, medium, extra-large and super large sizes.

And with the dimensions of from 5-inches to 15-inches, your pet can enjoy the quality services of this energy efficient foam construction fixture.

This item offers you the flexibility you require to give your pet the best freedom entry with its duo-flap features that are easily adjustable to withstand any weather condition throughout the seasons.

You will, however, have to be careful with your purchasing stores as the manufacturer offers a limited locational warranty.

At its price, we find the Perfect Pet product favorable for middle/low spenders, while not compromising on quality.

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Perfect Pet Pros:

  • Firmly stays in place
  • Adjustable frame telescopes
  • Sturdy molded plastic construction
  • Perfect functionality in all seasons
Perfect Pet Cons:
  • Limited Warranty
  • Poor insulation reports

Our verdict:

We find this electronic dog door convenient for budget-tight individuals and with the possibility of using a weather-stripping to achieve the maximum fit, you would appreciate its features.

Click here to check Perfect Pet price on Amazon

PetSafe Freedom Pet Door Review

PetSafe Freedom Pet DoorThe last review on our list happens to be one of the affordable electronic doors in the market.

And that happens to be the PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Pet Door.

Like other similar products in this collection, this product seeks to maximize on its market segment through a wide range of fixture sizes and colors.

It also, promises an excellent fast, responsive customer support assistant through calls, email, and chats.

And if the only reason you’re hesitating to get one is your treasurable sliding recessed door, you’ll be glad to learn about the extra patio panel kit that would help fix everything in place.

While keeping in mind that some dogs are pretty active, PetSafe came up with a heavy duty tempered glass that would ensure durability even with frequent access and some banging.

You’ll also have to forget about last minute extra weather insulation kits as it comes with weather stripping to fit into place throughout the year correctly.

Read more reviews about PetSafe Freedom on Amazon

PetSafe Freedom Pros:

  • Easily portable
  • No messy installation cuttings
  • Various sizes
PetSafe Freedom Cons:
  • Extra expenses for recessed doors.

Our verdict:

If you’re always on the move and would like a dog door that would give you excellent service with hassle-free installation work, we would gladly recommend the Freedom Sliding Glass Pet.

Click here to check PetSafe Freedom price on Amazon

Merits of using Electronic Dog Doors

big dogProlongs the durability of your door

Having one entry in your home means that you’ll have to share it with your pup.

And even though you invest a lot of time to teach them some simple etiquette, sometimes they tend to forget how valuable your door is and turn it into a playing partner.

The same case applies for the time they would scratch it open for easy access.

You, however, wouldn’t have to worry about this once you get then their passage.

Very convenient

Getting your pooch their door means you can go about your duties without disturbance.

Also, you can go out to a store or take a stroll knowing they can gain access to their comfort zone whenever they want.

Improves their Social Skills

It’s no secret that dogs just like humans love and enjoy the company of other pets.

Therefore, locking them up for long whenever you aren’t home or too busy to notice their boredom signals deprives them of the chance to create new friends and be happy.

When you give them unlimited access to their specific entry, they not only feel confident about themselves but also get to attend “social gatherings” with their neighborhood friends.

small dogKeeps them active

An active lifestyle is vital to a healthy pet.

So if you want to reduce those regular vet visits, give your dog the freedom to be themselves.

Through this, they enjoy more time to run around the block, stretch under the sun and climb walls to get those muscles strong.

Guarantees them Comfort

Being comfortable goes beyond having a beautiful place to rest.

It also means having the ability to conduct basic routines without restrictions.

Therefore, an electronic door for your pooch would include things like timely bathroom visits, which significantly and positively contributes to their general wellbeing.

The functionality of an Electronic Dog Door

The operations of an electronic dog door aren’t that complicated as most people tend to think.

In fact, it is more like operating an automatic garage or main entry door.

And just like any other type of smart door, their functionality heavily depends on door sensors, pet sensors, and a unique entry/exit mechanism.

In other words, it involves a communication procedure between your dog and the fixture, whereby both sensors have to be a perfect match to complete the process.

What then are the different forms of sensors you should place into consideration?

Radiofrequency chips

This type of device stores doesn’t store your dog’s information in the system but instead entirely depends on standard radio frequency mechanisms to guarantee access.

Here the particular key on your pooch will automatically release a signal that would connect with the door for it to open.

The entry will also automatically shut once the dog is out of a given range as the signal tends to weaken with distance.

Ultrasonic waves; unlike the radiofrequency chips these sensors contain high-frequency capabilities for functionality.

You can, however, readjust the settings according to preference to dictate at what range the door sensor should respond to that on your dog’s body.

RFID Signals

This one is one of the newest and most expensive technology in the current electronic dog doors market.

The system maximizes the use of radio frequency identification through the use of your pet’s current data in the system.

And since there is no way two animals can share the same details, only pooches with matching information gain access to the entry, making it the safest door mechanism at the moment.

Magnetic; with this sensor mechanism, your dog’s access to the entry either depends on the magnetic attractions within the door or the one on their collar key.

Here any animal with the same type of magnetic power gains entry.

Therefore, you’ve to ensure yours is unique from those of your neighbors.


This is one of the seamless forms of smart door open mechanism.

For instance, it would be impossible for anyone else to know your dog has one since its implantation is internal.

So you’ll have to take your pet to the vet for this procedure and get to enjoy peace of mind.

Considerations of Purchasing an Electronic Dog Door


Just like humans, there is no constant factor in a dog’s life.

There comes a time when they get to lose weight due to sickness or even age.

And there would be those fantastic days they will add some pounds.

So it would be out of logic to get a door with an exact form of measurement of your dog’s current state.

Who knows, you might also want to get an additional pet in future? Settle for a door that considers all these possibilities.


Since getting your dog a door guarantees your convenience, you’ve to ensure they’re safe even when you’re away from home.

Getting a fixture with custom settings would go a long way into ensuring no intruder gains access to your home without permission.

Energy efficiency

Remember that will come a time of the year when the weather wouldn’t be favorable.

And it’s during such times that you would appreciate a properly functioning door that would tightly lockout outside air whenever there is the need.

Fit & Setup

We all have a preference to a given door type.

Whether it’s a sliding door or the standard doors, ensure it doesn’t involve a tedious installation procedure.


The standing you select for your dog’s entry should consider their size and activeness level.

For instance, a metal frame could guarantee durability for well-built and very active pooches while a plastic one would be fine for little /less aggressive breeds.

Type of Sensor

This would dictate the safety of your dog and home.

So even if you’re working on a tight budget, don’t compromise on the safety features in place.


Do you love being in control? If yes, then a door with a pre-set programmable settings is what you need.

Here you can time and restrict access according to preference.

Talk of freedom with a touch of control?

Measuring a Pet Door

Getting the right measurements for your dog’s door would save you future frustrations.

You can achieve this finding out the correct size of your pooch while leaving some growth allowance (1 to 2 inches should be fine)


This involves using a tape measure to get the exact size of your pooch’s torso while they’re in a standing position.


Here the height would be your dog’s measurements right from the floor surface to the highest protruding section of their back while standing.

Simple Buying Guide for an Electronic Dog door

Now that you know what you require, consider this simple tips before making that final purchase;

Pet size

Keep your present and probable future pet’s size in mind.

You can select between small, medium and large dog doors depending on the breed of your pet.


Where will you like to install the door? Is it on the patio, wall or swinging? And would it be safe for your pet?

Opening size

As much as you would love to move with the trend, ensure the size and shape you choose matches the dimensions you took earlier.

Installing your Dog door

toolsThe installation process is the last step you would take to ensure ultimate comfort and freedom for your dog.

Most electronic dog doors products come with an installation manual together with the appropriate tools you’ll need.

But here is a standard guideline of how the whole procedure would look like;

  • Take time to prepare the exact location for your electronic door installation.

Make trims where necessary and smoothen out the door/wall cuttings to ensure perfect fixing.

  • Afterward, get the right fixing tools from then carefully secure the door to its location, while providing the screws are tight enough.

Ensure to consult the manual/video that came with the product.

  • Generously apply caulk, if you notice a few spaces between the wall and the door.

Well done! The door is now ready for use, and you can start training your pooch on its new adventure!

Having an excellent smart dog door goes a long way into ensuring the comfort and flexibility of your pet.

And even if you might not consider it in the beginning, the convenience that it stands to offer you is out of this world.

So if you’ve been searching for a better way to express your love and care for your lifetime pooch friend, it’s probably time you invest in the door using our unique best electronic dog doors reviews!

Sleep in a Dog House

How to Teach Your Dog to Sleep in a Dog House

With the amount of love that a dog gives to its owner, it would make a lot of sense that the dog owner would give the dog the best care that it absolutely deserves. From the top-notch pet care to elaborate dog houses, nothing is spared when it comes to man’s best friend.

But it is not that shocking that people would do this because their pets love them more than they love themselves.

Sleep in a Dog HouseSadly, it will not matter to the dog if its owner spent thousands of dollars on its dog house.

There is a big possibility that it will not sleep in its dog house especially if it used to sleep inside the house.

So the question now is how to teach the dog to sleep in a dog house?

This task may sound daunting.

Most dog parents might already be reaching for their phones to contact the nearest dog trainer because they feel that they are not equipped to do this task.

But there is no need to do any of these.

They just have to continue reading this article.

The dog owner can do the training themselves.

All they need is patience and of course this article.

So for those who are thinking of buying or building a dog house, they must read this article.

It will help them teach their dog to sleep in a dog house.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

1. This will take time

One of the most important thing that a dog lover has to keep in mind when teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house is not to rush the process.

This would entail a lot of patience from the dog owner.

So just think of this training as if one is potty training one’s own toddler.

It would definitely not be a one day process so it is never a wise idea to rush the adorable four-legged creature out of the house and into his doghouse.

Doing this will definitely backfire as the dog will be too traumatized to step inside its house.

So again, one should never rush the dog.

dog sleepingIf the dog is used to sleeping on the foot of the bed, one can lure it out of the bedroom by putting its favorite blanket outside of the room.

To make this step not so upsetting for the dog as well as for the owner, one can just put the item just outside of the room – perhaps just by the door.

One important thing to remember is not to give in to the dog’s whines at night.

2. Set up a schedule

As what was mentioned earlier, teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house is a process.

So it would make a lot of sense to set up a schedule for this adorable creature.

The slow process will make the endeavor successful because the dog will learn adapt to the change.

They will slowly stick to the schedule.

But the owners themselves have to stick to the schedule too.

They must not give in to the dog’s cries at night.

This step is just as easy as putting the dog outside of the house at night.

Slowly, the dog will learn that at a certain time of the day, it must go out to sleep.

3. Make it comfortable

One of the best ways to ensure that the process of teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house is to make the dog house comfortable.

This has been proven very effective as the dog will willingly sleep in best dog house for hot weather if it will find it comfortable.

To do this, one must accessorize the dog house.

dog's toyThis does not mean that one has to go on shopping for dog accessories.

This simply means that the dog parent has to decorate the dog house with things that the

dog is familiar with.

One can put its favorite pillow and blanket – perhaps, its favorite chew toy.

This will encourage the dog to step into the doghouse and eventually sleep in it.

If one is living in a place where the temperature can drop to frigid conditions, then one must make sure that the family pet would be sleeping in a warm place.

This can be done by insulating the dog house.

4. Positive Reinforcement

Psychologists have shown that positive reinforcement works better than criticisms on kids.

This is the same thing with pets.

dog's foodSo it is necessary for pet owners, especially for dog lovers, to give a dog a reward for good behavior.

One has to consider that the dog will have to get used to sleeping outside of the house so if one backs this training with rewards or praises, the dog would be more willing to follow the rules that is set for it.

This is not only effective in the process of teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house.

But it would also work well for other things.

This might be toilet training or other more complicated dog good behavior.

5. Important Reminders – One has to keep in mind that there are certain dogs that need to stay in the house.

If the family pet has thin coats, it would be wiser to keep it inside the house especially if one is living in an area known for harsh winters.

This would also hold true to small dogs.

But whatever breed, a dog should not be allowed to sleep outside during winter.

From dog houses to chew toys, pet owners would go out of their way to make their beloved pets comfortable.

It is just right since this adorable four-legged creatures would do anything to please its master.

So if one is thinking of buying or building a dog house, it is wise to know how to make the dog step inside.

dogIt is even more important to teach the dog to sleep in a dog house.

This article just gave helpful hints on what to do so it will make the transition less painful.

Not to mention, following these tips will make the endeavor successful.

Now that you know what to do so as to teach your dog to sleep in a dog house, it is time for you to test these tricks.

It might not be foolproof.

But one has to bear in mind that the dog parent must be very patient.

You must remember that your dog is very much like your child.

They need a lot of love and of course in this project, patience.

So what are you waiting for? Just try these steps.

Good luck!

Make the Dog House Comfortable

How to Persuade a Dog to Use a Doghouse

A new dog house can be a scary structure to your pup. It appears to him like it’s a cage where you want to keep him in for good. It doesn’t help matters if your dog has not used a dog house before and you’re introducing him to it for the first time.

You need to drive this fear out of him by making the dog house appear to be the nicest, comfortable, and safe place to live in.

But how? Here are ways to persuade a dog to use a dog house.

Make the Dog House Comfortable

Make the Dog House ComfortableYour dog’s house needs to be comfortable and attractive enough if you want him to stay in it.

You can do this by placing the best outdoor dog house in a sheltered place, away from direct sun, rain or wind.

Reduce openings but still have enough light and air coming in.

You want a house your pup can use in any weather, rainy or sunny, without subjecting him to suffering.

Have a nice dog bed in the dog’s house where he can comfortably lie to rest; lying on the hard floor can be a put off for a dog used to sitting in a couch in your home.

Dog houses come in various designs and sizes.

Buy a dog house with ample space for play and rest.

It will make the dog prefer being inside it than any other place.

Place Your Old Cloth inside the Dog House

Your dog can smell you and know when you’re around.

Sensing your smell makes him feel calm and safe.

Because you’re not going to live in the pet’s house, the best way to ensure him of your presence would be to take one of your old clothes-and one that you wore not too long ago and put it in the dog house.

It could be a shirt or pieces of towels you no longer need or use.

Make these pieces of cloth part of the dog’s bedding.

It would help to place the items in the dog’s house the very first time you lead him inside it; doing so would instantly make the dog fall in love with its new home.

Introduce Dog Toys

Your pup is, most probably, a lover of toys.

Place safe and approved toys in the doghouse to make him feel attracted to stay and play in the new house.

Toys take away boredom and anxiety from your dog, and he gets used to his house sooner than you would have imagined.

The toys can be indoor or outdoor, as long as they’re safe and don’t clutter the dog house.

Introduce the Dog House in Calm Weather

One mistake you could make when introducing your pup to a new dog house would be to do so during foul weather.

Thunder, fierce wind and the noise of raindrops can terrify a dog out of its skin.

He will then start to associate this scary situation with the new house.

As a result, he could become fearful of using the dog house, even when the weather is fine.

Introduce him to his new home when there are no terrifying sounds to avoid the scare.

In addition to choosing a fine-weather day, make sure there are no other scaring things and situations round when introducing your pup to the new house.

Such scares include naughty children who may mistreat the dog or machinery producing loud noise near the dog house.

Use the Reward Method

It involves using treats to train your dog to like its new home.

Take a few treats and head towards the dog house, ensuring your pup can see you and what you’re carrying.

Place the treats near the entrance to the house.

He will come for them, but if he doesn’t, you might want to move them a little bit away from the entrance.

As soon as he takes the bait, move the treats closer and closer to the door of the dog house until they’re well inside.

Once you’ve managed to get the dog inside the house, take back the treats and command him to lie down.

Caress him gently while talking to him.

Within a few days of this training, your dog’s fear of its new house will have disappeared, and he will be willingly getting inside it without persuasion.

Train the Dog to Stay in the Dog House Every Day

Not all dogs will like to live in a house on its own straight away.

Most need to be trained to.

When training your pup to use its new house, you’re likely to become impatient and angered, especially if he proves to be slow to learn.

Never show your anger, though, during the training as it can affect him adversely.

Petsfit Dog HouseAvoid yelling, hitting or even forcing him to stay in the house for longer than he wants to.

You risk damaging the dog’s ability to adapt to living in the new house.

Regaining your dog’s trust that the house is safe would then become difficult.

Keep Training Sessions Short and Regular

You don’t want training the dog to adapt to its new living place to appear forceful, so you should make the sessions short, about 10 minutes long or shorter.

You don’t want him to forget either, and you would need to make the sessions regular, not skipping a day.

With consistent training, your dog will learn to live in the new dog house much more easily and quickly.

Making your dog to like its new house can be difficult but, with a few tricks, it takes a shorter time for the new house to become home for him.

It only needs you to keep your calm when training him too.

It also calls on you to ensure the dog house is comfortable.

When buying a dog house, buy one that’s not only attractive but one that will allow you to put a water bowl or feeder inside, some bedding, and a few toys.

Ensure, too, that the materials used to make the dog house are durable and can withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions.

how to get your dog to like his dog house

How to Get Your Dog to Like His Dog House?

So you just got your pooch a new doghouse. But for some reason, your dog isn’t the least bit bothered with it. Worse still, you cannot even get him to set one paw inside it! This scenario is not uncommon with a new doghouse, and many dog owners can attest to that.

how to get your dog to like his dog houseFortunately, there are some ideas you can implement to get him to see his doghouse as a second home so let’s dive right in.

Make Sure the House is the right Size for Your Dog

When it comes to doghouse sizing, it’s not wise to use a one size fits all’ approach because certain variables will always come into play.

These include the dog’s height, weight, breed, your geographical location and more.

While a snug-fitting house will make your dog feel more secure, it should still have enough room for him to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably.

If you choose to go with a large doghouse, keep in mind that they are not advisable if you stay in a cold area.

This is because there will be poor body heat retention inside the house.

Also, if the winters are long and cold, make sure that you insulate the dog house to keep him warm and comfortable.

Make the Introduction to the House a Positive Experience

When you first introduce your pooch to his new doghouse, it helps to hang around and spend some time with him, while reassuring him that everything is okay.

Do not try to use force to get him in and shut the door after him.

It might feel less of a home and more of a jail cell’.


Your dog might not like his new doghouse because it is too far away from familiar sights, sounds and smells.

If the house is yards away from your house or in a remote location on your yard, your dog might feel like he is being punished or banished.

dog's houseConsider moving the doghouse closer to your house, so he can feel less anxious and more secure in a familiar environment.

You can add a window so that the enclosed space does not feel so claustrophobic for him.

He also gets to watch things and people coming and going, which could make him feel more reassured that everyone is still there.

Make the House feel homier

Because after all, this is the whole point of a doghouse, right? Make the doghouse an inviting space for your pooch by including familiar objects like his bedding, a blanket with his scent, a favorite toy, his food bowl and anything else he might need to feel right at home.

You could also add an old article of clothing with your scent on it to help curb separation anxiety.

Use Food to Lure him In

If he is completely resistant to getting into the doghouse, consider placing his food bowl at the doorway during his scheduled meal times.

Once he starts eating, inch the food bowl further into the house so that he is left with no choice but to get in to get his food.

Do this a couple of times and before long, he will start associating the house with delicious food and soon enough, he will realize that it is not that bad a place to be after all.

Ensure that the Timing is Appropriate

To be fair, if your pet is used to staying indoors and you are trying to get him to like his doghouse outside at a time of the year when it’s cold outside, you might be expecting too much from him.

Dogs need time to develop a heavy coat and tolerance.

Appropriate timing is essential so choose the right time of the year to move him to the doghouse.

He might be a lot less reluctant.

Give Him Time to Adapt

Have realistic expectations.

For some dogs, that doghouse is an unfamiliar enclosure, and your pet is certainly not going to get used to it overnight.

It will certainly take some persuasion, some time, or even some trickery to get him to adapt.

Some dogs might adapt a lot faster than others, for example, for a dog that has been born and raised in a doghouse.

For this dog, the doghouse could be a bit more representative of a home with security and good memories.

But with a full-time outside dog that has never been in an enclosed space of that kind before, it will take a little longer to adapt to being in the doghouse.

Use Rewards and Treats for some Positive Reinforcement

Offer your dog with rewards and treats after he has successfully spent some time in the doghouse without whining, whimpering or barking at you to let him out.

dogsPet him, give him some kisses or let him know that he is a good boy and offer a treat immediately after letting him out of the doghouse, so he knows exactly what the treat is for.

Before long, he will associate the doghouse with the likelihood of getting more treats, so he will want to use it more.

Consider Getting Your Dog a Companion

Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as, your dog is just lonely.

This is not far-fetched, seeing as they are pack animals and they like being in the company of other animals of their kind.

If you can (and want to) bring another dog into your home, consider putting them in the same doghouse and see how that turns out.

He could like it a lot better because he has a new friend now in his outdoor home.

Doghouses offer the dog and its owner with a variety of benefits.

But if you have tried all these and you still can’t get him to go in, try and pinpoint the underlying reason why he is so hesitant to use his doghouse and address that directly.

If all else fails, maybe it is time to let him stay where he prefers to stay because we wouldn’t want him to be uncomfortable or unhappy.

dog playing

Best Dog House Reviews in 2020

When you go out shopping for a perfect dog house, there are several factors that you ought to consider. Many pets love an active outdoor life with their human families. It, however, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like their space away from the daily norms, on the contrary, they would appreciate one as a genuine gesture of love and kindness.

And size your lovely pooch can’t make objective decisions for themselves, you have to embrace the responsibility wholeheartedly and bring home a place they can find solace.

Best Dog House Reviews in 2020


INDIGO MICROBANWe start out top ten Dog houses list with this unique Petmate product; the Indigo Dog House with Microban.

The house structure comes in various sizes to suit the needs of different dog owners, with a range of medium, large to extra-large.

You can purchase this dog house for your indoor or outdoor space as it comfortably fit into any setting.

Also, due to its robust Microban construction, this dog structure can withstand various weather conditions and still manage to remain stainless.

This superior dog house contains an offset doorway with extension coupled with a rooftop integration that offers proper ventilation for the comfort of your canine.

Read more reviews about INDIGO on Amazon


  • Fantastic color collection
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Tool-less assembly
  • Sturdy construction
  • No hanging-roof protection

Our verdict:

The Indigo Dog House W/Microban by Patemate assembles in just four steps.

Together with its robust construction features, you get value for your money.

Click here to check INDIGO price on Amazon

TANGKULA Dog House Review

TANGKULA Dog HouseThe TANGKULA Dog House takes the dog market by storm due to its appealing look and unusual features.

The item gives its users an easy assembling time as it comes with all the necessary hardware, which also saves you some purchase bucks.

This TANGKULA product also offers so much flexibility as its adjustable feet works well on uneven terrain; thus you don’t have to change locations due to the level of the flooring

The amount of money you spend on this dog house equals the benefits as the weatherproof solid construction ensures your canine stays safe for a long time.

Its dimension stands at 33 x 34 x 40-inches, with a weight of 44 lbs.

Read more reviews about TANGKULA on Amazon


  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Has pre-drilled assembling holes
  • Various sizes
  • Needs more ventilation

Our verdict:

We find the TANGKULA Dog House a fantastic option for dog owners who lovesome paintwork.

Click here to check TANGKULA price on Amazon

Petsfit Dog House Review

Petsfit Dog HouseHaving a classic addition to your home would complement your traditional outlook.

And so does this outdoor dog house from Pet fit.

It measures between 33-inches to 45.6-inches depending on the size you choose.

Also, the breath-taking classy wooden house comes with an attachable door flap

It can withstand harsh climatic conditions, thanks to its amazing features such as the slanting roof, plastic feet, and raised floor.

The Petsfit item gives you ample cleaning time with the removable floor and hinged roof.

And for your décor needs, this dog structures comes in red and light grey

Read more reviews about Petsfit on Amazon

Petsfit Pros:

  • Anti-stain and rodent features
  • Efficient protection from wetness/rain
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Excellent ventilation
Petsfit Cons:
  • Difficult to install the hinges

Our verdict:

This dog house accommodates various dog sizes.

It’s also pretty light and holds together very well.

Click here to check Petsfit price on Amazon

Animals Favorite Dog House Review

Animals Favorite Dog HouseFinding a comfortable dog structure for your pooch can be overwhelming if you’re working on a tight budget.

It, however, simple with Animals Favorite’s doghouse.

This classy but straightforward house might be on the low budget range, but that doesn’t measure what it has to offer with its 32.3 x 22 x 28-inch dimension.

You can call this structure a safe hub for your canine as it guarantees stable temperatures in all-seasons throughout the year.

And with its stable, sturdy resin construction, you can be sure to have it in place for several years.

Read more reviews about Animals Favorite on Amazon

Animals Favorite Pros:

  • Wide interior
  • All-weather proof
  • Portable
  • A double wall construction for insulation
  • Thermal balancing features
Animals Favorite Cons:
  • Roof Installation issues

Our verdict:

We like the features that this small dog house brings.

However, the price seems like an exaggeration.

Click here to check Animals Favorite price on Amazon

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace Review

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog PalaceUp next is ASL Solutions’ contemporary structure the Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace.

This dog house manages to grab the attention of dog house customers probably due to its sophisticated nature for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

To show their trust in the product, the ASL Solutions manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking, so you pay for value.

You won’t have to go through the hassle of the door closing as it’s “self-closing.”

With this dog, structure comes a viewing window so that your pup gets a view of the outside.

Read more reviews about ASL on Amazon

ASL Pros:

  •  Perfect for bigger dogs
  • Ultra-durable exterior finishes
  • Adjustable window panels
  • Drain hole for dog waste
ASL Cons:
  • Inadequate hardware complaints

Our verdict:

We recommend the ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace for individuals searching for something different from the standard wooden dog houses.

Click here to check ASL price on Amazon

Merry Products Wood Pet Home Review

Merry Products Wood Pet HomeA combination of style and comfort it might be hard to come by, but not with the Merry Products Wood Pet Home.

This product gives your pup an actual feel of a room with a view, with all the necessary luxury features such as an easy-to-climb ladder and rooftop deck, all with a crowning fence!

It makes an excellent companion for small pets and doesn’t compromise comfort over space.

You can have it inside your house or strategically on the outdoors without much distraction.

The little pet haven also provides better insulation all year long, being wooden

Read more reviews about Merry Products on Amazon

Merry Products Pros:

  • Removal button panels/rooftop
  • Potent pure Cider wood construction
  • Sufficient insulation and ventilation
  • Comes with all hardware
Merry Products Cons:
  • Emits Strong odor when new
  • Not for big dogs

Our verdict:

All the features of the Merry Products Wood Pet Home would make you want to hit the stores at first glance.

You, however, have to shop elsewhere for your big pup.

Click here to check Merry Products price on Amazon

Suncast Dog House Review

Suncast Dog HouseThe affordable Suncast DH350 Dog House gives your dog the perfect opportunity to enjoy their outdoor stay.

The manufacturers of this product make use of durable materials to guarantee your canine a long-lasting stay, while you enjoy peace of mind throughout the year.

Its design takes into consideration your heavy schedule and saves you the assembling hassle with the fantastic easy-to-assemble design.

The dog door comes with a stable vinyl door that would protect your pup against harsh weather conditions and possible intruders.

Also, the integration channel on the floor keeps your canine clean and dry through timely absorption of liquids.

Read more reviews about Suncast on Amazon

Suncast Pros:

  • Easy to customize
  • Has built-in ventilation
  • Comfortable floor
Suncast Cons:
  • Poor cold-weather insulation

Our verdict:

The quality of this dog house is quite impressive at its price.

It’s also light so you won’t require help to move it.

Click here to check Suncast price on Amazon

Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet House Review

Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet HouseTraveling with your pup helps improve your relationship.

And it can get better with the Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet House Retreat.

You can carry this temporary dog house with you for an outdoor camping experience or indoor holiday fun.

Its design is lightweight so you can carry it wherever you want and the same case applies to the assembling process.

The product comes with a long-lasting cot and canopy, which is also waterproof.

The mesh on the floor also ensures your pet is comfortable to enjoy your vacation.

Read more reviews about Kleeger on Amazon

Kleeger Pros:

  • Metal frame for sustainability
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble and carry
Kleeger Cons:
  • Light Tent

Our verdict:

This product has all the fantastic features that would make it fun for your furry.

It, however, could perform better with weighty tents especially for windy environments.

Click here to check Kleeger price on Amazon

Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden Dog House Review

Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden Dog HouseEver heard of the term “old is gold”? Well, you can say the same with this Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden Dog House.

The dog structure displays a classic waterproof traditional model that would take you back to your childhood days.

And to give you maximum flexibility, you can locate it either outdoors or indoors, with the latter being the best option.

This Pet Squeak product comes with a floor raising that would keep your dog safe from dampness and enhance insulation.

You can get it in various sizes (small, medium and large) according to your pup’s size.

Read more reviews about Pet Squeak on Amazon

Pet Squeak Pros:

  • Naturally pests and water resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Classic look
Pet Squeak Cons:
  • Slanting window can let in rainwater

Our verdict:

We find this dog house’s all-natural features quite impressive.

Also, its classic design makes it a worthy addition in most homes.

Click here to check Pet Squeak price on Amazon

Pet Squeak Outback Log Exterior Dog House Review

Pet Squeak Outback Log Exterior Dog HouseConcluding our list is the Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House, which makes an excellent housing for your pooch.

The dig structure is nothing but a sleek implication of full wood construction, which guarantees lifetime durability and reliability.

This product is a suitable make for all dog breeds as it comes in different sizes to boost your purchasing confidence.

The entrance to this quite impressive dog structure is at one end to enhance the safety and comfort of your pup, especially during terrible weather conditions.

With a raised-floor and plastic feet, the house ensures dryness even during rainy seasons.

There is, however, no color choices as the available option is only dark brown

Read more reviews about Pet Squeak Outback on Amazon

Pet Squeak Outback Pros:

  • Easy to adjust stable plastic feet
  • Long-lasting wood material
  • Weather-resistant coating
Pet Squeak Outback Cons:
  • Low-quality roofing on some models

Our verdict:

The Precision Pet Outback Dog House might not possess a modern look, but its features make it a darling to many people.

Click here to check Pet Squeak Outback price on Amazon

The Dog House Brief History

The History of dogs takes us back to the 4,500 B.C when Archeological evidence shows their existence in ancient Egypt.

According to the reports, during those times, humans found them helpful in their hunting activities as well as special messengers for the traditional gods.

Afterward, the demand for dogs went high especially among the rich hunters in the Middle Ages as they would provide security in the field.

dog houseFast forward, in the 1800s people gained interest in dog breeding, something that led to the development of the pitched-roof dog houses.

The interest in this special animals continued to rise to the Second World War when military officials such as those from the USA made use of them as part of their security and messenger teams.

Here due to the mobility of their work, they would get transportation in wooden boxes for convenience.

It’s from this time that the world began to experience massive manufacturing of various dog houses, which saw to the rapid adoption of dogs into American families.

Therefore in this regard, a dog house is not only a place to keep your furry friend, but also a home that seeks to increase human-dog bond.

What Are the Benefits of a Dog House?

Buying a dog house for your pet is not only meant to offer them refuge but also offer them a sense of belonging in the home.

So whether you prefer having one outdoor or indoors, the benefits they stand to offer are pretty the same.

Reason being;

  • A dog house allows your dog to be themselves
  • It also provides a shield from the cold, hot and rainy weather.
  • A dog house offers you and your family convenience when traveling
  • It also adds the value of your home
  • And you can express your sense of style through various designs and sizes of dog houses.

Outdoor Dog Houses Benefits

There are different explanations as to why some pet owners prefer having their dog houses on the outside.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t care for their pets like those who have them indoors.

As we all know, there is no comparison between the outside weather conditions and the indoor ones.

Hence, while you can find other means for your pooch to rest inside the house, you’ll barely have any other option apart from investing in a quality house for them if you plan on keeping them outdoors.

dog houseRemember while you can keep a close eye to your dog when under one roof, you can’t be with them all the time when they live outside.

Therefore, they are prone to many risks such as frequent attacks from more significant and stronger dogs or other straying animals.

There is also the risk of infections as their immunity levels go down due to constant exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Hence, it’s your responsibility to ensure you get an excellent well-insulated structure for them, as well as providing the top-notch security for your whole compound.

The Importance of Indoor Dog Houses

Having an indoor dog house awards you peace of mind as you get to monitor the activities of your pet throughout the day.

You can also compare as an additional in-house fixture that can boost your décor.

Additionally, it’s natural for your furry friend to try to locate a place they can build their dens within the house.

If you aren’t careful, you might end up sharing some of the workspace and washing area with your dog as they try to find their comfort zone.

Therefore, purchasing an indoor house would give them the freedom to taste their wild inborn skills.

You would, however, require some patience to allow your pooch to settle in their new home, regardless of their prowess in the previous crate structure.

Remember we all need time to snoop around and feel secure in new environments.

Are There any Significant Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Dog Houses?

One of the significant differences between indoor and outdoor dog houses lies in their locations.

While one is within the yard, the other one is inside the house.

Due to this, you will notice the structural differences between the two as the outside Dog house requires stable and high-quality construction materials to withstand all weather conditions.

On the other hand, the indoor structure has to fit into the décor than be strong swiftly.

You only have to ensure it’s comfortable enough for your pooch and easy to clean.

However, to be safe, if you are purchasing an outdoor, you might also consider one that can perfectly fit into your indoors in case you need some change of environment for your dog in the future.

The Various Construction Materials of Dog Houses

As mentioned above, it’s the material constructions of different dog structures that bring all the difference.

And they include;

  • The Canvas; this is the top dog tents that are more practical for temporary structures.

So if you love traveling and camping with your dog, then this is an excellent pick for you as they’re light-weighted.

  • Wood; they make excellent selections for outdoor structures due to their robust and weather-proof features.
  • Plastic; they make the contemporary dog house look and are pretty durable just like those made of wood.

What Should I Consider Before I buy One?

Since you will come across various product designs on the market, it’s always a good idea to go with at least a little bit of information as to what would serve your needs.

Is it Sturdy?

Before anything else, it’s vital to carefully examine the structure and decide as to whether it would comfortably withstand the weight of your pooch, all sorts of seasons and other factors such as corrosion and attacks from stray animals.

In fact, this should make sense if you’re searching for an outdoor dog house.

You don’t want to incur recurrent repair expenditure, do you?

Is It Weather Resilient?

When we say weather resilient, it doesn’t only imply to the material used but also to the whole construction, which includes other unique features such as the type of roof and door.

For instance, having a proper roof placement (further from the walls) will ensure your pet stays safe even in times of rain or snow.

Also, provide the roof is not very low as this can inhibit proper air circulation to maintain the dryness of the place.

There should also be some form of insulation in place.

How Durable Are The Materials?

dog playingSome materials are practically long-lasting than others.

You cannot, for instance, compare canvas to wood or plastic.

Hence if you’re searching for something for your permanent residence, then it sure should offer durability.

Further, the amount of labor you would require to assemble specific structures is costly than others.

Is It Appealing?

We all have different tastes when it comes to household accessories, and the same goes for your dog house choice.

Having something attractive on the outside/indoors will boost the value of your home.

However, this should be in line with the style of your house.

Is It Big Enough?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re purchasing a house or a grown dog, you should always leave a growth allowance.

Hence ensure the entrance is big enough and the interiors would allow flexible movements even with the increase in your dog’s size.

Dog Houses Features


It’s particularly crucial for outdoor dog structures.

Lifting ensures the durability of the house as it keeps it safe from wetness/ too much heat and enhances proper air circulation.

A Sloped Roof

A roof like this one will ensure no rainwater, and other falling objects get stuck on the roof.

Too much wetness can damage the roof.

Play Space

Having enough playing space ensures your dog stays active and flexible throughout the day.

Your pet will appreciate extra add-ons such as a small balcony or ladder.

Proper Bedding

Finding a perfect combination of a dog house with an appropriate environment of sleeping isn’t easy.

Therefore, invest in dog beddings for a warm and safe environment for your pooch.


Proper air circulation ensures a safe environment for your dog.

So if ventilation is at the minimal, provide to invest in some.

Easy Cleaning Option

Cleaning your pet’s house shouldn’t be frustrating.

Therefore, choose models that are easy to clean, such ones with separable parts.


Ensure the door offers maximum security and ventilation features.

A good entry will also come in handy in harsh-weather conditions.

Privacy options

dog's homeLet your dog feel secure to be themselves in their house.

While a door can provide this, an extra inside wall is equally vital.


Having proper insulation ensures the general well-being of your furry.

Remember like you; they have to feel comfortable and warm to remain healthy.

Cable Organizer

A cable box comes in handy for electrical wirings.

You have to protect your dog from electrical shocks with an appropriate model.


The longevity of your dog’s structure would heavily depend on the choices you make.

We, therefore, hope you find our best dog house buying guide list helpful, in making the necessary determination.

Best Dog Foods for Losing Weight

It is not uncommon for dogs to gain a little too much weight. When dogs consume more calories than they burn off, weight gain is inevitable and statistically speaking, canine obesity is at an all-time high today.

This statistic is particularly tragic because an overweight dog is predisposed to other life-threatening health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, reproductive failure, joint problems, diabetes mellitus, skin problems and an overall decreased lifespan.

dog trainingSo as you can see, quite literally, excessive weight gain could lead your dog to an early grave.

Apart from ingesting too many calories, there are other factors that make some dogs more prone to excessive weight gain than others.

These include;

Inactivity: Dogs that do not exercise enough by jumping, running and playing will not burn enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.

Breed: Some dog breeds have a genetic tendency to gain excess weight.

Old Age: Dogs get less energetic with age.

Older dogs are generally not as active as puppies are.

In addition, older dogs have a slower metabolism due to aging so they are more likely to gain weight easily.

Recovery from Illness or Injury: Needless to say, a dog that is recovering from an illness or an injury will not have the energy or maybe even the physical ability to exercise as much as a healthy dog, therefore burning almost no calories.

Medication: Some medication can slow down a dog’s metabolism or increase their appetite.

Either of these can bring about weight issues.

Other health conditions: Conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease can contribute to pet obesity.

So what measures can you take as a dog owner to help your dog achieve a healthier lifestyle?

The answer largely lies in the diet.

Start by consulting your veterinarian to find out your dog’s ideal weight.

Find out how many calories he needs per day and then, prepare a doggie diet.

It helps to go for the best weight loss dog foods with fewer calories.

These foods typically have the same bulk, but fewer calories because of increased fiber content.

Fiber has few usable calories, so your pooch will feel full without having to ingest any more calories than they actually need.

These foods also have less fat, more protein and are fortified with probiotics to help the digestive tract adjust properly to changes in diet.

Some of the best foods for weight loss include;

Nulo Adult Weight Management Cod Grain-Free Dry Food

Nulo Adult Weight Management Cod Grain-Free Dry Food has an amazing weight loss formula that is high in animal-based protein and low in carbohydrates to promote lean body mass.

It contains L-Carnitine nutrients that help the body to boost metabolism by transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are burned as energy, therefore, promoting a healthy weight.

Patented BC30 probiotic aids digestion thus contributing to a healthy digestive tract.

It is also safe for sensitive pets and pets with allergies because it is a grain-free recipe with no artificial additives or colors.

Wellness Core Grain-Free, Reduced Fat Recipe

This is a reduced fat formula with rich protein sources such as chicken meal, turkey, chicken liver and turkey meal.

It is grain-free and packed with all the necessary nutrition your dog needs for a healthy, balanced diet.

Carbohydrate bulk that provides energy is catered for by sweet potatoes and potatoes in the formula.

Salmon oil in this formula helps keep the dog’s skin and coat looking great by providing omega 3 fatty acids.

It is all natural with no meat by-products, no wheat, no corn and no artificial colors and preservatives that might trigger allergies.

Taste of the Wild Grain-free, High Protein, Natural Dry Dog Food

This brand is a well-liked choice among pets and their owners alike.

And for good reason too! This particular grain-free formula includes roasted bison meat to provide the protein that your dog wants and needs for lean muscle.

Supplemented with fruits and vegetables, this formula packs antioxidants that not only support a healthy immune system but also promote a healthier lifestyle.

Zero fillers and grains means that your dog is getting top-quality ingredients to help them live a healthier life.

Merrick Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe

This is an all-natural formula is high in protein with real deboned beef as the first ingredient.

It also contains poultry protein along with fresh fruits and veggies like peas, blueberries, sweet potatoes and more.

High levels of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and coats so he can feel good and look good as well.

Chondroitin and glucosamine levels in this formula foster healthy joints.

ORIJEN 6 Fish Formula, Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

omega 3As you can already tell from the name, the diversity of fish used in this formula is unmatched.

Your dog will most certainly love the flavor.

The fish ingredients make up 80% of the formula and the rest of the 20% is made up of grain-free carbohydrates, botanicals, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Marine source Omega 3 fatty acids foster peak coat and skin conditioning.

Botanicals support a faster metabolism, eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen organs.

Pumpkin fiber in the formula assists gastrointestinal functions while calcium from alfalfa promotes strong bones.

All the above foods will help you reduce your dog’s caloric intake, which is vital in any weight loss journey and in maintaining a healthy weight for a longer, happier and healthier life.

Remember to keep the snacks and additional treats to a minimum because these are extra calories within meal times.

Eliminate habits like free choice feeding, where a lot of food is put out for the dog to eat whenever he wants.

Instead, feed him in two to three small portions per day because portion control is key.

You could also invest in a timed automatic dog feeder to ensure he has the right meal portions at specific intervals.

In conclusion, always consult with the vet, since different variables like breed and size will always come into play.

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of every healthy and balanced meal — that’s something that you probably learned a long time ago. What you might not know is that not only humans can benefit from these foods; dogs can also eat certain kinds of fruits and vegetables.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the fact that dogs not only enjoy these nutritious foods but also benefit from eating them, stay tuned. We will explain everything in detail.

What Fruits and Vegetables Can Your Dog Eat?

If you’re eating your daily fruit snack and your dog seems interested, feel free to give him any of the following fruits:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Oranges
  • Pears

When it comes to vegetables, you can give your dog:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Celery

However, even though these are perfectly safe for your canine companion, you should still be careful.

Here is what you need to pay attention to:

  • The pit, seeds, stem, and leaves could harm your dog; always remove them
  • Don’t overdo it; small portions are perfect
  • Your dog could choke on big pieces; always cut the food into small pieces

These are just basic guidelines; if you are interested in learning more about fruits and vegetables that are suitable for dogs, refer to the infographic below. We have included all the important information for you and your dog.


dog's food

The Wet Vs. Dry Dog Food Debate: Which One Should I Feed My Puppy?

As a pet owner, you are going to want nothing but the best for your new little puppy. For that reason, making dietary decisions can be a daunting task given the variety of foods available in the pet food aisle, each with the promise of something extraordinary.Not to put even more pressure on you, but the diet not only impacts your pup’s development directly, but also his/her overall health as well. So, decisions made need to be as informed as they can be.

cansFortunately, making a decision is not as complicated as one might think since your choices narrow down to either wet dog food (canned) or dry dog food (kibble).

This is because most foods in the market are complete foods, hence they will adequately provide your puppy with all the nutrition he/she needs.

Read on as we explore key differences between wet and dry dog food types, to help you pick the best option for your puppy.

Wet Dog Food: Pros and Cons

Wet foods are usually packaged in cans.

They have a lot of nutritional benefits as they pack all the minerals, protein, fats and vitamins needed for proper development and maintenance of good health.

Due to airtight packaging, wet dog foods have no chemical preservatives or additives.

This will make all the difference for puppies with allergies or sensitive digestive systems.

They also have a high water content, therefore being are a great source of hydration for puppies that may be reluctant to drink water.

In addition to that, wet food formulas have a rich, meaty scent and flavor, which makes them a more appetizing and palatable choice to the puppy.

It is perfect for picky eaters, sick pups or for pups that are generally lacking in appetite.

wet dog's foodHealthwise, wet dog food formulas make a practical choice since the puppy gets full faster, ensuring they do not ingest any more calories than they actually need.

This makes them a great choice for big dogs with big appetites.

They are also a practical choice for dogs with dental problems and dogs with small mouths since wet foods are generally easier to chew and swallow.

Some of the drawbacks of wet foods include the fact that they lose their shelf life once opened.

After a can is opened, it should be sealed and refrigerated immediately to avoid spoilage.

It is advisable to buy this type of dog food in small amounts.

In most cases, buying wet foods is less economical compared to buying dry dog food as they are more costly.

Pups are also likely to make more of a mess while eating wet food.

Dry Dog Food: Pros and Cons

Dry kibble is the convenient option of the two, in terms of feeding and storage.

They are often sold in bulk, which means you get to save a few coins since you make fewer trips to the store.

Additionally, dry foods are generally cheaper than wet foods, therefore, a cost-effective option especially for pet owners with many pets.

They also don’t spoil as fast as wet foods do, and do not need refrigeration once opened.

You only need to seal the paper or cardboard box it came in, to make it less accessible to insects, pests, rodents or even the pup itself.

Dry foods can be left out for the puppy to eat at its own convenience and pace without worrying about the food going bad.

There is also a lot easier to clean your auto dog feeder if you’re using dry food only.

This could come in very handy in the event that you have to go on a short trip away from home.

dog's foodDry foods are more convenient to use in most automatic dog feeders, to ensure your puppy has access to the right meal portions at regular intervals.

Dry food formulas can be used as an effective treat while training the puppy, and are easy to clean up.

Plus, they contribute to good dental health, since the crunchy nature of these foods removes plaque from the puppy’s teeth as they chew, thus cleaning them.

On the flip side, the most obvious drawback of dry foods is that they do not provide moisture like wet foods do.

Ensure that the pup drinks adequate amounts of water after eating dry foods because they need fluids to stay hydrated.

Fluids are also great for a healthy urinary tract.

Kibbles are also less palatable and less appetizing to dogs since it is unlike anything they would normally want to ingest out there in the wild.
So in most cases, you could find that a fussy eater might be completely put off by dry foods and choose to go for wet foods instead.

Wet foods mostly have a high fat and protein content, while dry foods tend to have a higher carbohydrate content.

Animal-based proteins are more integral to your pup’s development compared to carbohydrates.

Dry foods are also an impractical choice for ill puppies, or for puppies that stay in hot and dry climates.

dry dog's foodThey also contain synthetic preservatives and colors, which may not be so good for puppies with allergies or for puppies with sensitive digestive tracts.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, neither type is wrong or right for your pup, unless there are very specific considerations to be made.

You also have the option of mixing wet and dry foods, as it combines the benefits of both and adds variety in texture.

Plus, it conditions the pup to be more accepting of variety as they grow.

Veterinarians recommend mixing 25% wet and 75% dry.

Ultimately, whether you choose wet food, dry food or a mixture of the two, read the nutritional information on the packaging carefully to make sure that whatever you choose adequately meets your pup’s nutritional requirements.

Remember to read the ingredients as well, and choose the best quality of dog food within your price range.

Low-quality ingredients will most certainly do more harm than good.

Should you have any other concerns, talk to your vet for further advice, since there may be other considerations to be made depending on your pup’s age or breed.

Always provide clean drinking water at all times to keep the puppy hydrated.

Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews in 2020

Look no further: in this article, I’ll show you the best automatic feeders so your best friend misses only your gentle touch and love, but not food.

There’s no question our homes wouldn’t be the same without our pets: dogs keep our houses filled with fur, hair, and love.

But what happens when we have to make a long trip or have special feeding needs?

Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews for 2018

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder Review

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat FeederThese days, no one leaves home without their cellphone.

And if you have to leave your house, what’s best than controlling and monitoring your best friends feeding habits with the same device you carry around all day? As easy as it sounds, this feeder lets you check on your pet’s meal with an app that lets you do all sort of things: from the “Feed now” option that lets you skip scheduled foods, opening, and closing latches, receive notifications of when your pet has actually eaten its food, and even keep track of the past two weeks eating habits.

In order to use the app, PetSafe Smart Feed requires an Apple device that can run iOS 9.0 or later, or a compatible Android smartphone with access to 5.0 or later.

Besides the amazing design and comfortable functionality of handling your pets needs with just a touch on your phone, the feeder is easy to use and even easier to keep clean.

Read more reviews about PetSafe on Amazon

PetSafe Pros:

  • If using a smartphone to control your pet’s needs isn’t a strong point, we don’t know what it is.
  • Works on Android and Apple.
  • You can monitor your pet’s eating habits and plan accordingly.
  • Comes with power adapter.
PetSafe Cons:
  • Doesn’t work on Windows Mobile.
  • The feeder must only be used indoors.
  • It’s a bit expensive.

Our verdict:

If you’re a techie or a person who can’t stay away from its smartphone and can spare a few more dollars, this is the one you should buy.

Click here to check PetSafe price on Amazon

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic FeederGone are the days of carefully planning how much and when you should leave food for your dog: with this feeder you can program an astounding 12 meals a day with portion sizes ranging from 1/8 to 4 cups.

The Slow Feed mode also prevents the most glutton ones from gulping and vomiting, dispensing meals of a great size with a 15 minutes span.

This smart device also has a conveyor system that dispenses both dry and semi-moist foods of different shapes and sizes without mixing them and comes with a pet-proof dispenser that stops curious paws from destroying the lids should they try to reach for even more food.

Besides, it comes with a stainless steel bowl that can be easily disassembled for washing and is way more hygienic than a plastic one –as any dog owner knows-.

The automatic feeder has an easy to use LCD screen that tells you how it is programmed and which of the multiple feeding modes is activated.

With its easy and quick set up and cleaning, portion control, and high customization.

options, if you’re schedule doesn’t necessarily fit the feeding needs of your dog, this is a device that will change your life and improve your best friend’s.

Read more reviews about PetSafe Healthy on Amazon

PetSafe Healthy Pros:

  • Insane amount of customizations: up to 12 meals a day keeps the vet away!
  • Dry and semi-moist foods kept apart.
  • Easy to use and wash.
PetSafe Healthy Cons:
  • Requires batteries which are not included.
  • If you want to use a power adapter, you must get it somewhere else.

Our verdict:

This is the best way to go if you want to keep things simple and easy for you and your best pal.

Click here to check PetSafe Healthy price on Amazon

LUSMO pet food Auto feeder Review

LUSMO pet food Auto feederWho said dog food dispensers shouldn’t be classy? This Chinese beautiful feeder allows you to keep your buddy well fed and also give an artsy touch to your kitchen.

This dispenser lets you set the amount of food you serve in each meal, and it can hold up to one kilogram of food, making it ideal for tiny dogs.

It has a special structure design called Hairibu that makes it especially difficult for bugs and insects to crawl in and contaminate your dog’s food.

You can set apart different times within minutes, and if that doesn’t suit you, simply touching a button allows you to set it on manual mode and feed him yourself if you are at home.

Serving sizes range between 5 and 80 grams but can be modified by changing the hood size.

Read more reviews about LUSMO on Amazon


  • A nice artsy touch that will lighten up any kitchen.
  • It has a structure that makes it difficult for bugs to enter the food recipient.
  • It only works on batteries.
  • You can only use dry food, leaving canned and wet food out of the question.
  • It states that you also shouldn’t use dry food of a large size, considerably narrowing your options.

Our verdict:

If you’re the artsy and cool kind of person, go for it.

However, it has more complications than solutions, forcing you to spend often on batteries and on a specific kind of dry food.

Click here to check LUSMO price on Amazon

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Arf Pets Automatic Pet FeederThere are few words that dogs love to listen more than “time to eat!”.

With this dispenser, even if you aren’t there, your buddy can actually hear you calling him to do so since it allows you to record a personal meal call that can last up to 10 seconds.

But that’s not all: this dispenser can customize the eating experience to a high extent, allowing you to choose between one and ten portions per meal and set up to four daily distribution alarms.

It has a blue light LCD clock with easily adjustable settings, and most importantly, its lid has a magnetic lock that prevents hungry dogs from eating more than they should.

This makes it a valuable device for those pups on a restriction diet.

And if you happen to have a big and hungry dog, Arf Pets Dispenser has a fully customizable feeder that allows your dog to be well fed all day long.

Read more reviews about Arf Pets on Amazon

Arf Pets Pros:

  • Recording your own call to eat is a lovely touch for an automatized dispenser.
  • You can customize the feeder size to fit every dog’s needs.
  • Includes power cord, and if it doesn’t suit your needs, you can use batteries.
Arf Pets Cons:
  • Some customers complained that the lid isn’t actually magnetic.
  • If the dog doesn’t eat, it will regardless pour the following meal, resulting in a food overflow

Our verdict:

While it doesn’t provide a second-to-second following like those fancy feeders with an app and WiFi connections, Arf Feeder is a fine product if your dog’s eating habits are regular: if not, you may come home and find a swimming pool of dog food.

Click here to check Arf Pets price on Amazon

Dr.Feeder Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Dr.Feeder Automatic Pet FeederHaving to call the doctor usually mean bad news.

However, if the Doctor is named Feeder, you might be up to something else, such as listening to what your four-legged pals is doing back at home.

This automated feeder has a built-in two-way audio communication system with an included camera, that means you can talk to your dog and let him know how much you love him, even if you aren’t at home.

Dr. Feeder includes an app that lets you bypass what you’ve programmed and fed your pet whenever you want to.

It also includes a memory card storage that allows you to record your conversations, so if a day comes when your dog actually talks back at you, there’s evidence to support your claim.

It has a very convenient size, and its design allows it to be easily cleaned up.

Read more reviews about Dr.Feeder on Amazon

Dr.Feeder Pros:

  • Talking to your dog from a distance has never been so easy.
  • Even with its small size, it can store an amazing amount of food.
Dr.Feeder Cons:
  • Some customers complained that there’s a significant amount of static noise in the conversations.
  • Doesn’t support Windows Mobile.
  • The memory card isn’t included.

Our verdict:

With its simple design an easy-to-use interface, Dr. Feeder is an appropriate choice if you have a small dog or don’t plan to be away for too long.

You shouldn’t leave your pal for that long, anyway.

Click here to check Dr.Feeder price on Amazon

Petnet SmartFeeder Review

Petnet SmartFeederThis brand new feeder improves from previous versions with a stronger feeding wheel and an enhanced bowl connection.

Petnet has automatized every step of the way: the app gives you daily notifications of meals served, warns you when you’re running out of food, and if that happens, it has a beta service of pet food delivery, with some special recipes.

Those recipes are custom made, providing the best nutrition possible directly to your door.

If this isn’t enough, it has an amazing feature: it is smart in every sense.

It has a software that learns your pet’s habits, keeps track of its nutrition and creates recipes with ingredients tailored to your best friends height, weight, age, level of activity and breed.

On top of that, you don’t even have to touch your phone: it works with Amazon Alexa, which means that you can directly command it to do whatever you want.

This is truly an amazing era to be alive – and your dog will surely think the same.

Read more reviews about Petnet on Amazon

Petnet Pros:

  • Custom made recipes, ensuring your dog gets exactly what it needs.
  • Full automatization that allows you to make the smartest decisions.
  • No more “guessing”: Petnet tells you how much food does your pet need and when should it receive it.
Petnet Cons:
  • SmartDelivery is in beta, and not all food recipes are available.
  • It doesn’t work with Windows Mobile.
  • Some customers said that wet food might clog the device.

Our verdict:

While promising more than it can deliver, Petnet will surely be groundbreaking.

If you are also an Amazon Alexa user, you might want to give it a try.

Click here to check Petnet price on Amazon

PetSafe Six Meal Automatic Pet Feeder Review

PetSafe Six Meal Automatic Pet FeederPetSafe makes yet another entrance on this list, being one of the best brands of automatic feeders on the market.

This one’s a bit simpler than the others: as its name states, it allows you to prepare six pre-portioned meals and set up when will each one of them be served.

It has a nice carrousel-like design, whose turning and dropping prevents your dog from stealing his own next food.

Each tray slot can hold a cup of food –that can be dry or wet, according to your pet’s needs- and also allows you to serve an extra food ration with the cutely called FeedNow Button that turns the carousel for an extra serving.

This option is so well designed that also remembers the other scheduled meals, so your pal’s eating agenda won’t be disturbed.

Read more reviews about PetSafe on Amazon

PetSafe Pros:

  • Simple to use, even easier to dismantle and wash.
  • FeedNow button that allows you to treat your dog if it’s been a super good boy.
  • The included bowl can be replaced with your dog’s original one for an easy transition.
PetSafe Cons:
  • Runs only on batteries.
  • Some customers complained that the timer tends to fail.
  • The serving sizes are best suited for tiny dogs, larger ones will surely be hungry.

Our verdict:

This is a great and cheap option for those who don’t need extreme customization options and have small dogs.

If six meals of anticipation are good enough for you, go for it!

Click here to check PetSafe price on Amazon

Furbo Dog Camera Review

Furbo Dog CameraIf you would go to crazy lengths to be close to your pet dog, then Furbo dog camera is a perfect match device.

While it remains a 1080p HD camera with night vision, the tall, and angular structure is holding plenty of other amazing features inside.

Its design is to specifically help dog owners’ check on their pets while away, and the two-way microphones is a definite excellent addition to speak to your pup.

Additionally, you can watch a live feed and even toss them treats automatically.

A Furbo Premium account could also allow you to save your dog’s favorite footage, set barking alerts and take pet selfies.

And the best aspect is strategically placing the Furbo Dog Camera and get to watch out for any intruders coming in.

Read more reviews about Furbo on Amazon

Furbo Pros:

  • Robust product construction
  • Interactive treat dispensing
  • Excellent video quality
  • Auto-barking detection and push notifications
Furbo Cons:
  • Poor quality microphone and speaker system.
  • Treat dispenser jams easily

Our verdict:
The Furbo Dog Camera is a beautiful device for monitoring your dog through the Furbo App and connectivity to Amazon Alexa for media data storage.

Overall, Furbo is likely to fall into a luxury dog device despite packing great treat dispensing and video quality.

Click here to check Furbo price on Amazon

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Review

SureFeed Microchip Pet FeederIf you happen to own two or more dogs, there’s a situation that may be way too familiar for you: one of your four-legged buddies eats it all, while the other one gets nothing.

SureFeed has thought of this and offers you a handy solution: it reads implanted identification microchips and accurately ensures each designated pet gets his own plate.

This design prevents dogs from stealing each other food, which is also important if one of those has special feeding needs, such as prescription food or a designated diet.

This makes it an excellent choice for those chubby pets on weight management diet, and its compatibility with every microchip available in the world and SureFlap RFID collar tags even makes possible for you to receive a furry visitor at your house and make sure he also gets its share of food.

You may be asking “I have more than two pets! What should I do?”.

Have no fear: SureFeed can remember up to 32 different collars/microchip and make sure that only the right one can open the lid, whose design ensures that food is kept fresh, dry and prevents flies and other bugs from entering it.

Read more reviews about SureFeed Microchip on Amazon

SureFeed Microchip Pros:

  • If you have two dogs or more, this feeder can be your salvation.
  • It is compatible with every microchip available worldwide.
  • The lid is sealed unless the right pet comes along, which stops flies and bugs from entering it.
SureFeed Microchip Cons:
  • If your dog isn’t microchipped, this won’t be of any use.
  • Some users claimed they have to put the feeder in very specific positions in order to prevent food stealing when the two dogs eat at the same time.

Our verdict:

If you have two dogs and each one of those has an identification microchip, this should be highly useful.

If not, keep looking.

Click here to check SureFeed Microchip price on Amazon

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Review

Feed and Go Smart Pet FeederAdvertised as “the smartest pet feeder in the world”, this nifty dispenser has a strong case.

It allows you to customize pretty much anything: it lets you set one time or regular feeding schedules, you can shift between dry and wet food (and even medication!) and it even gives you the option to choose different profiles if you have different pets.

Its swift and elegant design blends perfectly anywhere, actually looking like something Apple itself may have created.

It comes with a built-in webcam and microphone and is built in a way that your pet is totally unable to open it and eat more than he should.

The webcam can be accessed anytime, so if you miss your best friend and want to check it out, you can do it with just a click on your smartphone.

And if this isn’t enough, you can also record your loved ones a message to let them know that it’s supper time and how much you love them.

Read more reviews about Feed and Go on Amazon

Feed and Go Pros:

  • You can serve dry and wet food as well as medication.
  • The app is simple and easy and lets you check your pets anywhere, anytime.
  • You can record them a message.
Feed and Go Cons:
  • The app doesn’t run on Windows Mobile.
  • The size seems to be quite small, so large dogs won’t get the most out of it.
  • The webcam only works in well-lit environments.

Our verdict:

It is pretty obvious that no machine or automatic feeder can replace the human touch and love you can give to your pet.

However, if you need to, these easy devices will simplify the task of feeding them if you have to be apart from them.

With a wide array of prices and high-end technologies, there will always be an option that suits your needs –and your four-legged friend’s ones-.

Click here to check Feed and Go price on Amazon

What is an Automatic Dog Feeder?

An automatic dog feeder is a type of feeder that dispenses food without you having to work it manually.

It works by using either gravity or a programmed electronic mechanism.

dogSome electronic automatic feeders will even incorporate a WiFi functionality that lets you track and control your dogs feeding through a smartphone.

Automatic dog feeders consist of a hopper made of plastic or glass, and a bowl made of either plastic, stainless steel or ceramic.

The food that’s to be dispensed is contained in the hopper, and the bowl is where your dog eats from.

Once food is input in the hopper, the rest of the process is automatic, with food being released into the bowl at the set time intervals.

Why Use an Automatic Dog Feeder?

Automatic feeders are useful if you’re not always available to feed your dog.

It could be that you work away from your home for the most part of the day, or you’re moving out for a short time, and you have no one to feed your pet.

Also, if you want to control the portions your dog eats to manage its weight, especially if it’s diabetic, an automatic feeder comes in handy.

The automatic feeders are also necessary for pet owners who are unable to feed their dogs, either because they’re disabled, or they’re advanced in age to move around much.

Benefits of Automatic Dog Feeders

  • They allow you to travel without worry
  • You can work and still keep your pet dog
  • When it comes to leaving your dog with someone who is, for some reason, unable to move around, an automatic feeder comes to your rescue
  • You do not need to ask an unwilling friend or relative to feed your dog when you’re away
  • Using an automatic pet feeder, you can easily control the amount to feed your dog and when to
  • Electronically programmable automatic feeders measure the food amount for you, so it’s neither too much nor too little
  • There are not too many feeding items to wash such as bowls, measuring cups, and others
  • Your dog doesn’t starve when you’re away

Types of Automatic Dog Feeders

They come in two types; gravity and electronic feeders.

Gravity feeders are rapidly moving out of the market as the more versatile electronic dispensers become the most preferred by pet owners.

Gravity Pet Feeders

They work by the action of gravity and are not as complex as the other types of automatic feeders.

When the dog eats from the bowl, gravity causes food to drop into the bowl.

This happens until the bowl fills up, after which the hopper stops dispensing.

The process repeats every time the dog eats from the bowl so long as the hopper contains food to be dispensed.

The main advantage of gravity feeders is that they’re not prone to failure.

On the other hand, this type of feeder can lead to overeating since the bowl always contains food.

It can be undesirable when you want to control overeating for your obese dog.

Electronic Pet Feeders

They work by means of an electronic mechanism that allows you to pre-program it to dispense food according to your preference.

You can set it to dispense pre-programmed portions and at set times.

Electronic feeders are popular because they allow you more control over what amount your pet eats and at what time.

With these feeders, you can easily check the weight of your dog as well as control weight-related conditions like diabetes.

Because you can set the feeding to consist of small portions at regular intervals, these electronic feeders allow for better digestion and better health for your pet.

A disadvantage with electronic pet feeders is their being prone to errors.

Electronic configurations can and do fail.

It can result in your dog going without a meal when the feeder fails to dispense, or the feeder dispensing too much and making the dog overeat.

Important Tips to Consider Before Selecting an Automatic Dog Feeder

dog's foodWhen looking for an automatic feeder to purchase, you want a feeder that will suit the needs of your particular pet, and one that will serve you for long without breaking down.

You want a feeder with features that make feeding your dog more convenient and without worry.

Here are the things to look out for in a top automatic dog feeder.

1. Easy to set up and, if electronic, easy to programme.

2. An airtight food reservoir; air makes kibble to go bad within a short time.

3. Easy to clean to ensure proper hygiene for your pet dog.

4. Ability to dispense food portions of varying sizes and amounts.

It allows the feeder to be used to feed a dog of any size.

5. An option that will enable you to program the feeder to dispense several meals in a day.

Scheduling small regular meals for your dog then becomes easy.

6. Ability to adjust feeding speeds to be in line with the habit of the dog.

A slow speed suits a dog that eats too quickly.

7. Large capacity for the food reservoir so that you don’t need to keep filling it every other time.

A large food space is useful when you have to be away for long.

8. Anti-jam properties so that the feeder doesn’t fail just when you’re not around to fix it.

9. Heavy and made of strong materials to avoid your dog knocking it over when feeding.

Strong materials, especially for the plastic parts, ensure the parts don’t break and pose a threat to your dog.

10. Additional features that improve the feeders functionality and convenience.

They include WiFi connectivity that lets you control almost everything using your smartphone, from scheduling feed times to setting food amount and ordering for more food.

The additional features also include a camera to look at your dog and a microphone-speaker function that lets you speak to the dog remotely.

Downsides to Using an Automatic Dog Feeder

dog feederWhile automatic feeders offer great convenience, they come with some disadvantages.

The bond that develops between you and your dog when you manually feed it wanes and the dog starts to show more interest in the feeder, especially when angry.

When you depend on an automatic feeder, the time you spend with your dog becomes less, and you find that you lack time to train it.

Automatic dog feeders can also malfunction and fail to dispense food.

If you’re away when that happens, it can mean your pet missing a meal.

Automatic dog feeders are great to have in the house.

They give you the freedom to attend to other activities while not neglecting the feeding needs of your dog.

They come in cool designs, which makes pleasant to have in the house.

When purchasing automatic dog feeder for large breeds or small, ensure it has the features that enhance its function and durability.

Pet Owners Guide to Home Cleaning

Pet Owners Guide to Home Cleaning

Who doesn’t love dogs? Or cats? I bet we all do. But who doesn’t get frustrated seeing the messy house? We don’t want to wake up and see gobs of hair around our floor, or when lounging in the sofa just to realize that your sofa just smells like a kennel.

Having a pet is always exciting but also involve a lot of work and commitment. The perks of having pets in your house is you need to clean it frequently.

But don’t let your concerns prevent you to have a clean house and friendly for pets.

hairs usually shed at regular intervals

They said prevention is better than cure. So, you need some preventive measures and some easy tricks to have a clean home.

Here are several tips for pet owners to clean around the house:

1. Groom your pet

Brush your pet daily – or at least twice a week, and do it outside your house.

Grooming helps to get rid of excess fur and your pet will love it.

This activity can also be a bonding time for you and your pet.

2. Bathe regularly

dog shampooThis depends on your pet breed, also depends on weather, conditions, and activities of your pet.

The trick is you cannot bathe them too often, as it will lose their natural oils in the skin – you pet will get sick or have a dry skin.

For a dog, a bath once a month is enough unless they start to play in the mud.

Use a pet shampoo to prevent fleas, choose a scent that you prefer.

3. Give them plenty of exercise.

This is especially for dog owners, since a bored dog tend to mess things around them than tired dog.

Take your pet for a walk, keep toys around and leave it accessible to your pet to play when you are busy playing with them.

4. Prevent them from digging plants

This is too for dog owners, since they love to dig around your yard.

Dogs are sensitive to citrus, so you can scatter some orange peels around your yard.

5. Vacuum your house

vacuum cleanerYou may not know but having pet also increase the amount of dust in your home.

You need to invest in a good vacuum for your carpet and sofa.

Check which one of the vacuum cleaner models suited best for your needs.

Since there are many models out there, such as the robotic, hand vacuum, or regular vacuum cleaner model.

6. Do not forget to stock up on basic cleaning supplies

Different surface needs different cleaning tricks, so make sure you have a supply for your house.

For example, before vacuuming, it is better to dampen your carpet.

Or use a sweeper for a hardwood floors – a damp mop works well too.

A sweeper or damp mop will attract dust and pet hairs like a magnet.

Keep them handy in areas that you need it the most.

7. Use duck-tape or lint roller

A tape or lint roller will pick up stranded hair from almost any surface.

You can use them as finishing act after vacuuming or mopping, especially when emergency moments arise.

8. Stock up baking soda

You don’t want your bed or sofa to have the same smell as your pet, do you?

Baking soda will easily do the trick to remove the odor.

Wash your bed cover with detergents and add a cup of baking soda to it, baking soda will help to remove the odors.

You can also pour some on the carpet after vacuuming to neutralize the odors.

If you have a cat, you can also sprinkle some baking soda in their litter tray.

Just add the baking soda before the cat litter, this should trap the smells under control.

9. Clean your pet’s toys

Do not forget to clean these toys.

Just toss them in the dishwasher – this helps them germ-free.

You can also wash fabric toys using washing machine, just remember don’t use a detergent.

10. Keep their eating area clean

Place a mat underneath your pet’s bowls.

This serve as a precaution if they messed their food.

11. Use blanket or covers for your sofa

use blanketsThis is a simple thing to do to prevent your pet hair or muddy prints on your sofa.

It is easier to wash them from time to time than keeping your sofa clean.

12. Make an emergency stain remover

In an empty spray bottle, mix half a bottle of white vinegar and half a bottle of water.

Add four teaspoons of baking soda.

Use them when your pet suddenly thinks the carpet is their new litter tray.

For easier cleaning of your pet’s food bowl, you can spray a light mist of cooking oil into their feeding bowls.

This will make it easier to clean up.

13. Make your house odor free

You have a variety of choices for your house.

From scented candles, diffusers, to plug-in air fresheners.

The point is room deodorizers are necessary for a house with pets.

Before buying any room deodorizers, make sure your pet is not allergic to anything.

Also make sure to air out your home twice a week by opening all windows.

By circulating air around, you will have a fresh smell in your house.

14. Do not forget to wash your pet’s collar

Collars will get smelly pretty quick, so you need a deep soak to clean them.

Soak the collar in hot water with your pet shampoo for 15 minutes, and then rub it to rid of any dirt. Rinse and hang to dry.

15. Stop dirty prints at the door

Use a container and fill it with room temperature water and a towel by the door.

You can use this to wipe any mud or dirt from your pet’s paws before they enter the house.

Also, invest on mats.

Place them inside and outside of your doors and train your pet to wait on the mat.

While they are waiting, you can wipe those dirty paws.

We hope these tips can help you to tackle your pet messes quickly, so you still have time to do bonding activities with them. We all know having pets can be messy at times, however the benefit of having one surely surpass the mess. Pets can be your life companion, and they can teach your children compassion and responsibility. Never think twice to adopt a pet.