How To Manage A Large Pet Family In A Small Home

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In the modern days of bigger is better, having a large family of pets in a small home may sound like it is not only impractical but unwise. If not well managed, the house may be covered in pet hair and can even smell like a barn. When this happens, one is never justified to blame the pets. This is because there are some steps that can be taken so as to ensure the owner together with all of his or her pets peacefully coexist. Below are some of the things that can be done so as to avoid one’s house being smelly:

Investing in a good vacuum

pet vaccum cleanersIt is obvious that an apartment belonging to a pet is prone to either looking or feeling dirty.

Whether the pets are heavy shedders or not, when they are added, dirt and dust can quickly pile up.

A vacuum is a necessity if one would like to keep allergens at bay and to improve the quality of the air around.

A good vacuum does not have to be very expensive but rather just good.

There are quite a number of vacuum cleaners in the market that are an investment and they work like magic.

Having a puppy or a pet that is prone to accidents, one ought to look into the deep cleaning steam models.

This will not require much scrubbing and this is the reason why so many companies that produce vacuum cleaners make special animal hair versions so as to provide some extra help.

In the case where one does not want to pull out the full-sized vacuum, it is important to have helpers that can be programmed so as to run between cleanings in the pet hair department.

If the pets are heavy shedders, then a weekly cleaning routine has to be set up.

The only disclaimer with this is that it is quite costly.

Proper management

Pet Owners Guide to Home CleaningIt is hard to maintain a multiple pet household without employing even the lowest level of management.

It is common that some other pets may prove to be very aggressive especially if they see the other pets playing with their toys.

For this reason, if the owner is not home, it is important the he or she keeps the toy out of reach so as to prevent possible fights.

Life can be of little stress in as far as the pets are concerned only and only if one gets to know what sets off the aggression and properly manages it.

Furthermore, however little the space might be, it is always wise to all the pets having their little heavens.

This not only keeps the pets happy but also makes the cleaning process easier.

These heavens can be cleaned either once or twice in a week so as to keep everything fresh.

Again, a good manager should learn to give all his or her pets a one-on-one time because this alleviates the fear and encourages resource guarding.

This should not however give the pets a chance to overpower the owner.

For the sake of his or her sanity, the owner should be sure to create time and space for just for him or herself.

It is impossible to keep the pets happy if the owner is not happy and healthy.

 Having a cat box

A cat box is basically used by the cats and one should ensure that he or she regularly cleans it.

An alternative to this cleaning exercise is investing in a self-cleaning box that will automatically scoop after the cat has used it.

Since space is minimal, a cat box should be stored in a space that can be used primarily for the purpose only.

In the case where there is no space for this at all, then a purifier should be place right next to the box.

However, deodorizers and air fresheners that do not absorb odor should never be used.

Bathing and feeding the pet with a diet of high quality

dog shampooFor a pet to be happy and to avoid being smelly, it has to be healthy.

This can only be achieved be regularly bathing the pet and ensuring that it is fed with a diet of high quality.

This kind of diet does so much for the pet’s skin, coat and also the digestive system which when it gets unhealthy it can produce the worst smell.

It is important to note that for one to keep unpleasant pet odors at bay, one has to do the cleaning on a more frequent basis and most importantly ensure that the pets do not have any smell.

Precaution to the new pet

In the case where a new pet comes into question, the most important consideration is to look for a breed that is right for the kind of space available.

A breed that does not shed could be the best option for a small space.

However, no matter the kind of breed, one should fist consider adopting.

When the pet has been acquired, it is important to make a designation for a spot just for that pet.


A small home is hard to live in. It takes a monumental shift in mindset.

One will need to cut everything down to basics.

This can prove even harder in the case where an individual is living with multiple pets.

At some point, living in a small home with multiple pets can be trying.

With proper management however, this trying task can at the same time bring joy into one’s life.

One very important thing with the pets however is to ensure that however small the place they live in could be, it should at all times be kept clean.

This will relieve the owner of unnecessary health problems related to dirt. At the same time, the home will be free of bad smell and this brings comfort.

With the above steps, one can be in a position to achieve the best out of a small home with multiple pets.

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