How to Teach Your Dog to Sleep in a Dog House

Sleep in a Dog House

With the amount of love that a dog gives to its owner, it would make a lot of sense that the dog owner would give the dog the best care that it absolutely deserves. From the top-notch pet care to elaborate dog houses, nothing is spared when it comes to man’s best friend.

But it is not that shocking that people would do this because their pets love them more than they love themselves.

Sleep in a Dog HouseSadly, it will not matter to the dog if its owner spent thousands of dollars on its dog house.

There is a big possibility that it will not sleep in its dog house especially if it used to sleep inside the house.

So the question now is how to teach the dog to sleep in a dog house?

This task may sound daunting.

Most dog parents might already be reaching for their phones to contact the nearest dog trainer because they feel that they are not equipped to do this task.

But there is no need to do any of these.

They just have to continue reading this article.

The dog owner can do the training themselves.

All they need is patience and of course this article.

So for those who are thinking of buying or building a dog house, they must read this article.

It will help them teach their dog to sleep in a dog house.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

1. This will take time

One of the most important thing that a dog lover has to keep in mind when teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house is not to rush the process.

This would entail a lot of patience from the dog owner.

So just think of this training as if one is potty training one’s own toddler.

It would definitely not be a one day process so it is never a wise idea to rush the adorable four-legged creature out of the house and into his doghouse.

Doing this will definitely backfire as the dog will be too traumatized to step inside its house.

So again, one should never rush the dog.

dog sleepingIf the dog is used to sleeping on the foot of the bed, one can lure it out of the bedroom by putting its favorite blanket outside of the room.

To make this step not so upsetting for the dog as well as for the owner, one can just put the item just outside of the room – perhaps just by the door.

One important thing to remember is not to give in to the dog’s whines at night.

2. Set up a schedule

As what was mentioned earlier, teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house is a process.

So it would make a lot of sense to set up a schedule for this adorable creature.

The slow process will make the endeavor successful because the dog will learn adapt to the change.

They will slowly stick to the schedule.

But the owners themselves have to stick to the schedule too.

They must not give in to the dog’s cries at night.

This step is just as easy as putting the dog outside of the house at night.

Slowly, the dog will learn that at a certain time of the day, it must go out to sleep.

3. Make it comfortable

One of the best ways to ensure that the process of teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house is to make the dog house comfortable.

This has been proven very effective as the dog will willingly sleep in best dog house for hot weather if it will find it comfortable.

To do this, one must accessorize the dog house.

dog's toyThis does not mean that one has to go on shopping for dog accessories.

This simply means that the dog parent has to decorate the dog house with things that the

dog is familiar with.

One can put its favorite pillow and blanket – perhaps, its favorite chew toy.

This will encourage the dog to step into the doghouse and eventually sleep in it.

If one is living in a place where the temperature can drop to frigid conditions, then one must make sure that the family pet would be sleeping in a warm place.

This can be done by insulating the dog house.

4. Positive Reinforcement

Psychologists have shown that positive reinforcement works better than criticisms on kids.

This is the same thing with pets.

dog's foodSo it is necessary for pet owners, especially for dog lovers, to give a dog a reward for good behavior.

One has to consider that the dog will have to get used to sleeping outside of the house so if one backs this training with rewards or praises, the dog would be more willing to follow the rules that is set for it.

This is not only effective in the process of teaching a dog to sleep in a dog house.

But it would also work well for other things.

This might be toilet training or other more complicated dog good behavior.

5. Important Reminders – One has to keep in mind that there are certain dogs that need to stay in the house.

If the family pet has thin coats, it would be wiser to keep it inside the house especially if one is living in an area known for harsh winters.

This would also hold true to small dogs.

But whatever breed, a dog should not be allowed to sleep outside during winter.

From dog houses to chew toys, pet owners would go out of their way to make their beloved pets comfortable.

It is just right since this adorable four-legged creatures would do anything to please its master.

So if one is thinking of buying or building a dog house, it is wise to know how to make the dog step inside.

dogIt is even more important to teach the dog to sleep in a dog house.

This article just gave helpful hints on what to do so it will make the transition less painful.

Not to mention, following these tips will make the endeavor successful.

Now that you know what to do so as to teach your dog to sleep in a dog house, it is time for you to test these tricks.

It might not be foolproof.

But one has to bear in mind that the dog parent must be very patient.

You must remember that your dog is very much like your child.

They need a lot of love and of course in this project, patience.

So what are you waiting for? Just try these steps.

Good luck!

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