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SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Smart Dog Doors: Features and Reasons Why You’ll Need One

Smart dog doors, or electronic dog doors, open and close automatically. It allows you amazing convenience. After installing one, you won’t need to open your home’s door to let your pet in or out anymore.

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door MountToday’s best electronic dog doors incorporate features that will leave you stunned.

The technology they use allows you to even program them, as well as use phone apps to operate them remotely.

Here are reasons why you’ll want a smart/electronic dog door.


You are able to sleep all night long without worrying about having to wake up to open the door for your pet.

If it’s during the day, you can attend to your duties or even go out and leave  your home’s door closed.

Your main door remains safe

You will not have your dog scratch your home’s door wanting to be let in or out and ruining it.

Pet safety

Your pet won’t get out when you don’t want it to, especially if the smart dog door is the programmable type.

It reduces cases where young pups get outdoors without your knowledge and get injured.

Happier pet

You can program the smart dog door to let your dog in or out at any time, and he becomes a more comfortable pet.

Enough access

When your dog can get in and out at any time, there’s more exercise for him than when he stays confined in one place for hours.

Reduced boredom

Nothing bores your dog like to get detained for the better part of the day or night.

A smart door allows him to walk in and out of the house at will, eliminating boredom.

The technological features of smart dog doors allow them to be utterly convenient, freeing you of the task of playing door-person to your pet.

With the below 5 features, you will find smart dog doors irresistible.

Features of irresistible smart dog doors

1. Microchip Technology

This feature works if you have had your pet injected with a microchip.

You then program the pet door to be accessible by the pet’s microchip.

The chip in the pet’s body transmits signals which are picked by the door’s sensors, helping to identify the dog and et him in or out.

The microchip works a mechanism that allows your smart pet door to open at the approach of your dog.

It’s a secure and reliable technology because your dog cannot lose the microchip.

You’re always sure that the pet will find its way into the house when you’re not around.

If you have several pets, find a pet door that’s programmable to accept more than one chip and have each of the pets injected with a microchip.

2. Phone Apps

appSome smart doors for dogs can be operated from your smartphone.

It presents a novel and exciting way through which to monitor and control the movement of your dog in and out of the house.

To use this feature, you need to install a specific app on your phone.

Once installed, it communicates with the pet door’s system and keeps data of your pet’s behaviour, such as how many times the pet goes out, the specific time frames, and other information.

3. Insulated Flaps

Unlike normal pet doors, most electronic dog doors do not allow draught into your house.

They come with flaps that are insulated to keep out cold air from outside

With these smart doors that don’t allow in air or cold, your home’s heating system runs efficiently.

Not all electronic dog doors will incorporate a strong and effective insulating construction.

If you want better obstruction to cold draughts, choose smart doors that feature gasket seals; they offer better insulation.

4. Key Fobs

A normal pet door lets in any animal that can push it open.

Not so for electronic dog doors.

They have a feature that makes them allow no other pet except yours.

How do they achieve this?

You attach a key fob to your dog’s collar.

The key fob acts as an electronic key that causes the pet door to open when the dog comes to it.

Only ensure your dog doesn’t lose this fob because the door will not open and he risks staying out or in for the entire time you happen to be away.

If you have more than one pet, you will need to have separate key fobs for each.

5. Curfew and Lock Modes

These features allows you to customize your smart pet door to keep your dog out or in for defined periods of time.

You can also use the features to keep a pet indoors for specific parts of the day.

A typical electronic dog door with these features may indicate options to keep your dog out, in, with full access or completely locked out.

Curfew and lock modes are useful when you want to control your dog’s movement to suit your preferred times.

Should you decide to get for your home a smart pet door, there are several factors to consider.

You want the best smart/electronic dog door that will not disappoint you.

Ensure the door you buy is really smart, in addition to other features that improve its ease of operation and durability.

Choose a door that does not open your home to intruders.

Ensure it’s made from materials that are adequately strong and that its mechanism works right.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a smart pet door


Can your pet walk through it comfortably? If it’s a pup, buy a door large enough to allow space for when he grows up.


securityHow secure is the door? Will it allow in intruders, both humans and animals? Look for a door made out of sturdy materials and a mechanism and sensors that accurately distinguish your dog from other pets.


Is it easy to install, or will it need you to call a professional? Easy-to-install doors are better since they will not cost you more in installation fees.

Method of operation

Does it require your pet to push for it to open or is it fully automatic? Fully automatic doors offer more regarding convenience.


Some electronic dog doors allow you to customize them to work according to your preference.

Some do not.

You may want to have full control over how your smart door works, so it would be advisable that you choose the programmable type.

Smart dog doors cost more but offer more regarding control, convenience and safety.

Using them allows you and your pet unmatched freedom.

Your dog becomes happier and healthier as a result of unrestricted exercise.

PetSafe Wall Pet Door

Best Electronic Dog Door Reviews in 2020

Best electronic pet doors can help you in a lot of ways. It’s no surprise that most pet owners are comfortable with the standard open door policy in their homes. However, amid the everyday hurdles, most of you would somehow agree to some level of the inconvenience this might pose either to you or your dog.

And as much as you might try to understand your pets’ habits, body language, and schedules, sometimes some go without notice.

How then do you ensure your pet doesn’t feel neglected at such a time?

The answer is simple; an electronic dog door.

Best Electronic Dog Doors Reviews in 2020

High Tech Pet Door Review

High Tech Pet DoorTaking the first place in our best electronic dog doors reviews is the incredible High Tech manufacturer’s product; Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door.

This automatic fixture leaves nothing for imagination as it proudly displays its military-grade robust design that would readily protect your pet and home form strong impacts including gunshots.

And if you tend to worry about adverse weather conditions, then you should rest easy as the High Tech product can withstand extreme weather conditions all through the seasons, making you feel entirely safe indoors.

Also, its motor-driven door gives a stylish opening design through a vertical slide mechanism that’s not only attractive to watch but also secure enough with the use of a small MS-4 ultrasonic collar.

The four mode system configurations of this best smart door ensure to guarantee access as “Closed and Locked, In Only, Out Only and Full Access.” You merely have to pre-set what works for you.

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High Tech Pet Pros:

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Extreme Weather-resistant
  • Handy four access modes
  • Offers Uncompromising security features
High Tech Pet Cons:
  • Poor collar quality reports

Our verdict:

The High Tech Pet Electronic Pet Door makes use of 110V Ac power in its operations.

And with its backup battery option, it’s one of the best choices for your investment.

Click here to check High Tech Pet price on Amazon

Solo Pet Dog and Cat Door Review

Solo Pet Dog and Cat DoorSolo Pet Doors comes second in this list because of its popularity and positive functionality reviews in the present electronic dog doors market.

This door’s operations are entirely automatic, hence would offer you and your pet ultimate convenience.

You would have to endure endless door opening trips, and your pooch wouldn’t have to depend on you for movements.

Another thing that you would love about this door is its durable construction that ensures you receive value for your money.

The collar tags on this entry tag are waterproof and don’t use batteries.

Also, since the labels are magnetized, your pet demands entry/exit at will.

With this Solo Pet Doors product, you get to enjoy peace of mind as it guarantees 100% safe access for your pet through its unique slow-gravity closing technique.

So no loud bangs to disturb your activities and no slight chance of intruder access.

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Solo Pet Door Pros:

  • It’s robust and sturdy for guaranteed durability
  • Comes in ten different sizes and free pet tags
  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent functionality and security features
Solo Pet Door Cons:
  • Glitches complaints from some users

Our verdict:

This electronic pet door comes with a one year warranty from its manufacturer to assure you of its quality.

Its two installation options (wall/door) make an excellent bonus!

Click here to check Solo Pet Door price on Amazon

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Review

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoorYour guess could be right as our next in line is the popular PetSafe company product.

This Electronic SmartDoor makes use of the RF-tech mechanism and has its operations going with the help of the 4 D-cell batteries that are known to function in three efficient modes.

The activation of this automatic door is also through the battery-powered SmartKey that your pet has to wear on its collar.

Large/big-bodied pet owners now have something to smile about with this dog bed as its full flip makes access easy and can comfortably accommodate pooches of up to 100 pounds.

And as if that isn’t enough, you get to enjoy the flexibility of controlling and pre-setting up to five pet IDs, which makes it a favorite pick for multi-pet owners.

With the automatic access and secure lock of this automatic door, there’s a guarantee to the security of your home, so you and your furry get to enjoy daily life.

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PetSafe Electronic Pros:

  • Helpful SmartKey technology
  • Excellent durability and insulation features
  • Two installation options
PetSafe Electronic Cons:
  • Short-lasting batteries
  • Makes some noise

Our verdict:

The PetSafe product offers your furry easy access to the house.

We love its high sensitivity levels that guarantee user security.

Click here to check PetSafe Electronic price on Amazon

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door Mount Review

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door MountThe Carlson electronic door product is an actual definition of the real benefits of the rapidly spreading technological innovations.

This dog entry places into considerations the various heartily needs of pet owners to present itself in different sizes to ease selection.

It comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, with medium opening dimensions of 16- 10-inches and rough passage dimensions of 8.5-14-inches.

The Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door Mount offers an easy installation time, and its expandable tunnel can comfortably accommodate various wall mounting measurements without unnecessary trimming.

And to ensure top-notch security details for you and your pooch, the smart dog door contains a stainless steel security lock that’s easily attachable to the security panel, so you get to enjoy a worry-free rest.

Additionally, the electronic door has double opening capabilities that allow you to make use of either a quality hinge system or a magnetic gasket for durability and reliability.

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Carlson Pros:

  • Comes with a free training manual
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Dual operation modes
Carlson Cons:
  • Complex installation guide
  • Not tight enough reports

Our verdict:

This Carlson door might be pricey, but it surely compensates that well with its incredible blend of features.

We, however, hope they offer timely solutions for the few complaint reports.

Click here to check Carlson price on Amazon

Endura Flap Pet Door Review

Endura Flap Pet DoorIf a touch of class and flexibility is what you’re looking for, then the famous Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door would make an excellent choice.

This door comes with an incredibly beautiful and flexible design that seeks to prioritize the security of your home and pet.

With it, it doesn’t matter whether you love small, large or extra-large dogs as you’ll be spoilt with its wide sizes range.

From small, medium to large, the choice remains yours to make.

The dimensions of this electronic door range from 6-inches to 10-inches and there’re three colors of choice (white, bronze and tan).

Its automatic locking mechanisms come handy especially when you need the door to close when not in use.

Also, you get to benefit from all-season adversities, and its duo flip helps you save on electric bills.

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Endura Pros:

  • Flexible and safe design
  • All-weather resistant
  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Offers great insulation
Endura Cons:
  • Time-consuming, complex installation

Our verdict:

We particularly commend Endura for providing installation instructions and a video, so even if the process takes longer than expected, you at least get it right at the end!

Click here to check Endura price on Amazon

Plexidor Large Door Review

Plexidor Large DoorHaving a perfect and secure electronic dog door for your home is the dream of every pet owner.

Plexidor Performance Pet Doors doesn’t only offer a sleek appearance but also ensures the safety of your loved ones.

So if you’ve little children in your house, you would appreciate the secure obstruction anti-closure mechanism this dog door provides.

It’ll also be a plus for those whose love for “made in the USA” products can’t allow them to shop anywhere else.

Also, with it comes a 5-year warranty that would ensure you enjoy its durability and share success stories with family and friends.

Look at this electronic door as an additional security fixture to your home as its operations blend well with other home security systems.

You can purchase it for both your dogs and cats and train them to intermingle in peace as they collaborate to use a single passage.

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Plexidor Large Pros:

  • Easy to use without supervision
  • Quick response customer support
  • Automatic battery-free operation
Plexidor Large Cons:
  • Fall-off collar transmitters reports

Our verdict:

Although this electronic dog door is expensive, it makes to the rare list of multi-pet accommodation, hence doesn’t come as a surprise.

Click here to check Plexidor Large price on Amazon

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Review

SureFlap Microchip Pet DoorNext in line comes the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door that’s would sure offer you a good return for your money.

The door grants ultimate peace of mind to pet owners as it seeks to ensure no other animal intruder comes into your home when you’re away or probably busy.

It also contains a fantastic memory keeping system that can comfortably trace the IDs of up to 32 pets, such that you get to enjoy your multi-pet love without a worry in the world.

With this electronic dog door, it doesn’t matter as to whether you’re purchasing it for your dogs or cats, all that matters is that you get to control door access especially at wee hours of the night.

And with a bi-scan feature, your pets undergo secure in and out scanning to ensure only you get to let in other pets after a thorough vetting.

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SureFlap Microchip Pros:

  • Fantastic for multiple small pets
  • Works best with RFID tags
  • Stylish design
  • Quick installation
  • Compatible with various microchips
SureFlap Microchip Cons:
  • Not for full-size dogs
  • Difficulty of use in some pets

Our verdict:

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is the best solution for small multi-pet lovers.

You, however, would have to be patient training your pets for collaborative use.

Click here to check SureFlap Microchip price on Amazon

PetSafe Wall Pet Door Review

PetSafe Wall Pet DoorNext up in our best electronic dog doors ranking is another incredible product from PetSafe; the Wall Entry Pet Door.

This pet door is an excellent pick for pets of up to 100 Ib.

and has a new and old version for preference.

When it comes to sizes, you’ve got the flexibility to go for the small, medium and large, all of which contain a high-quality aluminum frame that gives you appropriate reliability over the years.

The PetSafe product has an attractive slide-in closing panel that would ensure you and your pet enjoy proper insulation even in the extreme winter weather conditions.

Additionally, you get to control your pets in and out movements to favorable trips such that they don’t get too naughty.

If you love doing things for yourself and would love to put your masonry skills to the test, you will; love the hassle-free installation procedure.

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PetSafe Pros:

  • Works perfectly with multiple walls
  • Proper insulation all year long
  • Accords freedom to your pets
  • Fantastic wall fitting
PetSafe Cons:
  • Plastic frame durability concerns

Our verdict:

This PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door offers excellent insulation with its double flips.

And despite the plastic panel, its construction is pretty impressive at its price range.

Click here to check PetSafe price on Amazon

Perfect Pet Dog Door Review

Perfect Pet Dog DoorLast but not least we have the Perfect Pet’s dog door which is among the number one choice for go-green shoppers.

The dog door is a clear demonstration of the importance of product variety as it seeks to meet its client needs with the small, medium, extra-large and super large sizes.

And with the dimensions of from 5-inches to 15-inches, your pet can enjoy the quality services of this energy efficient foam construction fixture.

This item offers you the flexibility you require to give your pet the best freedom entry with its duo-flap features that are easily adjustable to withstand any weather condition throughout the seasons.

You will, however, have to be careful with your purchasing stores as the manufacturer offers a limited locational warranty.

At its price, we find the Perfect Pet product favorable for middle/low spenders, while not compromising on quality.

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Perfect Pet Pros:

  • Firmly stays in place
  • Adjustable frame telescopes
  • Sturdy molded plastic construction
  • Perfect functionality in all seasons
Perfect Pet Cons:
  • Limited Warranty
  • Poor insulation reports

Our verdict:

We find this electronic dog door convenient for budget-tight individuals and with the possibility of using a weather-stripping to achieve the maximum fit, you would appreciate its features.

Click here to check Perfect Pet price on Amazon

PetSafe Freedom Pet Door Review

PetSafe Freedom Pet DoorThe last review on our list happens to be one of the affordable electronic doors in the market.

And that happens to be the PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Pet Door.

Like other similar products in this collection, this product seeks to maximize on its market segment through a wide range of fixture sizes and colors.

It also, promises an excellent fast, responsive customer support assistant through calls, email, and chats.

And if the only reason you’re hesitating to get one is your treasurable sliding recessed door, you’ll be glad to learn about the extra patio panel kit that would help fix everything in place.

While keeping in mind that some dogs are pretty active, PetSafe came up with a heavy duty tempered glass that would ensure durability even with frequent access and some banging.

You’ll also have to forget about last minute extra weather insulation kits as it comes with weather stripping to fit into place throughout the year correctly.

Read more reviews about PetSafe Freedom on Amazon

PetSafe Freedom Pros:

  • Easily portable
  • No messy installation cuttings
  • Various sizes
PetSafe Freedom Cons:
  • Extra expenses for recessed doors.

Our verdict:

If you’re always on the move and would like a dog door that would give you excellent service with hassle-free installation work, we would gladly recommend the Freedom Sliding Glass Pet.

Click here to check PetSafe Freedom price on Amazon

Merits of using Electronic Dog Doors

big dogProlongs the durability of your door

Having one entry in your home means that you’ll have to share it with your pup.

And even though you invest a lot of time to teach them some simple etiquette, sometimes they tend to forget how valuable your door is and turn it into a playing partner.

The same case applies for the time they would scratch it open for easy access.

You, however, wouldn’t have to worry about this once you get then their passage.

Very convenient

Getting your pooch their door means you can go about your duties without disturbance.

Also, you can go out to a store or take a stroll knowing they can gain access to their comfort zone whenever they want.

Improves their Social Skills

It’s no secret that dogs just like humans love and enjoy the company of other pets.

Therefore, locking them up for long whenever you aren’t home or too busy to notice their boredom signals deprives them of the chance to create new friends and be happy.

When you give them unlimited access to their specific entry, they not only feel confident about themselves but also get to attend “social gatherings” with their neighborhood friends.

small dogKeeps them active

An active lifestyle is vital to a healthy pet.

So if you want to reduce those regular vet visits, give your dog the freedom to be themselves.

Through this, they enjoy more time to run around the block, stretch under the sun and climb walls to get those muscles strong.

Guarantees them Comfort

Being comfortable goes beyond having a beautiful place to rest.

It also means having the ability to conduct basic routines without restrictions.

Therefore, an electronic door for your pooch would include things like timely bathroom visits, which significantly and positively contributes to their general wellbeing.

The functionality of an Electronic Dog Door

The operations of an electronic dog door aren’t that complicated as most people tend to think.

In fact, it is more like operating an automatic garage or main entry door.

And just like any other type of smart door, their functionality heavily depends on door sensors, pet sensors, and a unique entry/exit mechanism.

In other words, it involves a communication procedure between your dog and the fixture, whereby both sensors have to be a perfect match to complete the process.

What then are the different forms of sensors you should place into consideration?

Radiofrequency chips

This type of device stores doesn’t store your dog’s information in the system but instead entirely depends on standard radio frequency mechanisms to guarantee access.

Here the particular key on your pooch will automatically release a signal that would connect with the door for it to open.

The entry will also automatically shut once the dog is out of a given range as the signal tends to weaken with distance.

Ultrasonic waves; unlike the radiofrequency chips these sensors contain high-frequency capabilities for functionality.

You can, however, readjust the settings according to preference to dictate at what range the door sensor should respond to that on your dog’s body.

RFID Signals

This one is one of the newest and most expensive technology in the current electronic dog doors market.

The system maximizes the use of radio frequency identification through the use of your pet’s current data in the system.

And since there is no way two animals can share the same details, only pooches with matching information gain access to the entry, making it the safest door mechanism at the moment.

Magnetic; with this sensor mechanism, your dog’s access to the entry either depends on the magnetic attractions within the door or the one on their collar key.

Here any animal with the same type of magnetic power gains entry.

Therefore, you’ve to ensure yours is unique from those of your neighbors.


This is one of the seamless forms of smart door open mechanism.

For instance, it would be impossible for anyone else to know your dog has one since its implantation is internal.

So you’ll have to take your pet to the vet for this procedure and get to enjoy peace of mind.

Considerations of Purchasing an Electronic Dog Door


Just like humans, there is no constant factor in a dog’s life.

There comes a time when they get to lose weight due to sickness or even age.

And there would be those fantastic days they will add some pounds.

So it would be out of logic to get a door with an exact form of measurement of your dog’s current state.

Who knows, you might also want to get an additional pet in future? Settle for a door that considers all these possibilities.


Since getting your dog a door guarantees your convenience, you’ve to ensure they’re safe even when you’re away from home.

Getting a fixture with custom settings would go a long way into ensuring no intruder gains access to your home without permission.

Energy efficiency

Remember that will come a time of the year when the weather wouldn’t be favorable.

And it’s during such times that you would appreciate a properly functioning door that would tightly lockout outside air whenever there is the need.

Fit & Setup

We all have a preference to a given door type.

Whether it’s a sliding door or the standard doors, ensure it doesn’t involve a tedious installation procedure.


The standing you select for your dog’s entry should consider their size and activeness level.

For instance, a metal frame could guarantee durability for well-built and very active pooches while a plastic one would be fine for little /less aggressive breeds.

Type of Sensor

This would dictate the safety of your dog and home.

So even if you’re working on a tight budget, don’t compromise on the safety features in place.


Do you love being in control? If yes, then a door with a pre-set programmable settings is what you need.

Here you can time and restrict access according to preference.

Talk of freedom with a touch of control?

Measuring a Pet Door

Getting the right measurements for your dog’s door would save you future frustrations.

You can achieve this finding out the correct size of your pooch while leaving some growth allowance (1 to 2 inches should be fine)


This involves using a tape measure to get the exact size of your pooch’s torso while they’re in a standing position.


Here the height would be your dog’s measurements right from the floor surface to the highest protruding section of their back while standing.

Simple Buying Guide for an Electronic Dog door

Now that you know what you require, consider this simple tips before making that final purchase;

Pet size

Keep your present and probable future pet’s size in mind.

You can select between small, medium and large dog doors depending on the breed of your pet.


Where will you like to install the door? Is it on the patio, wall or swinging? And would it be safe for your pet?

Opening size

As much as you would love to move with the trend, ensure the size and shape you choose matches the dimensions you took earlier.

Installing your Dog door

toolsThe installation process is the last step you would take to ensure ultimate comfort and freedom for your dog.

Most electronic dog doors products come with an installation manual together with the appropriate tools you’ll need.

But here is a standard guideline of how the whole procedure would look like;

  • Take time to prepare the exact location for your electronic door installation.

Make trims where necessary and smoothen out the door/wall cuttings to ensure perfect fixing.

  • Afterward, get the right fixing tools from then carefully secure the door to its location, while providing the screws are tight enough.

Ensure to consult the manual/video that came with the product.

  • Generously apply caulk, if you notice a few spaces between the wall and the door.

Well done! The door is now ready for use, and you can start training your pooch on its new adventure!

Having an excellent smart dog door goes a long way into ensuring the comfort and flexibility of your pet.

And even if you might not consider it in the beginning, the convenience that it stands to offer you is out of this world.

So if you’ve been searching for a better way to express your love and care for your lifetime pooch friend, it’s probably time you invest in the door using our unique best electronic dog doors reviews!