Pet Owners Guide to Home Cleaning

Pet Owners Guide to Home Cleaning

Who doesn’t love dogs? Or cats? I bet we all do. But who doesn’t get frustrated seeing the messy house? We don’t want to wake up and see gobs of hair around our floor, or when lounging in the sofa just to realize that your sofa just smells like a kennel.

Having a pet is always exciting but also involve a lot of work and commitment. The perks of having pets in your house is you need to clean it frequently.

But don’t let your concerns prevent you to have a clean house and friendly for pets.

hairs usually shed at regular intervals

They said prevention is better than cure. So, you need some preventive measures and some easy tricks to have a clean home.

Here are several tips for pet owners to clean around the house:

1. Groom your pet

Brush your pet daily – or at least twice a week, and do it outside your house.

Grooming helps to get rid of excess fur and your pet will love it.

This activity can also be a bonding time for you and your pet.

2. Bathe regularly

dog shampooThis depends on your pet breed, also depends on weather, conditions, and activities of your pet.

The trick is you cannot bathe them too often, as it will lose their natural oils in the skin – you pet will get sick or have a dry skin.

For a dog, a bath once a month is enough unless they start to play in the mud.

Use a pet shampoo to prevent fleas, choose a scent that you prefer.

3. Give them plenty of exercise.

This is especially for dog owners, since a bored dog tend to mess things around them than tired dog.

Take your pet for a walk, keep toys around and leave it accessible to your pet to play when you are busy playing with them.

4. Prevent them from digging plants

This is too for dog owners, since they love to dig around your yard.

Dogs are sensitive to citrus, so you can scatter some orange peels around your yard.

5. Vacuum your house

vacuum cleanerYou may not know but having pet also increase the amount of dust in your home.

You need to invest in a good vacuum for your carpet and sofa.

Check which one of the vacuum cleaner models suited best for your needs.

Since there are many models out there, such as the robotic, hand vacuum, or regular vacuum cleaner model.

6. Do not forget to stock up on basic cleaning supplies

Different surface needs different cleaning tricks, so make sure you have a supply for your house.

For example, before vacuuming, it is better to dampen your carpet.

Or use a sweeper for a hardwood floors – a damp mop works well too.

A sweeper or damp mop will attract dust and pet hairs like a magnet.

Keep them handy in areas that you need it the most.

7. Use duck-tape or lint roller

A tape or lint roller will pick up stranded hair from almost any surface.

You can use them as finishing act after vacuuming or mopping, especially when emergency moments arise.

8. Stock up baking soda

You don’t want your bed or sofa to have the same smell as your pet, do you?

Baking soda will easily do the trick to remove the odor.

Wash your bed cover with detergents and add a cup of baking soda to it, baking soda will help to remove the odors.

You can also pour some on the carpet after vacuuming to neutralize the odors.

If you have a cat, you can also sprinkle some baking soda in their litter tray.

Just add the baking soda before the cat litter, this should trap the smells under control.

9. Clean your pet’s toys

Do not forget to clean these toys.

Just toss them in the dishwasher – this helps them germ-free.

You can also wash fabric toys using washing machine, just remember don’t use a detergent.

10. Keep their eating area clean

Place a mat underneath your pet’s bowls.

This serve as a precaution if they messed their food.

11. Use blanket or covers for your sofa

use blanketsThis is a simple thing to do to prevent your pet hair or muddy prints on your sofa.

It is easier to wash them from time to time than keeping your sofa clean.

12. Make an emergency stain remover

In an empty spray bottle, mix half a bottle of white vinegar and half a bottle of water.

Add four teaspoons of baking soda.

Use them when your pet suddenly thinks the carpet is their new litter tray.

For easier cleaning of your pet’s food bowl, you can spray a light mist of cooking oil into their feeding bowls.

This will make it easier to clean up.

13. Make your house odor free

You have a variety of choices for your house.

From scented candles, diffusers, to plug-in air fresheners.

The point is room deodorizers are necessary for a house with pets.

Before buying any room deodorizers, make sure your pet is not allergic to anything.

Also make sure to air out your home twice a week by opening all windows.

By circulating air around, you will have a fresh smell in your house.

14. Do not forget to wash your pet’s collar

Collars will get smelly pretty quick, so you need a deep soak to clean them.

Soak the collar in hot water with your pet shampoo for 15 minutes, and then rub it to rid of any dirt. Rinse and hang to dry.

15. Stop dirty prints at the door

Use a container and fill it with room temperature water and a towel by the door.

You can use this to wipe any mud or dirt from your pet’s paws before they enter the house.

Also, invest on mats.

Place them inside and outside of your doors and train your pet to wait on the mat.

While they are waiting, you can wipe those dirty paws.

We hope these tips can help you to tackle your pet messes quickly, so you still have time to do bonding activities with them. We all know having pets can be messy at times, however the benefit of having one surely surpass the mess. Pets can be your life companion, and they can teach your children compassion and responsibility. Never think twice to adopt a pet.

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