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How To Manage A Large Pet Family In A Small Home

In the modern days of bigger is better, having a large family of pets in a small home may sound like it is not only impractical but unwise. If not well managed, the house may be covered in pet hair and can even smell like a barn. When this happens, one is never justified to blame the pets. This is because there are some steps that can be taken so as to ensure the owner together with all of his or her pets peacefully coexist. Below are some of the things that can be done so as to avoid one’s house being smelly:

Investing in a good vacuum

pet vaccum cleanersIt is obvious that an apartment belonging to a pet is prone to either looking or feeling dirty.

Whether the pets are heavy shedders or not, when they are added, dirt and dust can quickly pile up.

A vacuum is a necessity if one would like to keep allergens at bay and to improve the quality of the air around.

A good vacuum does not have to be very expensive but rather just good.

There are quite a number of vacuum cleaners in the market that are an investment and they work like magic.

Having a puppy or a pet that is prone to accidents, one ought to look into the deep cleaning steam models.

This will not require much scrubbing and this is the reason why so many companies that produce vacuum cleaners make special animal hair versions so as to provide some extra help.

In the case where one does not want to pull out the full-sized vacuum, it is important to have helpers that can be programmed so as to run between cleanings in the pet hair department.

If the pets are heavy shedders, then a weekly cleaning routine has to be set up.

The only disclaimer with this is that it is quite costly.

Proper management

Pet Owners Guide to Home CleaningIt is hard to maintain a multiple pet household without employing even the lowest level of management.

It is common that some other pets may prove to be very aggressive especially if they see the other pets playing with their toys.

For this reason, if the owner is not home, it is important the he or she keeps the toy out of reach so as to prevent possible fights.

Life can be of little stress in as far as the pets are concerned only and only if one gets to know what sets off the aggression and properly manages it.

Furthermore, however little the space might be, it is always wise to all the pets having their little heavens.

This not only keeps the pets happy but also makes the cleaning process easier.

These heavens can be cleaned either once or twice in a week so as to keep everything fresh.

Again, a good manager should learn to give all his or her pets a one-on-one time because this alleviates the fear and encourages resource guarding.

This should not however give the pets a chance to overpower the owner.

For the sake of his or her sanity, the owner should be sure to create time and space for just for him or herself.

It is impossible to keep the pets happy if the owner is not happy and healthy.

 Having a cat box

A cat box is basically used by the cats and one should ensure that he or she regularly cleans it.

An alternative to this cleaning exercise is investing in a self-cleaning box that will automatically scoop after the cat has used it.

Since space is minimal, a cat box should be stored in a space that can be used primarily for the purpose only.

In the case where there is no space for this at all, then a purifier should be place right next to the box.

However, deodorizers and air fresheners that do not absorb odor should never be used.

Bathing and feeding the pet with a diet of high quality

dog shampooFor a pet to be happy and to avoid being smelly, it has to be healthy.

This can only be achieved be regularly bathing the pet and ensuring that it is fed with a diet of high quality.

This kind of diet does so much for the pet’s skin, coat and also the digestive system which when it gets unhealthy it can produce the worst smell.

It is important to note that for one to keep unpleasant pet odors at bay, one has to do the cleaning on a more frequent basis and most importantly ensure that the pets do not have any smell.

Precaution to the new pet

In the case where a new pet comes into question, the most important consideration is to look for a breed that is right for the kind of space available.

A breed that does not shed could be the best option for a small space.

However, no matter the kind of breed, one should fist consider adopting.

When the pet has been acquired, it is important to make a designation for a spot just for that pet.


A small home is hard to live in. It takes a monumental shift in mindset.

One will need to cut everything down to basics.

This can prove even harder in the case where an individual is living with multiple pets.

At some point, living in a small home with multiple pets can be trying.

With proper management however, this trying task can at the same time bring joy into one’s life.

One very important thing with the pets however is to ensure that however small the place they live in could be, it should at all times be kept clean.

This will relieve the owner of unnecessary health problems related to dirt. At the same time, the home will be free of bad smell and this brings comfort.

With the above steps, one can be in a position to achieve the best out of a small home with multiple pets.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet and Furniture?

Every dog owner knows that dog fur sticking to everything, from your clothes, to the furniture, to the carpets is one of those minor inconveniences we all have to deal with. While some dogs shed more than others, shedding is for the most part, inescapable. Since you cannot prevent your dog from shedding, as a responsible dog owner, you ought to clean up well after your pooch. This ensures a clean and healthy home environment for you all, while prolonging the life of your carpets, furniture or even car interiors.

However, if we’re being totally honest, dog fur is not the easiest thing to clean up. Not only is it hard to spot, but it can also cling tight to the fibers of the furniture, carpet or clothing that you are trying to get it out of. For these reasons and more, you can’t always get it all. This task can be particularly frustrating and futile if you are trying to get it out without any strategy. It could really have you feeling like you are fighting a losing battle. To maintain your sanity, I am going to share with you some of the best, tried-and-tested methods that are guaranteed to get dog hair off your surfaces quickly and effectively.

Before we dive in, I just want to quickly point out some of the methods that could work, but not quite as well as you would like.

One of the most common ones is using adhesives like sticky tape. Dog owners wrap the tape around their hand with the sticky side out, and just kind of blot on a surface to pick up the hairs. This method is only practical for small jobs because it would be tedious and cumbersome to use on, say, a carpet. The downside of this method is that you run the risk of leaving that sticky residue from the tape on that surface, and then lo and behold, more dog hair.

Another one is spraying the carpet with diluted fabric softener or sprinkling some baking soda before you vacuum. For starters, these are chemicals and it is not a good idea to introduce them into your dog’s environment.

Another popular method is wet cleaning with a wet hand. This entails rubbing your wet hand on the carpet or furniture to collect the dog hair. Well, this could work. But depending on the material of the carpet or furniture, you could irritate your hand. Also, the inevitable end result is wet dog fur on your hand and it is not a very pretty picture. With wet cleaning, you are also rolling the dice on dampness and musty odors around the house.

This is not to say that these are entirely bad methods. If you have found a way to work around the disadvantage and they work for you, then why not?

Getting back on track, here are some of the best methods to remove dog hair.

How remove dog hair from furniture?

how remove dog hair from furnitureTo remove dog fur from furniture, a viable option is using rubber gloves. The technique is rather simple, because you just use a sweeping motion to gather up the hairs with your hand then follow up with a vacuum.

The rubber does a lot to free the hair from the fibers of the furniture. If you want, you can use just a teeny-tiny bit of water on the glove.

You could also use fur remover brushes made specifically for upholstery. They have fine bristles, so as not to damage your furniture.

To clean up with these, just brush in short, quick strokes to loosen and remove the hairs.

How remove dog hair from carpet?

pet vaccum cleanersA winning appliance in this category is pet vacuum cleaners. Regular vacuum cleaners do so little in terms of cleaning up pet hairs. Pet vacuum cleaners are made specifically with this task in mind and boy, do they deliver!

If you have a lot of dogs or even one dog that sheds a lot, this vacuum might be a good investment for your household.

Carpet rakes are a great tool for cleaning too. They have plastic or metal bristles that really comb through the carpet fibers. The hair will loosen and collect within the bristles so you will need to stop and clean out the hair from the bristles them from time to time.

how remove dog hair from carpet

There are brushes designed to get fur off carpets too.

Typically, these have stiffer and sharper bristles unlike the brushes used on furniture.

Just like in furniture cleaning though, short, quick strokes will give the best results.

A simple hack is brushing in different directions to get as much hair as you can off your carpet.

An interesting tool for de-hairing a carpet is a squeegee.

I would be skeptical too, but it has been tried-and-tested and it gets the job done.

It is the rubber on the squeegee that attracts hairs off the carpet. Just use short strokes and voila!

How to remove dog hair from clothes?

how to remove dog hair from clothesBeing a dog owner, chances are that you already own a lint roller.

If you don’t, it is a good idea to buy one to roll over your clothes before you leave home.

If it is a lot of hair that cannot be removed by a lint roller, throw the clothes in the dryer with a dry sheet for about 10 minutes.

A chemical free option is the use of dryer balls to lift the fabric, loosen the hairs and reduce static which otherwise causes the hairs to stick more.

This hair ends up in the lint trap.

From the Pets Themselves

dog bath groomingGrooming your pet to remove loose hairs will drastically decrease the amount of fur that ends up on your carpet or furniture.

In the larger scheme of things, you will have less need for the other tools and appliances that I have mentioned.

There are so many pet grooming tools to choose from, which will remove loose fur before it gets a chance to be shed.

They stimulate the skin too, resulting in a healthy, shiny coat. Most pet parents agree that the holy grail of pet grooming tools is the FURminator.

The FURminator targets loose fur from the top coat and even the undercoat, making it a powerful de-shedding tool.

So, there you have it! Now cleaning time will be much easier and a lot more successful. Happy hair cleaning, pet parents.

best vacuum dog hair reviews

Top 15 Best Vacuum For Dog Hair Reviews in 2020

Choosing and purchasing an all-in-one pet hair vacuum that can deep-clean all your surfaces is not an easy task. And when an exceptionally clean surface free from all pet hair is what you desire, nailing best vacuum for animal hair that excels can feel like a real chore.

Luckily, we have zeroed in the best pet hair vacuums that guarantee clean surfaces and interiors free from all allergens. And how did we arrive at the top picks pet hair vacuum?

Well, we left nothing to chance since we understand how interwoven and stubborn pet hair can get. First, we passed pet hair vacuum on the carpet with long pet hair deliberately interwoven within the threads of the carpet. Secondly, we passed through hard floors with pet hair stuck in hard to reach crevices.

We settled on pet hair vacuums that scored exceptionally high on double brush agitator, capacity, suction power, filters, attachments, and without letting pet hairs to fly around. And did we forget the-state-of-the-art technology that gives pet owners great user experience? Certainly not!

Our top picks, arranged from best-performing pet hair vacuums downwards, guarantee truly pet hair-free surfaces. Ready? Here are the best affordable vacuums for pet hair you can find in the market today.

Best pet hair vacuum reviews in 2020

Dyson DC41 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC41 Upright Vacuum CleanerDyson ingenious design got everyone talking! We think this is the most elegant yet undeniable powerful pet hair vacuum. The cool and sophisticated Dyson DC41 is a simple of brilliance executed with precision to pick up even the most minute dirt, pet hair, or pollen.

Its suction power is exemplary and most pet owners love this powerful machine. A pet owner with such a powerful machine only deserves the bragging rights of a truly clean home as it weeds out pet hair in areas where other vacuums have no chance. Also, it known for its maneuverability, being reasonably light, and ease of use.

Dyson DC41 is smart and it stands tall among other vacuums. Unlike other models that require a manual change from carpet to hard floor mode, this vacuum is fitted with plates that adjust to the kind of floor its cleaning. It’s incredibly amazing.

The radial root cyclone technology makes this model even more appealing as it remodels the way air flow through this appliance.

The cyclones capture all the allergens and only let out clean air through an allergen filter.

If you need to clean those hard to reach areas then this vacuum won’t disappoint. Its mini turbine head together with an Instant Release High-Reach Wand is effective in reaching under the chairs and corners as it stretches 5 times its usual length.

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  • Automatic adjustment according to floor type
  • Really powerful suctions known to last long
  • Best for cleaning hard to reach areas
  • Has a nice tool bag
  • Best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly
  • It is really expensive
  • Design is not so appealing

Our verdict:
Highly recommended as it excellently cleans all floors.
The biggest deterrent is the price, however its best vacuum for animal hair.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Shark Rotator TruePet Upright Vacuum NV752 Review

Shark Rotator TruePet Upright Vacuum NV752The versatile 3-in-1 Shark Rotator NV752 is simply the best shark for pet hair that has taken the industry by storm. The threesome combination consisting of a really powerful upright vacuum machine, a canister with exclusive caddy, and a lift away pod that has brush roll makes it a truly iconic pet hair vacuum.

And there is more! The best rated shark vacuum has TruePet mini-motorized highly effective brush attachment. Besides, it uses anti-allergen powerful seal technology and HEPA filter to trap up to 99.9% allergens.

The vacuum has charmed pet owners as it excels in all types of floors, and as a result, it is one of the most sort pet hair vacuum. It’s remarkably a hard floor genie as it picks up stuck-on debris and dirt, and does exceptionally well in upholstery and carpets.
It’s the ability to seamlessly control this accessory with an on and off fingertip control from carpet to a hard floor that seems to fascinate pet owners.

The neat little vacuum accessory showcases its potential as a truly effective pet hair cleaner and an industry leader as it can effectively clean extreme ends of the hard-to-reach surfaces.

Besides the LED lights adds to its appeal and efficiency. Simply put, it makes the removal of pet hair a no-brainer task.

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  • HEPA filtration
  • Powerlift away features
  • Large dust and dirt capacity
  • Cheaper than its close upright competitor Dyson
  • LED for hunting dust bunnies and hunting down pet hair
  • 5-year warranty
  • Washable pre-motor and HEPA filter
  • Fingertip control
  • It’s heavy
  • Expensive than most of other pet hair vacuum
  • Its features are not as smooth as those of its close competitor Dyson
Our verdict:
It’s an awesome pet hair vacuum that excels both on hard floors and carpet and upholstery.
One thing we did not like is the weight especially if your house is multi-level.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH3001COM Review

Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH3001COMThe Platinum UH30010COM upright vacuum is designed with pet owner in mind. It picks up more dust and dirt in just one pass compared to other upright vacuums. It is equipped with WindTunnel cutting edge technology that removes deep down dirt and pet hair lodged in crevices and surface stuck-on debris using direct air flow.

And when you think you have seen the best vacuum for long human hair, this brand surprises you with true versatility as it comes with two products in one package! The first part consist of a full-sized upright specifically designed for cleaning upholstery and carpets, and the second part which is canister vacuum designed for cleaning everything else. It’s truly a floor to ceiling vacuum.

This HEPA bagged vacuum traps 99.97% dust, pet hair, pollen to give you pure air that you can fill your lungs all you want even if you have a condition such as asthma. It is really a no dirt puffs vacuum as the HEPA bag is self-sealing, and as such, prevent dust, pollen, and tiny pet hair from escaping back to the cleaned area.

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  • Effective dirt removal using WindTunnel technology
  • Lightweight and ease of maneuverability
  • Automatic height adjusters
  • Floor to ceiling cleaning with great HEPA bag
  • Has 35-foot long power cord
  • No attachments
  • Not so effective on cleaning hard floors
  • Relatively noisy
Our verdict:
Highly effective as it is designed for cleaner clean and really lightweight.
Lacks motorized brush hence not so great for hard floors.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Canister Vacuums

If you prefer a model that is light and can be moved with a lot of ease within your home, then canister vacuums are ideal for you. Canister vacuums are suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as under your furniture, cars or even cleaning your curtains. Once your surfaces are clean and free of pet hair, storing canister vacuums are much easier than any other vacuum.

Canister vacuums also come in different sizes, and as such, you won’t have to worry about capacity. You can always settle for a canister vacuum that has the right capacity for your space.

New Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister Vacuum Review

New Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister VacuumWhen it comes to build quality versus the price for canister vacuums then Miele Complete C3 Alize sets the standard. If your dog or cat loves to play on the bare hard floors, then you won’t have to worry anymore about pet hair getting stuck in the crevices. This vacuum will come to your rescue as it is the best canister build for hard floors.

That’s not to say that it can’t clean other surfaces excellently. In fact, this canister is ideal for smooth flooring, low pile carpets, and rugs. It does this with amazing AirTeQ combination floor tool. This tool allows uninterrupted floor contact when switching between different floors such as moving from carpet to hard floor.

Also, it is equipped with HEPA air clean filter with 11 layers of filtration as well as an allergen-proof seal to prevent leakage of allergens back to the room. The filters work well with 9-ply G/N AirClean dust bag that can store up to 4.76 quarts of dust and allergens.

Miele Complete C3 Alize comes with amazing ease of use such as foot controls, 36-foot one-touch rewind cord switch and safety shut-off. It fitted with a crevice tool to clean tight spaces, an upholstery tool for cleaning carpets, and dusting brush designed for delicate cleaning. It is also ultra-quiet vacuum is suitable for homes that with pets.

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  • High suction power thus suitable for cleaning stubborn dirt
  • Light and can maneuver with a lot of ease
  • Additional dedicated hard floor brushes
  • Excel in cleaning hard floors, and low pile carpets
  • It is cost friendly
  • Not suitable for cleaning high pile carpets
Our verdict:
An excellent canister vacuum that is perfect for cleaning hard floors and is really cost effective.
Though not suitable for high pile rugs, it is powerful vacuum worth its value.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner 3670G Review

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner 3670GEureka mighty mite is every pet owner’s dream. Canister vacuum has a head that separates from the body to thoroughly clean the hard to reach corners that your pets love to curl and take a nap. It’s compact enough, lightweight and is ideal for cleaning multilevel house including your garage spaces.

And when the joints in your stairs and tile floors become a nuisance and adamant as they trap pet hair, Eureka mighty mite has a blower pot that makes such crevice cleaning an easy task. It’s ideal for a quick deep clean of bare floors.

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  • Designed for cleaning bare floors of your home and auto
  • Light and portable
  • Offer quick and effective cleaning
  • Deluxe bare floor brush
  • Not suitable for carpet cleaning
Our verdict:

Build for quick and effective cleaning and we love the fact that it is really light and portable.
If your house is carpeted you might want another vacuum, but nonetheless is highly efficient.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Review

Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister VacuumEven the heavy shedding of Labradors and retrievers whose hairs seem to wander into every nook and cranny of your rooms, Dyson ball multifloor will weed all these hair in a single pass.

Better yet, it’s whisper quiet and is incredibly light letting you clean all your floors without hustle.

We couldn’t get enough of Dyson ball technology that allowed this vacuum to move smoothly and seamlessly maneuver around furniture. It sure to dazzles every pet owner. Also, it has an amazing ergonomic handle and wand for easy vacuuming and reaching for drapes, stairs, upholstery, tight corners, and more. Right from the handle, you can turn off or on the brush bar when cleaning delicate upholstery or bare hard floors using a Triggerhead Tool.

If you love everything about Dyson vacuums except for their suction power, then Dyson ball mutifloor will surprise you. Its updated Radial Root Cyclone technology comes with supersized suction power excelling in all types of floors.

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  • Great suction power
  • Clean all types of floors
  • It’s lightweight
  • Quick and hygienic to empty as it empties from the bottom
  • Comes with 5-year warranty
  • Ball technology
  • Comes with great price
  • The power cord is rather short
Our verdict:

If you have different types of floors that need to be maintained spotlessly clean then settle for this vacuum. Except for the short power cord, this machine is great and more so is really pocket-friendly.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Stick vacuums

Simply put, stick vacuum is the lighter model or version of the popular upright vacuums. It comes with amazing technologies that have made it a vacuum cleaner worth a second. As a result, stick vacuums are a serious consideration for model fit for removing the stubborn pet hair.

The stick vacuums are loved because of their ease of use and are easy to store. Besides, they are lightweight, significantly smaller, cost less, and are fit for quick clean up. However, stick vacuum may not be ideal for cleaning larger space and not fit for deep cleaning.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord Free Vacuum Review

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord Free VacuumDyson V7 is simply amazing stick vacuum, thanks to nifty cord-free and superb hassle-free quality, but of course, that is not all the reasons why pet owners are clamoring for it. The fade-free suction power that can last for more than half-an-hour as well as direct-drive power cleaner head that precisely drives silicon bristles into the upholstery and carpets to weed out trapped pet hair are other premium features that come with this amazing vacuum.

For spot and quick cleans, Dyson V7 is that perfect tool. You are in for a real treat if you are cleaning thicker rugs with this vacuum as you will end up with soft and creamy feel on your carpet sure to be loved by your pets. And it doesn’t stop there as it has soft cleaner head designed to spotlessly clean hardwood floors.

With the cord-free vacuum, combination tool, and a crevice tool you are sure for a quick and thorough clean up. Once done you can dock your stick vacuum in its stylish docking station.

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  • Decent battery life that can last for 30 minutes
  • Cordless
  • Ergonomic and is reasonably powerful
  • Excellent HEPA filtration
  • Comes with a wall mounted charging unit
  • 2-year labor and part warranty
  • Ultra-light
  • It’s not a full height upright vacuum
  • Not tailored for high pile carpet
  • Comes with fewer accessories
Our verdict:
Can exceptionally clean all else except for high pile carpet. That said, it might be that vacuum of your dream if you do not need the extra features.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010 Review

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010Transform your floor to wall cleaning experience with this sleek and versatile stick vacuum. It comes with bragging rights as it is the only stick vacuum that has cyclonic filtration and WindTunnel technology. Hoover Linx is that one of a kind cordless vacuum that can effectively clean your carpet and fall under $200. It is astonishing, isn’t it?

When you do not need to clean multi-storied home, then this is an ideal stick vacuum for you. Suitable for pet owners who live in a small home and need a vacuum that is cordless, recharge quickly, and clean large areas in a single sweep.

And if you are seeking for more freedom to clean anywhere in your home, Hoover Linx just offers that with the interchangeable LINXCordless fade-free effective lithium-ion battery system. Besides, the multi-floor cleaning button allows you to move from hard floors to carpet with a lot of ease.

Your edges won’t be a challenge with Hoover Linx’s since it is equipped with edge cleaning bristles that suck up pet hair and dust in those obscure and seemingly unreachable edges.

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  • Removable battery that can be recharged with the vacuum stored away
  • 2-year warranty
  • Push button for easy discarding of dirt
  • Washable filter
  • Clean all floors excellently
  • Carpet to hard floor intuitive controls
  • Base doesn’t swivel thus limiting maneuverability
  • Cumbersome to use in stairs
Our verdict:
The 11-inch cleaning floor coverage is remarkable for a cordless that has great suction power.

It doesn’t score well in hygiene as you might get your hands dirty when cleaning the filter.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Shark Navigator Stick Vacuum SV1106 Review

Shark Navigator Stick Vacuum SV1106It’s the swivel head technology and easy to recharge the battery that gets this Shark Navigator Freestyle working like a charm. And you won’t believe the price! It’s astonishingly under $100.

It is much-admired by pet owners as it can clean bare floors as well as carpets and upholstery with an amazing outcome. It might not be the most powerful of the vacs but its motorized brush rolls agitate the floors to remove even the most stubborn pet hair. The brushes can be removed and cleaned easily.

It is also equipped with a foot switch that you can tap with your foot to switch from carpet to hard floor mode. The battery will run for approximately 17 minutes when cleaning a bare floor.

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  • It’s ultra-light
  • Has a state-of-the-art swivel steering
  • It is self-standing
  • An opening at the center of the base allows it to pick up larger debris
  • Rubberized wheels keep surface scratching at minimum
  • Competitively priced
  • It’s noisy
  • Has a relatively short battery life
  • Not appropriate for deep cleaning
  • Only one year warranty
Our verdict:
Great for cleaning small homes. Save only for the noise and the relatively small battery lifetime, this is a great vacuum for quick and spot cleaning.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Robotic vacuums

Robotic vacuums help you to completely remove the pet hair without having to lift a finger. They are autonomous and even intelligent. They are equipped with sensors, lasers, and Wi-Fi to ease navigation as these vacuums do the cleaning. The amazing thing about best vacuum for animals is that they do the cleaning without much of your interference or interaction. Besides, they run on battery, charge themselves, and do the cleaning even when you aren’t in the house. However, they are not ideal for large space.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum CleanerRobotic vacuums are here with us, and they are here to stay. If you think otherwise then ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 definitely proves you wrong.

To begin with, robots are smart and this robot vac is no exceptional. It is fitted with smartphone app controls and is Wi-Fi compatible. As a result, you can be able to schedule and track cleaning, assess battery life, monitor the robot accessory status via a single screen swipe.

The smart motion navigation alongside 3-Tier Cleaning system guides the robot vac to excel in cleaning hard floors and low pile carpets. The accessories such as helix brush-roll, direct suction vacuum, auto-clean smart motion, and 3 specialized cleanup modes set apart this robot vacuum as a strong contender in weeding out pet hair.

And if you are wondering how safe robot vacuum is, then rest assured of complete safety because it is one step ahead in anticipating hazards. This is because it is fitted with anti-collision as well as highly effective drop sensor protection.

Besides, the soft and really durable protective bumpers enhance the benefit of intelligent sensors in upping the safety of this vac robot.

This vac robot will automatically go back to charging pot and based on your schedule it will go out to 100 minutes of non-stop cleaning.

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  • Remote control features
  • One of the robot vac that is cheap and has Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Has an impressive long-run time of up to 100 minutes thanks to lithium-ion battery
  • Excellent on especially on bare floors
  • Can clean on scheduled time without necessarily having to be at home
  • Has a double V-brush for good agitation
  • Equipped with twin effective side brush
  • Come short when it comes to high pile rugs or carpet
  • Use random navigation that is not very efficient
Our verdict:
Robot vacs are the future and this vacuum provides remarkable cleaning on bare floor at a fair price. Although it comes short in high pile carpets it is still an excellent vac to remove pet hair.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

eufy RoboVac 11+ Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

eufy RoboVac 11+ Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum CleanerThe ingenious powerful and short burst suction that renders even the most stubborn stain defenseless makes this robot appealing to many people. This is one of the pretty good reasons why this robot vac entices many pet owners. The all-new power boost RoboVac 11+ also come with improved battery life and shorter charging time as compared to its predecessors.

It’s also agile and comparatively shorter than other robots, and as such, can slip under low-slung fittings and furniture, coffee tables and shelves without much hustle. And you will be surprised that once bought, your robot will maintain the shiny new look thanks to scratch resistance cover. A remote control will allow you to control robot rather easily.

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  • A budget robot vac that works
  • Has a long runtime
  • A large dust bin to collect more dust
  • Highly efficient HEPA filter with three filtration layers
  • Power boost technology to provide higher suction power when needed
  • Optimized 2 brush cleaning system
  • Can easily fit into narrow places with its low profile design
  • Weigh more than other robot vacs
  • Not effective on carpets
  • Lack Wi-Fi connectivity
Our verdict:
Effective for cleaning small hard floors rooms or areas. However, it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity but a remote control makes up for this but still a great pet hair cleaner.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Review

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot VacuumThe iRobot is smart in every sense as it is Wi-Fi, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexia compatible. Right from your smartphone you can schedule as well as customize all your cleaning preference using iRobot HOME app.

Best Roomba for pet hair and hardwood floor is equipped with an effective iAdapt 2.0 navigation accessory that has visual localization. It also comes with cliff detect sensors that inform the robot of possible hazards such as falling down stairs or falling off edges of a roof or balcony.

Has a run time of 75 minutes and would recharge automatically and proceed to complete the unfinished work. This is made possible by smart scheduling technology as well as a powerful lithium-ion battery.

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  • More suction power with an AeroForce cleaning system that helps to agitate, lift as well as suction dirt
  • Equipped with patented tangle free silicon brushes for improved pet hair removal
  • Equipped with smart features and is compatible with Wi-Fi, Alexia, and Google Alexia
  • Reasonable run time and capable of self-charging
  • Fitted with sensors that prevent it from falling
  • Excel in cleaning bare hard floors
  • Relatively cheap
  • It’s a bit loud
  • Is not suitable for cleaning high pile carpet
  • The pin fills pretty fast
Our verdict
It is ideal for cleaning flat areas as it cannot clean stairs. That said, with the great price as well as well as amazing cleaning ability we think it is time to let a robot pick up pet hair with amazing accuracy.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Handheld vacuums

Handheld vacuums excel where small spaces are needed to be cleaned. You can conveniently use handheld vacuums to remove dirt including pet hair from your floor, curtains, furniture, or your car. However, they are not suitable for cleaning large surfaces.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Hand and Car Vacuum Review

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Hand and Car VacuumCars, constricted spaces, and narrow alleys with high pile carpet can be a nightmare when it comes to removing lodged pet hair, pongs, and dirt. But with BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser, the seemingly tough places will look spick and span in the shortest time possible.

This powerful handheld is cordless and will satisfactorily clean every spot where your pet goes. It has a great motorized foot that provides powerful suction only envied across the industry for deep cleaning.

This vac from BISSELL, a highly reputable brand when it comes to pet hair vac, also has a telescoping extension wand and crevice tool that combines to clean the hard-to-reach corners. Besides, it is equipped with upholstery tool designed for cleaning furniture, soft surfaces, and high pile carpets that attract and hide more pet hair.

The dual HEPA filtration system allows traps in all the allergens making your car or your room with exceptionally clean air free of allergens. This best small vacuum for pet hair is suitable for individuals who may be suffering from allergy-related conditions such as asthma.

Read the reviews on Amazon


  • Powerful suction
  • Has 2 interchangeable nozzles for hard floors and upholstery
  • Excellent HEPA filtration system
  • Ultra-light and is easy to use
  • It is competitively priced
  • Side venting that can lead to displacement of particles
Our verdict
The great price and amazing cleaning abilities make this vac a true pet hair vacuum worth investing in. Despite the side venting, it is still it is a recommended vac for cleaning small areas.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum CleanerIt’s hard to find a vacuum that does exceptionally well in cleaning your stairs, upholstery, and hard floor. But surprisingly Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is an all rounded vacuum that excels in cleaning these areas.

In order to effectively do this, this vac has a unique inlet at the bottom as well as brush roll with enhanced efficiency in removing pet hair on crevices and in constricted areas such as stairs. This corded vacuum is portable and is ultra-light thus suitable for cleaning interiors of cars, garage, and rooms within your home.

It also comes with a 20-foot cord that allows you to reach difficult to clean areas such as the stairs or your car parked in the driveway. This vacuum features two effective motors, one designed to provide the much-needed suction power, and the other for the brush.

Read the reviews on Amazon


  • Specifically designed to difficult to access areas such as upholstery, stairs, and interiors of your car
  • Powerful suction
  • Considerably quiet
  • Really lightweight
  • Has highly effective flexible hose as well as crevice tool
  • Has a washable filter and thus lessen operational costs
  • Quickly fills up
  • Short Hose
Our verdict:
Exceptionally good for cleaning stairs and upholstery as it has great suction power. However, the short hose may pose challenges while cleaning.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner BH52160PC Review

Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner BH52160PCUnlike other handheld vacuums that are hit by the loss of suction power with time, this Hoover Air Cordless vacuum comes with a battery technology that is fade-free. Even when the battery level drops, this vacuum still produces consistent suction power. Being cordless comes with the advantage of enhanced convenience as you do your daily cleanings.

The outstandingly designed powered turbo tool is capable of picking up pet hair both on stairs and furniture without much hustle. Whether you dealing with long hair from heavy shedders such as Labrador or Retrievers, the turbo technology won’t allow long hair to get tangled in the brushes.

Lastly, Hoover Air is really portable and lightweight as it is slim and weighs 2.1 lbs. it means that you can carry this vac around the house without a struggle.

Read the reviews on Amazon


  • Uses fade free technology
  • Has a LED display battery fuel gauge
  • Comes with removable battery thus can be replaced when need arises
  • Motorised powered turbo tool technology
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Reusable wash and rinse filter
  • It quickly fills up
Our verdict:
The consistent suction power enabled by fade free technology makes this best affordable vacuum for pet hair a really effective vacuum. Although it quickly fills up, it picks up pet hair with great precision.

Click here to check the Price on Amazon.

Pet hair vacuums come in handy when you desire a truly pet hair free room or space. Depending on your needs, you can choose a pet hair vacuum based on the suction power, ease of use, weight, nifty technology, the surface you want to clean, and mode of power. Besides, you can choose the robot vacuums that are smart and do the work for you. There is one thing that we can guarantee, you will always find a vacuum that will meet your needs. And the best place to start is right here from our reviews.

Vacuums for pets hair buying guide

Pets are adorable companions, right?

They love to curdle, they are sweet, and above all adorable.

However, pets come with one baggage; the pet hair.

If you keep a dog or a cat, pet hairs are somewhat a nuisance that seems to linger everywhere in your home including your carpet, floor, walls, or even furniture.

Worse still, pet hairs are stubborn as they seem to cling to surfaces or furniture even after cleaning.

This can be unbearable if you are allergic to pet hair.

Does it mean you have to put up with pet hair for as long as you keep your pets?

Well, there is a way out that can help you bond with your pets without having to worry about pet hair.

What the secret?

Best pet hair vacuums have been used by many dog owners to maintain an exclusively clean home environment free of pet hair.

And if you are in the UK, check this site for the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

Different Types of Pet Hair Vacuums

best vacuum dog hair reviewsGetting the best pet hair vacuum that can get rid of all your pet hairs can be a daunting process. The ordinary vacuums have no chance of getting rid of pet hair from your surfaces. This is because they are not designed to suction pet hair irrespective of the design.

What’s the catch when choosing a highly effective pet hair vacuum?

The trick lies in choosing a vacuum that is fitted with filters, suction, and tools and attachments that can effectively handle a higher volume of pet hair.

Here is an exclusive buying guide that can help you nail the best pet hair vacuum.

Upright Vacuums are most common

Upright vacuums are the most popular among the homeowners who keep pets. Why are upright pet vacuum popular? Well, this model comes with unique advantages that other models may not envisage. To begin with, upright vacuums cover more space as compared to either handheld or stick vacuums. As a result, upright are ideal for larger spaces and can conveniently clean your interior surfaces faster and more effectively.

Secondly, upright vacuums live up to their name as they allow you to do the cleaning while you maintain an upright position. This is ideal for people who may be having back problems. With an upright vacuum, you won’t hunch your back or shoulders. This is because you get to push it in front of you rather than pulling it from behind like a canister pet hair vacuum. They are simply ideal for cleaning larger spaces, however, they come with a little bit of a weight.

The bottom line is that Uprights, canister, stick, robotic, and handheld vacuums are the most common and most effective types of pet vacuums you can get on the market today. Most of these vacuums are great, and settling on one brand will depend on your specific cleaning needs.

Some other specifications that you should put into consideration before buying a vacuum are the attachment that comes with these vacuums. Always inquire of the crevice, upholstery, extension, dusting, hardwood floor brush, mattress, and blind tools when selecting a given vacuum. These tools will assist you to effectively clean different surfaces. However, these attachments will vary from one vacuum brand to another.

Brands of Pet Hair Vacuums

In order to have an exclusive clean and pet hair free surfaces, different brands have committed themselves to manufacture high-quality pet hair vacuums. Here is a list of top brands that manufacture reliable pet hair vacuums.


You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting vacuum for pet hair from this brand. This may be an advantage as you will get to choose from so many pet hair models. On the other hand, it can be a disadvantage as settling on a particular model can be daunting.

BISSELL comes with a specific feature called Pet Turbo Eraser that makes this brand popular and really effective. In addition, they have effective filters thus making them effective for removing pet hairs.

2. Miele

This is yet another brand that producers highly effective pet hair vacuums. This brand is popular because it vacuum produces great suction power as well as a really effective filtration system.

Besides, they are ultra-quiet making them suitable for home cleaning. In most cases, homeowners who keep cats are the greatest beneficiaries of such a quiet vacuum as cats do not like noisy appliances.

3. Hoover

Hoover produces exemplary pet hair vacuum. They are effective for cleaning different surfaces.

The biggest advantage of hoover pet hair vacuum is that they come with cleaning solutions that are effective in fighting stains as well as bad odor.

4. Shark

Shark is a brand with high reputations. Its reputation is built on excellent cleaning ability of its vacuum cleaners that are fitted with a highly efficient power brush, powerful suction system, as well as versatility.

Besides, they are the best hardwood pet hair vacuum cleaner available in the market. This is because shark vacuum comes with hardwood floor attachments.

The Difference between a Vacuum for Pet Hair and a Standard One

You might be wondering why you shouldn’t use your standard vacuum cleaner but the specifically designed vacuum cleaner for pet hair to remove allergens from your home. A standard vacuum is simply no match for digging out the pet hair interwoven into your upholstery and carpet fibers. How does vacuum for pet hair removers manage to effectively eliminate even the most stubborn pet hair from your surfaces? Well, these vacuums come with an effective two-part brush and hose capabilities. Such a combination is effective as the brush stirs and agitates the dust and dirt before sucking it up by the hose.

Secondly, if you have tried to clean pet hair, especially the hair from your dog using a standard vacuum, you will discover that the hair tends to tangle around the brushes. The amazing thing about pet hair vacuum is that they have brushes made of silicon thus being able to suck in hair without getting them tangling around the brushes. Finally, these vacuums are specifically designed with more suction power as well as a highly effective filtration system.

Vacuum cleaner features

Pet hair vacuum cleaners come with different features. The more features a vacuum cleaner has, the higher the cleaning power it is likely to have. Here are some key features to look out for when buying a pet hair cleaning power.

  • Type of vacuum cleaner: There are so many types of vacuum cleaners. Settling on given vacuum cleaner will depend on your taste and preference as well as your cleaning needs.
  • Power: A vacuum cleaner with higher wattage has more suction power. It is recommended to choose a vacuum that has greater power so as to effectively remove all the pet hair.
  • Capacity: check at the amount of dirt the vacuum can hold. If you have many pets or a large area to clean it would be preferable to settle for a vacuum with larger capacity.
  • Filters: A vacuum that has good filters are guaranteed to remove all the allergens from the air. Choose a vacuum that is compliant with HEPA standards. Such a filter can capture up to 99.97% of dirt and allergens in the air.
  • Attachments: if you have a house with different floorings then it would be appropriate to get a vacuum that has as many attachments as possible.
  • Bag or no bag: Most of the pet hair vacuums are bag-less. Whether to have a bag or no bag boils down to personal preferences.
  • HEPA filters: Getting a vacuum that has HEPA filters that can trap up to 9.97% of allergens of 0.3 microns is highly recommended.
  • Brush agitator: A vacuum that has brush agitators are significantly important as they excel in totally removing all the pet hair.

Pet hair vacuums are exceptionally designed to get rid of pet hairs from your surfaces such as your carpets, your floor, or even your walls. These specifically designed pet hair cleaners are highly effective as compared to a standard vacuum. This is because they are equipped with the ability to stir up dust and subsequently suck up the dust. Besides, the pet hair vacuum comes with brushes that are made of silicon. This is particularly important as the pet hair do not get tangled in the brushes as in the case of standard vacuum. Before, buying a given pet hair vacuum it is important to go for the one that will suit your needs.

How does a wireless dog fence work

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work

If you want your dog to enjoy all the freedom and at the same time keep your dog within certain boundaries, a wireless dog fence is the best option. The dog will not need any leash and is not going to be restricted by any physical boundary. The dog can also be managed using the wireless fence even when the owner is not at home. If you decide to carry your pet on holiday but do not want the dog to disappear from view, a wireless dog fence will be of great help.

A wireless dog fence consists essentially of two parts – a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is usually installed in the dog’s collar. Once the base station is powered by an 110 Volt system, and the collar receiver is activated with batteries, it is easy to set up the boundary within which you would like your pet to roam. By switching on the ‘program’ button on the base station, walking the collar up to the desired boundary, and then saving the program in the base station sets the boundary. The wireless dog fence is a great training aid and can be set up in just a few minutes. However, many attempts may be required to set up a proper boundary for your pet. Some wireless dog fence systems allow two dogs to be contained within the boundary. Under best conditions, the boundary set up can be as much as 200 feet in radius. It is a good idea to place the base station on non-metal surfaces and away from large appliances.

The base station continuously communicates with the pet’s collar and tracks their distance from the established boundary in the yard. The owner has access to critical information about the safety of the dog and is instantly alerted if the dog attempts to break out of the boundary. Any attempt by the dog to get out of line elicits a high- pitched tone that is continual till the dog is back into the boundary. Any loss of signal from the pet is also alerted through visible feedback signals at the base station.

It is a good idea to ensure that large metal objects such as cars, metal sheds, etc., do not pose obstructions. The radio signals may not pass through these objects or may get completely reflected. Also check the collar regularly to ensure that it is not damaged.

Though two base stations can be theoretically used to increase the size of the roaming boundary, sometimes there are signal interference issues that may not allow the fence to operate as required.


The wireless fence works without the aid of computers or any other device. The dog fence system comes with an instruction manual and sometimes an accompanying DVD. The fence can be set up very quickly unlike wired systems or physical fences that take much longer to install. The collar receiver uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged by plugging onto the base station. The time took to charge the battery fully is about four to six hours. The battery can be recharged many times (a 3.6 Volt battery is capable of taking about 350 recharge cycles!) and lasts many years. The battery should be charged only when there is an alert from the base station. The rechargeable battery is inexpensive.The dog fence is completely portable. The dog feels more comfortable than when constantly tethered to a leash.


The fence’s effective range may sometimes be reduced if the base station loses sight of the dog’s collar when over a hilly terrain. The base station may be placed on a higher location in the house to overcome this problem. Based on the power requirements and the circuitry, the size of the collar receiver may be large. Some collar receivers are fit only for pets that are 25 pounds or larger.
Summarizing, the benefits of using a wireless dog fence far outweigh the disadvantages.

installing a wireless dog fence

Installing a wireless dog fence

A wireless dog fence is ideal for a lot of dog owners and is relatively easy to install. You will most likely need a couple of hours or so to finish it. With the wireless fence system, your dogs can easily wander in your yard, but within the borderline that you have set.


Deciding where to place your transmitter is the first thing you need to decide. Consider the location on your yard where you want your dog to roam around freely. It is also usually placed at a central area where a power source is near. Your transmitter should be in a ventilated space and is about two to four ft off the ground. It should also be placed at about three feet away from any objects that are made of metal to get the maximum coverage space for your pet and also to enable the transmitter to have a power source.


The transmitter comes with a rechargeable collar which can be fully charged in 2 hours and will last around two or three weeks depending on how frequently your dog challenges the boundary. You should ensure that the unit is fully charged before you start testing the system.

The receiver collar has two contact points, long and short. If your pet has long fur the long contact points are used, on the other hand, shorter contact points are ideal for pets that have short fur. The units come with a wrench which you can use to install the contact points.

Just hold the mode button for about 5 seconds to turn the receiver collar on. There is a light that will turn on to indicate that it’s powered on. Just press the mode button again to turn it off.

Some collars don’t need to be synced or paired up with a particular fence. Everything you should know about how to sync your collar and fence and other important things you need to learn is included in the documentation that comes with the unit.


The majority of wireless systems comes with a radius and diameter settings or a high and low setting and most systems either have a 90 ft. or a 120 ft. radius. Leave the system on its highest setting if you require the maximum full range. Modify accordingly to the provided documentation that comes with the fence system if you want a smaller range.


It is vital that the receiver collar fits perfectly on your dog to ensure its safety. Check that the collar is snug and its contact points are touching your pet’s skin. Do not tug the receiver collar and never put pressure on the probes alongside your dog’s neck.


Receiver collars come with all fences and often is the easiest and in a few cases the way to locate where the fence boundary is. As you stroll around your compound or yard, hold the collar that is activated until you hear a beeping sound. It is a good idea to put a flag in this area. Do this and place flags at every five to ten feet to give your pet and yourself a visual edge to learn from.

common mistakes you make when training your dog

Common mistakes you can make when training your dog

When a dog joins a new home, it becomes a family member, and therefore should be trained to attain some emotional and behavioral balance. Unfortunately, some of us have unintentionally adopted some bad dog-training habits, and the worst of it is that we don’t even know that such habits are bad for pet training.
However, as a pet trainer, I usually see many dog lovers struggle to inculcate emotional and behavioral balance on their dogs while still making these same common errors, which usually leads to frustrating results and pitfalls. Hence, if you would like to train the best behaved, friendly and happy dog on the block, then you have to avoid these six most common mistakes when training your dogs on new behaviors and tricks.

Long Training Sessions

Dog training sessions should have some time modulation, which should, in turn, reflect some positive behavior or result in the dog, and once you have attained this result, you may need to reward the pet and quit the training. Puppies, adolescents and some breed of dogs have short attention span, and training them on and on for long sessions would make the training session uninteresting to the pet.
Therefore, a long training session is a common mistake you can make when training your dog, and it can also get to you by making you tired in the process, and thereby reducing your level of attention to how your dog is responding to the training.

Confusing commands

Dogs are better at reading body languages rather than interpreting words, so if you are giving your dog a long cue of commands while making the wrong body language like gesture, facial expression or hand signal, it may take too long for your dog to process the command. It is also important that all your family members use the same set of commands in communicating with the dog, and should avoid repeating cues of command over and over again because this could depict a lack of confidence or authority.

Transferring aggression

Transferring aggression on your pet usually result from engaging in dog training when you are in a bad mood, and this can lead to serious disaster. If your dog makes a little mistake, and suddenly you are taking out your frustrations out on the poor pet, then you are making this mistake. It has also been noted by modern dog trainers that punishing a dog in training sessions is not very effective. So, if you want to see better behavioral and emotional result from your dog, then cool off your temper before engaging in a dog training session.

Using corrections rather than positive reinforcement method

Using Correction based method (i.e. focusing on the negative) is not the ideal way of training a dog because using punishment (negative reinforcement) or correction based training usually materialize to problematic behaviors in the future. Hence, scientists believe that positive reinforcement is the most effective training method for dogs and other pets. The worst scenario comes to play when you mix these two correction methods together in your training sessions; it becomes disastrous because it confuses your dog on whether he is going to be rewarded or punished when he carries out a command, and would never agree to do anything.

Abusing the clicker

Clicker has become a popular and effective training tool for quite some time now, but some of us have come to abuse it because they never learned how to use it well in the first place. You should make your dog associate the click with a reward, and you should click once for every good behavior then reward the pet. However, if you click for many times, your dog would not know for what reason you are rewarding and would not take note of such behavior. Also, avoid clicking and not rewarding your pet, because the clicker would lose its value.

Not practicing enough

Training is a regular thing; it shouldn’t be done once and be done with because if you are not practicing regularly or you occasionally take few months off training sessions, your dog may become rusty, and it may affect it behaviorally and emotionally. Therefore, you should schedule to train your dog for 10 – 15 minutes for three days in a week. You can always bring up new things to teach you dog but make sure to occasionally visit those old commands that your dog have already mastered.
In all, it is pertinent to mention that consistent and error free dog training session is the key to getting good and positive results. It is also important to mention that there are other common mistakes you can make when training your dog other than the ones we have discussed, and some of them include excessive repetition of command, training in the same location, Using treats, inconsistent training sessions, etc.

Fun ways to exercise with your dog

Fun games are great ways to exercise with your dogs. One thing each dog owner should enjoy is the fun derived when having a fun time with your pet. Irrespective of whether it is cold or sometimes miserable, exercising with your dog at all times will help to maintain his health both mentally and physically. There are so many ways you can exercise with your dog both indoor and outdoor, and this article will give you ten solid ideas on how to go about them. Just make sure you create a “dog-play time” and exercise as well. You may end up enjoying it if you prepare fully for it. Let us consider ten fun ways to exercise with your dogs:


Frisbee is a physical exercise/game which is perfect for an active dog. You may call it an advance fetch game where you toss a flying disk known as a “Frisbee.” It is left for your dog to catch the Frisbee in midair and bring it back to you. With constant practice, you and your dog will get really good at this, and you may decide to join competitors (other dogs). Doing this will increase both the confidence of you and your dog.

Biking, Jogging or Rollerblading

This should be practiced with a well-trained dog. A well-trained dog will stay by your side without pulling or yanking, and you will have no choice but to enjoy biking, jogging or rollerblading with your pet close by. You might need to come along with additional water and a protective doggie shoe for their sensitive pads.

A Pet Stroller

This is a good alternative for dogs that can’t walk for a long time for older and less mobile dogs or for an injured dog. Your dog can spend half of the dog-play time walking and then take a ride for the rest of the trip. As a matter of fact, most dogs enjoy riding in a pet stroller.

Challenge Your Dog’s Nose

Another creative way to make your dog work or think for her food. Create an obstruction that she has to get the past for her favorite treat or meal. This kind of game is also mentally invigorating and will keep her involved.

Hula Hoop

This game can be played indoors or outdoors, but it requires you to start with a hoop that best fit your dog size. Lay the loop on the ground to start the game; if your dog realizes that he has to be in the circle, reward and praise him. When he gets used to this game, you can advance further by teaching him how to jump through the hoop standing above the ground.

Wrap Up and Go Outside!

During the winter months, the best way to overcome your fear is to go out and face it. Plowing and running through the snow is a great exercise for your dog during this season. He will enjoy the fun until he gets tired. Go for a walk, play around in the snow with your dog and enjoy some winter fun together.


Tracking is a great way to test and develop your dog’s abilities. A small piece of cloth or your dog’s ball can be used for this exercise. Start by walking down a path, and then drop the cloth or ball while your dog is not looking at you. Take a few steps, stop, and turn around, now give your dog the “find” command and start walking toward the cloth or ball. Encourage your dog by showering plenty of praise on him and play the game again.


Swimming is another fun exercise to enjoy with your dog. Though not all dogs are natural swimmers, yet most will surely learn to enjoy it. Swimming, especially during the summer months will relax your pet while they are inundated in the physical activity of this sport. While swimming, take a few fetch toys along, so your pet will retrieve and return to you.

Try a Dog Treadmill

There are treadmills specifically designed for dogs. However, they can be quite expensive. Using human treadmill as an alternative isn’t bad, but you have to play it safe. Acquaint your dog with its functions. Start at a moderate speed, increase it slowly, and keep working on the amount of time you usually spend on walks.

Find The Treat

This is very fun game to play with your dog. It encourages the dog to utilize his sense of smell. Start by hiding a food treat for your dog to find. Start by leading your dog to the treat, while using the command “find.” Very soon, your dog will get used to this game and will quickly find any hidden treat. These ten dog activities are fun ways to exercise with your dog. They are beneficial for your health and that of your dogs’. Remember not to get things done in excess, especially in hot weather. Always take breaks between your play sessions and, bear in mind to take a lot of water for your dog.

And be sure to check this great infographic from if you want safe night time dog walking.

11 Tips for Safe Night Time Dog Walking

11 Tips for Safe Night Time Dog Walking

how to care for a pregnant dog

How to care for a pregnant dog

The pregnancy period of a dog is usually 63 days in total so this isn’t a long term project. It is just a time you have to set out for yourself to properly feed and care for your bitch. This is when you need to keep watch over any pregnancy symptoms and make sure you are aware when they became pregnant.

Before you even think about the number of puppies you’ll have after two months, ensure you take proper care of your dog first right from day one. If you fail to fulfill the nutritional needs of your pregnant dog, you may have to get ready for labor complications and miscarriage.

During The First Week of Pregnancy

In the earlier stages of pregnancy, you don’t really need to get her fed frequently. During this period, you have to stay alerted and watch out for any symptoms that’ll hinder them from taking in sufficient nutrition that is needed for the day. Also, if you realize your dog hasn’t been reaching her daily nutritional requirements, make sure you have a veterinarian check her ASAP.

The First Thirty Days

The first thirty days marks the half way mark of her pregnancy. She will naturally have some symptoms of morning sickness that will make her turn down food for a few days, usually towards the end of the second week into the third week (gestation week). This is temporary; it will take a period of two to three days but if symptoms continue after that period, make sure she is checked out by the veterinarian.

After Six Weeks of Pregnancy

After around a month and a half (six weeks), it is expected that you start noticing your bitch gain weight. This is the perfect time to increase her food. So adjust feeding speeds on your automatic dog feeder if you’re not at home. Keep in mind that it’s bad for a dog to be stout when she goes into labor. Try feeding her with smaller meals as opposed to larger meals. This is because as the puppies increase in size they will press on her organs and hence, will prevent her from eating much at once.

During The Last Three Weeks of Pregnancy

During this period, it is recommended that the pregnant dog is isolated from other dogs for the last three weeks of pregnancy. Also, make sure to switch her feed over to a high-quality puppy kibble during this period. This puppy nibble has enough protein content to help the mother stay fit as a fiddle for nursing the puppies. This is needed because at this time, the puppies are growing at an incredible rate which will eventually drain her metabolic system. So make sure you provide quality protein foods to keep her in a healthy weight range.


It is very important to feed your dog a high-quality food. A pregnant dog should eat foods that contain high protein and essential fats. Don’t risk your dogs’ life with cheap dog foods; buy quality dog food from big brands that manufacture dogs’ food.

In addition to that, make sure there are enough provisions for fresh water during the pregnancy period. Like we stated earlier, it is only natural for the morning sickness to occur yet, she should be hydrating efficiently during this period. If there are any signs that she appears in discomfort, or that she is not drinking enough water, make sure she gets checked by a veterinarian doctor.
Vitamins and mineral supplements are quite essential for pregnant dogs. This is particularly when they approach their fourth week of pregnancy as they would require more mineral and vitamins supplements. Most vitamins and minerals are sold in tablet and powder forms, regardless of which form you decide for your dog, ensure they are from trustworthy brands.
Lastly, always avoid feeding them with foods or supplements that contain high calcium. It’s best for dogs to have several small meals all through her pregnancy period. Her stomach limits the amount of food she can consume due to the development of puppies. Smaller foods will prevent her from vomiting and indigestion risks.


Expect your dog to exercise normally during the first half of the pregnancy. Take her out on daily walks as frequent as possible but don’t practice any form of strenuous exercise with her. She can play with other dogs and jog with you as she always has. When the pregnancy approaches 32 days, you may discover she has lesser energy than normal yet she should not be lazy or sluggish.
The last three weeks of pregnancy would require less strenuous exercise. Taking her for longer walks in your area would be cool provided you don’t take other dogs along with you. You two can play less strenuous games in the back yard. At this time, she is likely not to be over vivacious and she will naturally perform at a lower pace.

In conclusion, if you have other dogs in the same house as your pregnant dog, ensure they are quiet and not prone to rowdy behavior with her.

best diet dog food for older dogs

Best diet dog food for older dogs

Like humans, a dog’s need changes as he advances in age. If you are over 50 or more, then you will understand that your dietary prerequisites are different to when you were a youth. This is the same for dogs. As dogs advance in age, their metabolism slows down and they become less active. This is why their dietary needs change.

As a general guideline, a 7 years old dog is likened to a 50 years old man in age. Older dogs require fewer calories from their diet to prevent them from becoming overweight as they are more prone to weight issues. Protein is still essential to maintain muscle mass and a good body posture.

Nowadays, pets are living longer (which is great news) with the higher quality of nutrition and veterinary care available. But the side effect is that they are at risk of developing age-related conditions such as kidney disease, canine Alzheimer’s, and arthritis.

Some symptoms of these problems can include changes in behavior and weight, sleeping more, bad breath, uncontrolled drinking and urination. It is your responsibility to look for these signs as your dog advances in age.

Prevention, they say is better than cure. The best way to avoid these diseases is by switching dog food or use automatic dog feeder. This switch ought to specially formulated foods for older dogs. These foods will help prevent the age-related diseases and also slow down aging.

Older dog diets should contain:

Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 And Omega-6)

Both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help promote a strong immune system, enhance cell growth, and maintain healthy skin. If your old dog is not getting enough fatty acids, you will start to observe these signs of deficiency: hair loss, dermatitis, dry and flaky skin, and dull coat. The proper, appropriate amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may benefit dogs with a coat, and skin problems. This can be achieved by feeding your dog with fatty acids or fatty acid supplements, or them both. Essential fatty acids are the most economical and convenient solution to feed older dogs.

Optimum Levels Of Fiber

Fiber should be added to your dog’s diet in the form of steamed fresh green, wheat bran, plain canned pumpkin, or canned green beans.

High Quality Protein

Feeding older dogs with lower quality foods over time could cause serious health issue associated with the kidney and liver. Therefore, a sufficient amount of high-quality proteins is exactly what older dogs need.


Older dogs require more minerals than younger ones, which is why dosing is so vital when it comes to supplementation and food. However, it is important to understand the various functions of minerals. Minerals are multi-functional in nature and do a lot more than just support and maintain healthy bones and joints in dogs.

For instance,

Zinc is very important in promoting healthy immune responses and stimulating bone formation activity.

Potassium supports heart health. Experts say carbohydrates are good sources of potassium.

Boron assumes a major role in calcium integration and metabolism, and also has vital ramifications for joint health.

Iron plays an important role for healthy blood formation and transporting oxygen throughout your dog’s body. High quality meat is a source of iron for older dogs.

Calcium is essential in bone density, but supports proper muscle contraction and healthy heart function.

Vitamins A, B-12, C, E

Vitamin A plays an essential role in weight loss and also helps older dog burn more fat. Liver is a good source of this vitamin.

Vitamins A and E contributes to your dog’s skin and eye health. They fight disease and stave off the aging process. These vitamins help your dog but more fat and loss weight as a result. Eggs are great source of both vitamins A and E.

Vitamin B-12 helps in cell growth and development.

Vitamin C is vital to both human and dogs. It promotes healing, boost the immune system, and fight disease.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine is naturally found in your dog’s body which is mostly found in healthy cartilage. Give your older dogs with foods rich in glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to help support healthy cartilage and joint.

Age 7 is the standard age at which you need to change your dogs’ diet. However, this age varies according to breed. For example, a smaller dog will start slowing down when it attains 7 years of age, while this same process will happen to larger dogs at around 5 years old.

Side effects of age-related diseases are usually detected when there has been critical damage, so be vigilant and don’t wait until you notice strange behaviors from your dog. For instance, kidney disease is one common disease among older dogs, yet the symptoms will only appear once 75% of kidney function has been lost.

advanced dog training commands

Advanced Dog Training Commands

The advanced dog training commands you give to your dog must be clear, short, and well defined. It should be well articulated and vulnerable words that would end up confusing the dog should be avoided.

It is not a training command if your dog doesn’t understand what you want him to learn. Now, before hopping into this, there is one thing to take note of. Be attentive to your dog’s needs and situation. Sometimes, the set time for your dog to deal with the advance command may not be now.

However, there are misconceptions on certain dog breeds, such as Rottweiler’s and Pitbull. Most people believe these dogs to be naturally aggressive and cannot be trained. Aggression is a learned behavior that often abused animals uses in self-defense.

If you and your dog have been through basic training sessions, an advanced session shouldn’t be a problem. At this stage, your dog is already accustomed to you training it, so teaching more commands will be fun and welcoming.

Start with the easiest dog training commands. You should teach these commands to your dogs during the early stages of their life (puppyhood) before moving on to these advanced commands. Advanced dog training is a controlled activity that can’t be done if your dogs haven’t accomplished basic dog training commands.

Advanced dog training commands to practice

1. Stand

The dog is commanded to “stand” still. This command will be effective for dogs that require constant grooming, however; they must stand while being groomed.

2. Get Back

This command can be handy when you want him to back away from something or when you want him to get out of the way.

3. With Me

This is almost similar to the “heel” command that keeps your dog strictly by your side. The “With Me” command will teach your dog to walk freely without any constraint during walks. This command allows your dog to sniff and observe the neighborhood. It will be allowed to follow your lead without getting out of your sight.

4. Drop It

Using the “Drop it” command is very useful when your dog grabs something unappealing or unhealthy to human. It will also prevent your dog from destroying household objects.

5. Release

The “Release,” “free,” “okay,” or “break“ command informs your dog that he’s successfully obeyed one of your commands and is now free to “release” or “break” from that position. This command should be applied after you have praised and shown affect to your dog as a reward for his obedient behavior.

6. Leave It

This command instructs your dog not to sniff or touch a particular item. It is used to prevent your dog from picking up dangerous items or things he is not supposed to pick. The “leave it” command will also protect your dog from chewing anything that can be harmful to him.

7. Hold It

This command trains your dog to hold or sniff a particular object. It is a handy command that instructs your dog to carry some of your belongings whenever you need a quick short assistance. These belongings should be portable enough for them to carry. It shouldn’t be weighty at all.

8. Give

The “give” command is used when your dog has one of your belongings in his mouth. The command trains your dog to release the object and to drop it into your hand.

9. Stop

This will train your dog to immediately “stop” whatever he’s doing and relax.

10. Turn Left

This is another advanced dog training command that is effective whenever you and your dog are taking a walk. It trains your dog to “turn left” when it needs to go the opposite way.

11. Turn Right

This command is a direct opposite of the “turn left” command.

12. Find It

This command can be helpful when you have missing object to search for. You can use it to instruct your dog into a search mission. Always make sure you encourage your dog with a treat if he successfully finds the missing object.

13. Quiet

You can relate this command with the “shut the hell up” used by humans. When your dog starts grumbling when he is supposed not to, a “quiet” command will teach him how to stay silent.

14. Walk Faster

This is another useful command your dog should get familiar with especially when you are taking a walk. If he lags behind, this command will instruct him to hasten up.

Dog training command is very important if you want to become the leader or take charge of your dog. Training your dog at home or enrolling him in a training class is an integral part of your dog’s education. Home practice is very common, so you have to equip yourself and learn about several dog training techniques as well. I wish you and your dog a happy training. Enjoy every bit of time spent with your dog and you will have a lot of fun with him.