Smart Dog Doors: Features and Reasons Why You’ll Need One

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Smart dog doors, or electronic dog doors, open and close automatically. It allows you amazing convenience. After installing one, you won’t need to open your home’s door to let your pet in or out anymore.

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door MountToday’s best electronic dog doors incorporate features that will leave you stunned.

The technology they use allows you to even program them, as well as use phone apps to operate them remotely.

Here are reasons why you’ll want a smart/electronic dog door.


You are able to sleep all night long without worrying about having to wake up to open the door for your pet.

If it’s during the day, you can attend to your duties or even go out and leave  your home’s door closed.

Your main door remains safe

You will not have your dog scratch your home’s door wanting to be let in or out and ruining it.

Pet safety

Your pet won’t get out when you don’t want it to, especially if the smart dog door is the programmable type.

It reduces cases where young pups get outdoors without your knowledge and get injured.

Happier pet

You can program the smart dog door to let your dog in or out at any time, and he becomes a more comfortable pet.

Enough access

When your dog can get in and out at any time, there’s more exercise for him than when he stays confined in one place for hours.

Reduced boredom

Nothing bores your dog like to get detained for the better part of the day or night.

A smart door allows him to walk in and out of the house at will, eliminating boredom.

The technological features of smart dog doors allow them to be utterly convenient, freeing you of the task of playing door-person to your pet.

With the below 5 features, you will find smart dog doors irresistible.

Features of irresistible smart dog doors

1. Microchip Technology

This feature works if you have had your pet injected with a microchip.

You then program the pet door to be accessible by the pet’s microchip.

The chip in the pet’s body transmits signals which are picked by the door’s sensors, helping to identify the dog and et him in or out.

The microchip works a mechanism that allows your smart pet door to open at the approach of your dog.

It’s a secure and reliable technology because your dog cannot lose the microchip.

You’re always sure that the pet will find its way into the house when you’re not around.

If you have several pets, find a pet door that’s programmable to accept more than one chip and have each of the pets injected with a microchip.

2. Phone Apps

appSome smart doors for dogs can be operated from your smartphone.

It presents a novel and exciting way through which to monitor and control the movement of your dog in and out of the house.

To use this feature, you need to install a specific app on your phone.

Once installed, it communicates with the pet door’s system and keeps data of your pet’s behaviour, such as how many times the pet goes out, the specific time frames, and other information.

3. Insulated Flaps

Unlike normal pet doors, most electronic dog doors do not allow draught into your house.

They come with flaps that are insulated to keep out cold air from outside

With these smart doors that don’t allow in air or cold, your home’s heating system runs efficiently.

Not all electronic dog doors will incorporate a strong and effective insulating construction.

If you want better obstruction to cold draughts, choose smart doors that feature gasket seals; they offer better insulation.

4. Key Fobs

A normal pet door lets in any animal that can push it open.

Not so for electronic dog doors.

They have a feature that makes them allow no other pet except yours.

How do they achieve this?

You attach a key fob to your dog’s collar.

The key fob acts as an electronic key that causes the pet door to open when the dog comes to it.

Only ensure your dog doesn’t lose this fob because the door will not open and he risks staying out or in for the entire time you happen to be away.

If you have more than one pet, you will need to have separate key fobs for each.

5. Curfew and Lock Modes

These features allows you to customize your smart pet door to keep your dog out or in for defined periods of time.

You can also use the features to keep a pet indoors for specific parts of the day.

A typical electronic dog door with these features may indicate options to keep your dog out, in, with full access or completely locked out.

Curfew and lock modes are useful when you want to control your dog’s movement to suit your preferred times.

Should you decide to get for your home a smart pet door, there are several factors to consider.

You want the best smart/electronic dog door that will not disappoint you.

Ensure the door you buy is really smart, in addition to other features that improve its ease of operation and durability.

Choose a door that does not open your home to intruders.

Ensure it’s made from materials that are adequately strong and that its mechanism works right.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a smart pet door


Can your pet walk through it comfortably? If it’s a pup, buy a door large enough to allow space for when he grows up.


securityHow secure is the door? Will it allow in intruders, both humans and animals? Look for a door made out of sturdy materials and a mechanism and sensors that accurately distinguish your dog from other pets.


Is it easy to install, or will it need you to call a professional? Easy-to-install doors are better since they will not cost you more in installation fees.

Method of operation

Does it require your pet to push for it to open or is it fully automatic? Fully automatic doors offer more regarding convenience.


Some electronic dog doors allow you to customize them to work according to your preference.

Some do not.

You may want to have full control over how your smart door works, so it would be advisable that you choose the programmable type.

Smart dog doors cost more but offer more regarding control, convenience and safety.

Using them allows you and your pet unmatched freedom.

Your dog becomes happier and healthier as a result of unrestricted exercise.

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