Best Dog Treadmill for Sale in 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide and Comparison

All dogs need exercise to spend an excess amount of energy. They just love it, and there are so many ways to exercise your dog. However, there’s a tricky part to it. Let me elaborate a bit more. In today’s world, it seems that people have less and less time to dedicate to their pets, even children! Which is a scary thing, I know. A dog treadmill is a really great machine which will save you lot of time and at the same time make your dog fit and happy, especially for people that don’t have invisible pet fence outside so their dogs can’t be let alone to the yard. We all want them to be happy of course.

These neat little things are a growing trend, especially in 2017 and for sure a good investment for both you and your dog. Since you are reading this, you are probably looking for a nice dog treadmill for sale. I will give my best to compare some of the best treadmills for dogs so you can decide more easily which one to go for. Below you can find a comparison table and under that a more detailed dog treadmill reviews.

4 Best Treadmill for Dog Reviews in 2020

DogPacer Mini Pacer Treadmill

First impressions when looking at this dog treadmill is that it’s a beautifully designed and excellent for small spaces. Dogs are very cute when walking or running on these treadmills. It’s open on front and rear so dogs can get off it when they wish. It features a carbon steel frame which for manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. Treadmill is also silent so your dogs shouldn’t be afraid of it.


Portable and compact

In case you don’t have a place to put this treadmill on for a longer period, you will like the fact that it can be folded. Another thing that makes it very portable is that it’s very light, only 48.4 lb. Also, there are wheels so you can easily move it around when needed.

Suitable for smaller dogs

DogPacer Mini Pacer Treadmill is suitable for dogs up to 55 lbs. There are a lot of small dog breeds with high energy levels like poodles, terriers, and others. The treadmill is a perfect solution to lower their energy levels and potentially resolve many issues that lack of exercise may cause.

Simple Controls

This treadmill features a control panel which has a good design. It’s also very easy to use so you will be able to quickly adjust the parameters to match an exercise plan for your dog.


  • Height: 29 In
  • Pet Weight up to: 55 lbs
  • Speed : 0.5- 7.5 mph (0.1 increments)
  • Dimensions Open: 42″L x 21.5″H x 28.5″
  • Running Area: 16″ W x 38″ L
  • Weight : 48.4 lbs (21.6 kg)
  • Degree of angle:  4.5 degrees
  • Box Dimensions: 47″ L x 26″W x 11″H
  • Shipping box dimensions: 61 lbs (27.7 kg)

What others have said

If you look at customer reviews, you will discover that people are very happy with this product. Several people stated that purchasing this treadmill for a dog is one of the best investment they ever had and most importantly, everyone said that their dogs love it!


PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill

petzen_dogteadmillAnother exciting dog treadmill that you can easily find for sale. This one is also intended to be used by small dogs, so first make sure that you dog meets the weight requirement which is up to 30 lbs. It’s relatively simple designed and compact so you shouldn’t have problems even if you are struggling with lack of space in your house. Featuring programmable speed from 0 to 5 mph it will ensure to satisfy your dogs need either for walking or jogging. It’s electronically certified, listed on ETL.

Excellent for small breeds

As we already mentioned, this treadmill is designed for small dogs. They usually tend to have a lot of energy so it will save you plenty of time and possibly resolve several different issues that your dog might have, such as anxiety and similar.

Whisper quiet

A loud treadmill would certainly scare your dog which would mean that you wasted your money. It is not the case with DogTread treadmill. It is quiet enough that most dogs will not even be bothered.

Easy to use bone-shaped control panel


Controls on this dog treadmill are pretty much straightforward. There are six buttons with a small screen showing all the information about a workout that is in progress.

  • Dimensions: 44 x 20 x 21 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 71 pounds
  • Running Area: 29 x 14 inches
  • Speed: 0.3 to 5 mph
  • Programmable distance and speed
  • LCD Screen
  • Treat holder

Customer reviews for this doggy treadmill are mostly very positive. People liked it’s compactness ease of use. Also, one great thing is that this treadmill has a pair of small wells in the front where you can put some treats to keep the dog motivated. It’s also reported that customer service is really good. We would recommend this one for sure!

dogPACER LF 3.1 Dog Treadmill

We have already introduced you to the dogPacer treadmills. This one is from the same manufacturer, but it can be used by much heavier dogs, up to 179 lbs. It’s slightly bigger in size than the one for smaller dogs, but it’s still very compact, light and easy to move around. It’s perfect for all of you with bigger dogs. Functionality and features are mostly the same. It even looks same. dogPacer LF 3.1 is the right choice to make. Since we already listed all the features, we will just give you some insight to the specifications and move on to the next treadmill.

  • Dimensions Folded: 42 x 22 x 8.5 inches
  • Dimensions Open: 76 x 27 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 84.4 lbs
  •  Speed: 0.5 – 7.5 mph (0.1 increments)
  • Electric: 110v

Gopet EPPR720F PetRun PR720F

pr720f-dog-treadmillHere we have another treadmill which you can get if you have a medium-big sized dog. With the weight limit of 132 pounds, it will allow most of the dog breeds to run on it. There are several but not many breeds which are heavy enough not to be allowed to walk or run on this dog treadmill. When it comes to the design, we absolutely love how this one looks. Running platform is very low profile while there are wonderful orange details. There is one year warranty by the manufacturer.

Remote Control

PR720F comes with a remote so you can be in control while watching TV or doing something similar. It’s very handy when you are busy and not able to change controls manually.

Attach a toy

This treadmill has a metal eyelet which you can attach a toy to and thus provide your dog with additional motivation to run/walk. The dogs are so easy to motivate just by using either their favorite toy or a treat. This feature can be really helpful if your dog is easily distracted.


Ability to fold is a good thing if you are having issues with space in your home. You can let the dog exercise then fold it again and put it away, super quick and easy.


  • Dimensions: 70″L x 25″W x 11″H
  • Running Area: 52″L x 16″W
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Max dog weight: 132 lbs
  • Speed: 1-8 mph

What others have said

Main things that people liked about this treadmill is that it’s quiet, very well designed and that it has a good build quality. People also mentioned that it’s great for bigger dogs, which was also our conclusion. There aren’t any negatives reported so far. Excellent product that will make your dog healthy and happy.

Benefits of using dog treadmill


There are many benefits that regular exercise can bring both to you and your dog. We will try to highlight most important ones.

1. Bad weather? Doesn't matter!

At the time you purchase a treadmill for a dog, weather stops influencing your dog’s exercise. Of course, it’s hard to walk your dog when it’s freezing cold outside or on any other bad weather. With a treadmill, every day is an exercise day.

2. Obesity prevention

Consistent exercise is going to prevent your dog from accumulating too much fat which can cause serious health issues. It will make your dog happy, and at the same time, it will ensure longer life

3. You will save lot of time

We all know that after a long day at work you might find it challenging to get your dog out for a walk. With dog treadmill, this is no longer an issue since your dog can exercise even if you are tight on time. But don’t forget that occasional walks are good for you too.

4. Address common behavior issues

Exercise can be of great help when your dog is experiencing behavior problems. These can be anything from hyperactivity, digging, chewing things, excessive barking to aggressiveness which can be real trouble. Many of these problems are just a result of your dog lacking exercise.

5. Reduce digestive problems

Constipation and diarrhea are both results of digestive problems which can often be avoided by regular exercise. Find a dog treadmill for sale, and you will see how many things will get better when it comes to your so much beloved dog.

6. Safety

Several problems can arise if you walk your dog outside frequently. If the dog is aggressive, there is a good chance he will get into a fight and get injured. Also, even if your dog has good behavior, other aggressive dogs can cause problems. Dog playing on the rough terrain can also be a potentially dangerous environment for your dog. Our conclusion is that you should certainly give your pet a walk sometimes, but using a treadmill for dogs is a better option for more frequent exercise.

How to train my dog to use the treadmill?

We will try to give you some of the most important tips that you need to know so that you can get your dog used to a treadmill. It will help if the dog already knows the basic commands. First off, try to position the treadmill so it’s not facing the wall. After you’ve positioned it correctly, make sure you don’t turn it off before you introduce your dog to it. Allow it to be turned off and standing in one place for a few days. That way the dog will get familiar with it, and you’ll decrease the chance that dog refuse to go on to it. Try to get the dog on a turned off treadmill regularly by using treats. When he get on it, give him treat and praise or pet him. When you first try to turn it on, make sure you are using the lowest speed. It may also help to use a leash and stand next to the treadmill. It’s also really important that you don’t leave a dog on a treadmill unsupervised.

Additional tips on how to exercise your dog indoors

Dogs need exercise. But sometimes we don’t have time to give it to them! What do we do if it’s too hot, or too cold, or too rainy, or we don’t have enough time, or there’s not space outside readily available to exercise in. How do we handle that? I am going to give you additional tips on how to burn energy in your dog without even leaving your house. So, what’s the best way to exercise your dog indoors?

dog-treadmill-indoor-exerciseHide and seek is really basic, but it’s awesome. All you have to do is to sneak away or have somebody sit with your dog, or use the stay command until you get hidden, then you call your dog’s name and see if they can find you. Or if they even care to look. Stair ball is only for certain kinds of dogs on certain types of stairs. If the stairs are too steep, or they have a turn in them, or they don’t have carpeting so they’re slick, the stairs are out. Otherwise, it’s just a game of tossing a ball or toy up and down the stairs and letting your dog fetch it.

If you’ve ever run stadiums in your life, then you’ll know this exercise is exhausting. Put your dog to work for treats. There are lots of great food puzzles and toys like Kongs, or toys from the Nina Ottosson collection, or other sources where they have to work to get a reward. I want dogs to expend mental and physical energy to get a treat. The truth is, you don’t even need store bought toys or puzzles. Just wrap treats up in a blanket, put them under cups, put them under bowls, or just hide them. Dogs are natural scavengers and are quite comfortable spending their time searching for food, as anyone knows who’s put their trash back in their trash can. Rather than just putting your dog’s food in his bowl, why not spread it throughout the house and let him find it? You can put some into puzzles or toys, or just put it in little piles and let him search for it. Also, you can toss kibble and let him run after it to get exercise. There’s a variation on this game called “Find It”. Dog waits and you hide treats and then just say “find it!” and off he goes, and he runs all over the house and has a very good time. If your dog has a best friend, then set up a play date for your dog! It doesn’t take much time, effort or organization on your part, and if there’s lots of tugging and wrestling then you will have an exhausted pup in no time.

The bottom line

We hope that our dog treadmill reviews helped you. It’s a great investment which will save you money, time and at the same time make your dog healthier. So there are many benefits. It’s easy to find a dog treadmill for sale, if you didn’t check our comparison table out, you should definitely do it to find out which of these products will suit you the most.

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