How to care for a pregnant dog

how to care for a pregnant dog

The pregnancy period of a dog is usually 63 days in total so this isn’t a long term project. It is just a time you have to set out for yourself to properly feed and care for your bitch. This is when you need to keep watch over any pregnancy symptoms and make sure you are aware when they became pregnant.

Before you even think about the number of puppies you’ll have after two months, ensure you take proper care of your dog first right from day one. If you fail to fulfill the nutritional needs of your pregnant dog, you may have to get ready for labor complications and miscarriage.

During The First Week of Pregnancy

In the earlier stages of pregnancy, you don’t really need to get her fed frequently. During this period, you have to stay alerted and watch out for any symptoms that’ll hinder them from taking in sufficient nutrition that is needed for the day. Also, if you realize your dog hasn’t been reaching her daily nutritional requirements, make sure you have a veterinarian check her ASAP.

The First Thirty Days

The first thirty days marks the half way mark of her pregnancy. She will naturally have some symptoms of morning sickness that will make her turn down food for a few days, usually towards the end of the second week into the third week (gestation week). This is temporary; it will take a period of two to three days but if symptoms continue after that period, make sure she is checked out by the veterinarian.

After Six Weeks of Pregnancy

After around a month and a half (six weeks), it is expected that you start noticing your bitch gain weight. This is the perfect time to increase her food. So adjust feeding speeds on your automatic dog feeder if you’re not at home. Keep in mind that it’s bad for a dog to be stout when she goes into labor. Try feeding her with smaller meals as opposed to larger meals. This is because as the puppies increase in size they will press on her organs and hence, will prevent her from eating much at once.

During The Last Three Weeks of Pregnancy

During this period, it is recommended that the pregnant dog is isolated from other dogs for the last three weeks of pregnancy. Also, make sure to switch her feed over to a high-quality puppy kibble during this period. This puppy nibble has enough protein content to help the mother stay fit as a fiddle for nursing the puppies. This is needed because at this time, the puppies are growing at an incredible rate which will eventually drain her metabolic system. So make sure you provide quality protein foods to keep her in a healthy weight range.


It is very important to feed your dog a high-quality food. A pregnant dog should eat foods that contain high protein and essential fats. Don’t risk your dogs’ life with cheap dog foods; buy quality dog food from big brands that manufacture dogs’ food.

In addition to that, make sure there are enough provisions for fresh water during the pregnancy period. Like we stated earlier, it is only natural for the morning sickness to occur yet, she should be hydrating efficiently during this period. If there are any signs that she appears in discomfort, or that she is not drinking enough water, make sure she gets checked by a veterinarian doctor.
Vitamins and mineral supplements are quite essential for pregnant dogs. This is particularly when they approach their fourth week of pregnancy as they would require more mineral and vitamins supplements. Most vitamins and minerals are sold in tablet and powder forms, regardless of which form you decide for your dog, ensure they are from trustworthy brands.
Lastly, always avoid feeding them with foods or supplements that contain high calcium. It’s best for dogs to have several small meals all through her pregnancy period. Her stomach limits the amount of food she can consume due to the development of puppies. Smaller foods will prevent her from vomiting and indigestion risks.


Expect your dog to exercise normally during the first half of the pregnancy. Take her out on daily walks as frequent as possible but don’t practice any form of strenuous exercise with her. She can play with other dogs and jog with you as she always has. When the pregnancy approaches 32 days, you may discover she has lesser energy than normal yet she should not be lazy or sluggish.
The last three weeks of pregnancy would require less strenuous exercise. Taking her for longer walks in your area would be cool provided you don’t take other dogs along with you. You two can play less strenuous games in the back yard. At this time, she is likely not to be over vivacious and she will naturally perform at a lower pace.

In conclusion, if you have other dogs in the same house as your pregnant dog, ensure they are quiet and not prone to rowdy behavior with her.

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