Fun ways to exercise with your dog

Fun games are great ways to exercise with your dogs. One thing each dog owner should enjoy is the fun derived when having a fun time with your pet. Irrespective of whether it is cold or sometimes miserable, exercising with your dog at all times will help to maintain his health both mentally and physically. There are so many ways you can exercise with your dog both indoor and outdoor, and this article will give you ten solid ideas on how to go about them. Just make sure you create a “dog-play time” and exercise as well. You may end up enjoying it if you prepare fully for it. Let us consider ten fun ways to exercise with your dogs:


Frisbee is a physical exercise/game which is perfect for an active dog. You may call it an advance fetch game where you toss a flying disk known as a “Frisbee.” It is left for your dog to catch the Frisbee in midair and bring it back to you. With constant practice, you and your dog will get really good at this, and you may decide to join competitors (other dogs). Doing this will increase both the confidence of you and your dog.

Biking, Jogging or Rollerblading

This should be practiced with a well-trained dog. A well-trained dog will stay by your side without pulling or yanking, and you will have no choice but to enjoy biking, jogging or rollerblading with your pet close by. You might need to come along with additional water and a protective doggie shoe for their sensitive pads.

A Pet Stroller

This is a good alternative for dogs that can’t walk for a long time for older and less mobile dogs or for an injured dog. Your dog can spend half of the dog-play time walking and then take a ride for the rest of the trip. As a matter of fact, most dogs enjoy riding in a pet stroller.

Challenge Your Dog’s Nose

Another creative way to make your dog work or think for her food. Create an obstruction that she has to get the past for her favorite treat or meal. This kind of game is also mentally invigorating and will keep her involved.

Hula Hoop

This game can be played indoors or outdoors, but it requires you to start with a hoop that best fit your dog size. Lay the loop on the ground to start the game; if your dog realizes that he has to be in the circle, reward and praise him. When he gets used to this game, you can advance further by teaching him how to jump through the hoop standing above the ground.

Wrap Up and Go Outside!

During the winter months, the best way to overcome your fear is to go out and face it. Plowing and running through the snow is a great exercise for your dog during this season. He will enjoy the fun until he gets tired. Go for a walk, play around in the snow with your dog and enjoy some winter fun together.


Tracking is a great way to test and develop your dog’s abilities. A small piece of cloth or your dog’s ball can be used for this exercise. Start by walking down a path, and then drop the cloth or ball while your dog is not looking at you. Take a few steps, stop, and turn around, now give your dog the “find” command and start walking toward the cloth or ball. Encourage your dog by showering plenty of praise on him and play the game again.


Swimming is another fun exercise to enjoy with your dog. Though not all dogs are natural swimmers, yet most will surely learn to enjoy it. Swimming, especially during the summer months will relax your pet while they are inundated in the physical activity of this sport. While swimming, take a few fetch toys along, so your pet will retrieve and return to you.

Try a Dog Treadmill

There are treadmills specifically designed for dogs. However, they can be quite expensive. Using human treadmill as an alternative isn’t bad, but you have to play it safe. Acquaint your dog with its functions. Start at a moderate speed, increase it slowly, and keep working on the amount of time you usually spend on walks.

Find The Treat

This is very fun game to play with your dog. It encourages the dog to utilize his sense of smell. Start by hiding a food treat for your dog to find. Start by leading your dog to the treat, while using the command “find.” Very soon, your dog will get used to this game and will quickly find any hidden treat. These ten dog activities are fun ways to exercise with your dog. They are beneficial for your health and that of your dogs’. Remember not to get things done in excess, especially in hot weather. Always take breaks between your play sessions and, bear in mind to take a lot of water for your dog.

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