M-Tronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence Review

The M-Tronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence is produced by the M-Tronic brand. It uses innovative technology to enable pet owners to create a non-physical circular boundary to enclose pets within a defined safe zone. An impressive feature of the M-Tronic Portable Wireless Fence System is that its components, which are very stylish are lightweight, making it very compact.

Also, it boasts of a rechargeable collar and is a truly wireless system; there are no wires to install. It is easy to set up and dismantle and can be carried along and used during vacations. Read further to understand what makes the M-Tronic Portable Wireless Fence a must-have product.

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Easy-read User Manual

The provided user manual is easy to understand. It has clear instructions on the set-up of the M-Tronic Portable Wireless Fence and the required training for pets.

Easy to Set up

There are no wires to bury and the M-Tronic Portable Wireless Fence is easy to set up. No additional electric installation is required.

Indoor Transmitter

The transmitter employs ultra-modern radio technology to connect with the wireless collar. It is designed with a built-in battery which can work for up to 24 hours without power supply. Otherwise, it is plugged into an 110 V power outlet. The transmitter is compact with a beautiful finish. Two color options are provided, orange and pink.

Portable and Compact

The lightweight components of the M-Tronic  wireless dog fence make it compact and easy to transport.

Circular boundary area of operation

The M-Tronic Portable Wireless Fence creates an invisible, circular boundary to contain pets. This boundary can be adjusted from 3 ft. to 800 ft in all directions.

Self-correcting Receiver

One self-regulating receiver is supplied. When a pet gets too close to the defined boundary, the receiver beeps as a warning. The pet receives a static shock after three warning beeps if it continues in the direction towards the boundary. This shock is increased second by second until level 4 is reached. If the pet crosses the boundary completely, the receiver will shock the pet continuously for three mins and then stops for 1 min. This routine is continued until the pet returns to the safe zone within the boundary. The receiver is dormant if the pet is inactive for more than 1 minute and will begin working when pet begins to move.

Rechargeable Collar

Two buckle-type, adjustable and rechargeable collars are supplied. The collar and receiver are water resistant. Neck sizes less than 25 in. can be accommodated and two sizes of prongs/contact points are supplied to suit a pet’s coat thickness and ensure their comfort. Multiple pets can be enclosed with this system provided they are wearing M-Tronic Portable Wireless Fence collar and receivers. The trendy collars can pass for fashion accessories.

Training Mode

Durable, colorful pin pointers/ flags are used during training to visually identify the boundary area.

Low Battery Indicator

A red light on the receiver flashes every 2 seconds during normal operation. When the battery is about to be depleted, the red light flashes quickly. If shocking is constant, battery life is 2 hrs. and one month on standby mode.


  • Rechargeable battery in transmitter and receiver
  • Self-correcting receiver
  • Collar is very sturdy
  • Low battery indicator
  • A physical fence is not required
  • Teaches pets boundaries that keep them safe yet allows them freedom
  • Adjustable circular boundary area
  • Large circular area of operation
  • One system can be used to train multiple pets
  • Very portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof collar and receiver
  • Low battery indicator


  • Wireless signal can be affected by topography and the elements
  • Safe zone is circular and cannot be modified to a rectangular or square shape
  • Susceptible to interference

The Bottom Line

The M-tronic Portable Wireless Fence System is truly wireless and portable. It is easily set up and is effective at training and containing stubborn pets in a defined circular safe zone. It is a purchase towards your pets that will immediately improve their safety and wellbeing.

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