Bark Solution Wireless Dog Fence Review

The Bark Solution Wireless dog fence is using the very latest radio wave technology to configure a fence for pets. Bypassing the need for a physical fence that may be expensive, this dog fence which is invisible to the eye contains beloved pets within a secure space, demarcated by the owners.

Pets are free to roam and play about in this space without interfering with practical living arrangements. The Bark Solution Wireless Dog Containment System gives pet owners the responsibility to choose the fence’s exact location. Other standout features of the system are the compactness of its components and straightforward setup. Below are its distinctive characteristics.

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Detailed Instruction Manual

A detailed instruction manual comes with the product and guides pet owners step by step on the installation of the Bark Solution Wireless Dog Containment System in the home. Pet training to ensure success is also explained.

In-Ground Cord

To set up the provided in-ground cord, trenches will be dug to position the cord in. The placement of the in-ground cord establishes the desired location of the invisible fence. This flexibility in choosing its location enables the creation of interesting boundary shapes and ensures that precious landscaping or other important spaces can be protected from pets. Correct cord placement guarantees that there are no dead spots in the invisible fence. There is enough cord to cover 1/3 of an acre.

Electric Wi-Fi Transmitter

The transmitter device is compact with an aesthetic finish and employs state-of-the-art radio wave technology that detects the presence of a pet wearing the wireless collar. The transmitter can simply be plugged into an available power outlet in a garage or room.

Large area of operation

Transmission is effective up to an area covering 5 acres.

Wireless Collar

Bark Solution Wireless Dog Containment System provides one waterproof wireless collar. The strap-like collar is adjustable and fitted with a 9 V battery powered receiver. The wireless collar boasts of 5 levels of correction which is useful in homes with multiple pets of different sizes and temperaments. The battery is replaceable.

Pet Safety

The invisible fence is created by the automatic interaction between the transmitter, collar and in-ground cord. To restrict pets within the confines of the invisible fence, the Bark Solution Wireless Dog Containment System uses vibrations and tiny shocks that can correct pet behavior. This poses no adverse effect on their health. Furthermore, the 5 levels of correction enable the owner to set a suitable correction level for a specific pet.

Training Mode

Flags to identify the boundary area visually are provided for training. In training mode, correction is achieved using tonal sounds and vibrations.


• An actual fence is unnecessary
• Pets are taught boundaries without limiting their freedom
• Layout of the safe ‘pet space’ is customizable
• Transmitter can emit signals over large areas
• 5 adjustable correction levels
• Pet is not impacted negatively by this system
• One system can be used to train multiple pets
• Wireless transmitter
• Waterproof collar and receiver


• In-ground cord fixes the layout of the invisible fence. If a change in layout is desired, the cord must be dug up and re-laid
• Wireless collar with receiver may be too big for smaller pets
• Battery in the receiver needs replacing when depleted

The Bottom Line

The Bark Solution Wireless Dog Containment System secures your pets in a safe space and gives you control to define the exact space in your yard to restrict your pets to. This system will offer you real value for money.

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