PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence Review

The PIF-300 Wireless fence is one of the offerings of the PetSafe brand which has been creating innovative pet products since 1991. This wireless fence is one of the most popular fences in the market and provides pets with a circular protective enclosure. A significant attribute of the PIF-300 is the short set-up time it takes, from unpacking to practicing with it.

The portability of the components of this system and easy installation make it suitable to transport and use during an extended stay at a different location. Let’s find out what makes this invisible dog fence so popular.

wireless dog fence reviews - petsafe pif-300

Easy-read User Manual

The user manual has clear instructions on the set-up of the PetSafe Wireless Fence and the essential training needed for pets. This system is ideal for dogs older than six months that can obey such commands as sit and stay.

Completely Wireless

There is no wire to be buried and no trenches to be dug. This Fence is truly wireless in all respects.

Radio Transmitter

A transmitter which uses radio waves to prevent pets from straying beyond the invisible fence is supplied. It emits a constant 17.5 kHz radio signal in all directions to be picked up by the receiver on the pet’s collar. The signal’s reach can be adjusted up to 90 FT. The transmitter can be plugged easily into any 110 V outlet available indoors, usually in the garage.

Compact and Easy to Set up

Setting up the PetSafe Wireless Fence for the first time can be done in less than 1 hour. It is also easy to dismantle and makes it possible to use on vacations where access to an indoor space with an 110 V outlet for the radio wave transmitter is possible.

Wireless Collar and receiver

One collar with a lightweight, 2.5 oz. receiver is supplied. The strap-like collar is adjustable and is suitable for a range of neck sizes between 6 in. and 25 in. The collar with the receiver is 100 % waterproof and includes 5 levels of static correction. This allows multiple pets to be added to the system provided they wear a PetSafe Wireless Fence collar and receiver. Also, the system is equipped with two types of contact points for the receiver, long and short, to accommodate long-haired or short-haired pets respectively.

Circular Layout

The PetSafe Wireless Fence system creates a wireless, invisible, circular boundary to enclose pets. This boundary can be adjusted from 5 ft. to 180 ft.


The circular invisible fence is created by the communication between the radio wave transmitter and wireless dog collar. When the pet approaches the warning zone close to the boundary, the receiver delivers a warning tone. If the pet continues towards the boundary regardless, a safe static stimulation is felt by the pet through the contact points. The static stops immediately after the pet returns back within the boundary. Also, this stimulation may go on after the pet is beyond the boundary for only 35 s. After this time, it automatically shuts off for five mins and begins again if the pet is still beyond the boundary.

Pet Training


50 flags are provided for training. The flags temporarily identify the safe boundary. The Wireless collar and receiver is equipped with a tone only mode for training.


Two extra RFA-67D, 6 V battery packs are provided. A low battery indicator flashes every 4 s. to 5 s. to warn owners when it is time to change the battery.


  • A physical fence is no longer a necessity
  • Pets are trained not to stray outside the safe enclosure
  • Completely wireless, no digging required
  • Safe enclosure has a circular layout
  • Five adjustable correction levels
  • No negative effect on pet health
  • Can be used to train multiple pets
  • Very portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof collar and receiver
  • Low battery indicator


  • Battery in the receiver needs replacing when depleted
  • Operation might be affected by metal objects and terrain
  • Safe pet enclosure is circular and cannot be customized into other shapes
  • Dead spots /gaps are possible and can cause a variation in coverage
  • Collar can beep randomly due to interference, distressing the dog in the process

The Bottom Line

The PetSafe Wireless Fence is a very portable and completely wireless fence solution. When properly set up, is effective at containing pets in a defined circular boundary area. It will make a good purchase towards the safety and comfort your pets.

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