How to choose a dog breed

how to choose a dog breed

Before you decide which dog to breed, you have to be prepared for owning a dog. You must understand the costs involved in dog ownership both financially and in time. It must be a personal decision; that which you must have reasons to make.

You can’t just have a dog just because your neighbor has one or because you saw a beautiful dog on your way to the office. There are many reasons why one needs a dog as a pet; this article will help you out in deciding which dog breeds to choose from considering various factors.

Here are 9 things to consider when choosing a dog:

House or Apartment

This is something that most people disregard when choosing a dog. Ensure that your dog will have enough space to roam. If your house or apartment is small then a big dog may not be the best choice for you. They need to be able to move and run around your home freely. A suitable breed for a small house or apartment should be smaller size dogs. They won’t require much space to raise them.

How Much Do You Spend At Work

You should know how much time you will have to dedicate to your dog (if you’re away a lot than you really need to check auto dog feeder reviews). Bigger dogs will require a lot of exercise and some may require more prepping than others. Your dog will also need more time to associate with you and your family. So if you have a family, ensure you chose a dog breed that can travel along with you.

Do You Have Kids

If you have kids then a dog breed that is as sensitive as a Chihuahua may not be a right choice. They can be very fragile and your kids may be too tough for them. Choosing a bigger dog breed can have an inverse impact. The dog has no idea of its own size and can thump over your kid. It really relies on how old your kids are, as to what dog size you picked.

Appropriate Research

If you’re experiencing difficulties choosing a dog breed, then make a proper research. It is quite easy since you can see dogs everywhere. You can decide to visit a local pet store, check out your neighborhood or even surf the internet. At this point you may be completely clueless regarding which breed you want or perhaps you may have a few dog breeds in mind. Albeit, by doing a proper research, you’ll be able to trim your choice list. This method will help you make the right choice possible.

Learn About The History Of The Puppy

Before deciding which puppy to breed, learn to an extent where the supplier gets its puppies. Do not buy puppies that are bred from a puppy factory. Rather, find a pet store that gets its supplies from places where the puppies are treated well. If possible, request for the parents of the puppy. That will allow you to anticipate the color and size of the puppy after it becomes fully mature.


Your lifestyle plays an important role in the kind of puppy you choose to breed. If your definition of a good time is sitting back with a movie, consider a pet that appreciates a similar interest. Pugs, Shih Tzu and all kinds of toy dog have been bred for years basically to do only that. All you have to do is to sit there with them and enjoy your company. On the other hand, if you often like to walk around, asking a Shih Tzu to keep up won’t be a reasonable deal either. Consider your way of life and try to find a breed that matches up well with your needs.

The Hair Affair

If you decide to bring home that cute Afghan Hound puppy, make sure you are ready to comb all that hair, or always have time for it. They are colossal and take a lot of time to groom. If what you need is a low maintenance pup, there are lots of them out there in the world, in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to fit all activity and entertainment levels. Long hair dogs are known to require constant bathing and flea control products to keep them clean. Even the smaller long haired dog will make a carpet a pain in the ass.

Dog Size

Sometimes size doesn’t matter however it certainly does when you’re yet to decide which dog breeds you want. While you should think about your preference, you should also consider certain constraints. Larger dogs obviously take more space; a factor that requires a big house with a large yard. They also require more food and costlier veterinary care. Now if you have a big house with a large backyard and you are financially buoyant enough to cater for its food and health care, then go for it!

Shop Around

After all said and done, you must have decided your preferred dog breed, now it’s time to buy. Just like other purchase, you are advised to shop around and compare different prices on a puppy. Anyway, the price shouldn’t be an issue in as much as you have seen one you are interested in. Just make sure you search for the best deal possible for your dog breed.

It is important that you get ready to take on the responsibility of dog breeding before you buy any dog. Dogs are pack animals by nature and every pack has an alpha male or leader. Given the appropriate training, you will make the dog realize that you are in charge of the pack and get them to act in like manner.

On the other hand, if you insist on keeping the dog outside or not taking care of it, you should not think about owning a dog. This will make the dog bark all day and night because dogs were not created to be without their owners.

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