How to Give your Pet Dog the Perfect Bath

Regular bathing and grooming of your dog will not only keep them looking good, but have them hygienic and healthy as well.

No matter how long you have had a pet dog or are only just now thinking of getting one, you’ll find just about all that you need to know in this post.

Why Wash Your Dog?

Taking your dog to the wash or a mere hosing down with water occasionally can be a really important part of the grooming process.

However for dogs with long hair or a thick fur coat, it is more important to bathe him with care – to remove the accumulated dirt and the unpleasant odor they’ve taken on.

This may be even more important for pets with skin or health conditions and is recommended by the vet.

How Often to Bathe Your Dog

The frequency of bathing your dog will depend on the breed as well as the individual animal and his living conditions. It’s normally recommended to bath dogs not as per some fixed schedule, but only when it’s necessary.

Remember that after a bath, especially with soap or shampoo can dry out their skin and hair coat of the natural oils. The skin tends to dry out due to excessive bathing and may result in a skin condition in the long run.

If your dog smells normal (i.e. his usual doggy self) and is not dirty, then bathing him is probably not needed. Bathing is recommended when a dog develops an unpleasant odor or has accumulated dirt/debris on their fur coat.

If you do notice an unpleasant odor on your dog, it could be caused by something smelly that has got stuck to him. On the other hand, if you can’t get rid of the smell, it’s recommended to get your pet checked out by a vet to rule out any health condition – say skin or ear problems.

Getting Ready for Bath Time

Preparing for the bath needs careful planning especially with finicky beasts. Whether bathing your dog indoors or outdoors, you should have your bathing equipment ready at hand in the desired location.

Ensure that the needed stuff is within easy reach, but safe from your pet and also from getting wet. It’d be wise to give your pet a bath on a non-slippery surface to prevent you or your dog from slipping and avoiding injury.

Where to bathe your dog


For some dogs, especially larger ones it’s easy to give them a bath outdoors – in the backyard or the driveway. On such occasions, most owners opt for an ordinary garden hose. It’s best to check the temperature of the running water before using it. In colder times it is better to use warm water heated to a comfortable temperature from buckets instead.

The Bathroom

For medium sized dogs a bathtub or even a dog tub is recommended.

Be sure to observe your pet closely, and if they seem uncomfortable in the enclosed space, it’d be better to bath them outdoors or in the shower stall.

The Sink?!

Owners of pet dogs who are strained for space – for instance, a crammed apartment – can take to the kitchen sink to give their smaller pets a thorough wash.

Professional Bathing Services

If you are not comfortable with bathing your dog, it’s best to get it done at either your vet or a professional session at a pet salon. A professional groomer will often have the necessary equipment and the experience of working with different breeds, but will definitely cost you some.

A Dog Wash Machine

Nowadays it’s common for pet facilities – the dog park, the local pet store, pet salons, the vet’s office to have dog washing stations which can be operated by the pet owners themselves on necessary payment. Most such locations also tend to have necessary articles like soap, shampoo, towels, brushes etc. for sale making it convenient.

Drying Down

Dogs tend to instinctively (and vigorously) shake off excess water after getting wet. After a bath you will also need to help them dry off with some large absorbent towels. After a gentle rub down, most pet dogs can be allowed to air themselves and dry out naturally.

It’s not advisable to use hair dryers as most pets get irritated by the air blown at them and the hot air may damage the skin and hair. However, if you have to use one, be sure to avoid the area around his face and that the air is at a comfortable temperature (not too hot). Make sure to keep the dryer unit and the cord away from the dog to avoid any tangling up and resultant mishaps.

A Good Experience

Bathing your pet is recommended to not only keep your pet look his best, but also for his health. With a little trouble any pet parent can easily give his pet dog a good bath. Not only will it be cheaper, the session can be a very effective bonding session for both.

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