CBD for Dogs’ Cancer: Ways CBD Can Help Your Dogs

cbd dogs

We all know what marijuana is, right? Considered as one of the most controversial drugs of the present time, marijuana is still being enjoyed by a lot of people. Even though most countries in the world consider marijuana as illegal, it doesn’t stop people from using it. However, there are places in the world that made it legal for people to use as medicine. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done with marijuana as there are a lot of authorities that consider it dangerous. This is why there are lot of experiments done to make sure that using it would be safe for use.

cbd dogs

As you may know, marijuana or cannabis is made up of compounds. Each of these have a different effect to the body. For example, one of these compounds is responsible for the hallucinogenic effects of marijuana to the body. Another one helps in calming our nerves while under the influence of this drug. However, one of the compounds found that has a lot of benefits is Cannabidiol. It is known to help with sleep problems and anxiety issues. It can be obtained in many forms as well like soaps, perfume and its most common one, oil. Learn more about it here.

CBD oil is one of the primary products made from medical marijuana. It looks so unassuming, like any other essential oil that you can get from a perfumery or apothecary. However, it is a concentrated form of cannabidiol which can be used in a variety of ways. However, do you know that your little pup can use it as well? It sounds crazy, but it can actually help your dog especially with these cases:

Pain Relief

Even though they don’t express the same way as humans do, dogs can also experience pain. You may know this if they do not respond to your calls anymore. They would keep screeching or growling, especially if you touch the pained parts of their body. There are a lot of reasons why dogs experience pain. With most canines, they tend to have an active lifestyle. Injuries can happen and pets will experience this in their lifetime. Using CBD oil specifically formulated for dogs can help relieve this pain according to many users. Read more about its effects to your pets here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurenterry/2018/09/27/the-right-way-to-introduce-cbd-to-your-pets/.


Another potential problem that CBD oil can seemingly help with is seizures. Most of time, there would be something wrong with the animal’s nervous system. These cases are usually because of genetic reasons.   It can also be because of a bacterial or viral infection in the brain. CBD oil helps in the same way as human cases and it can let your dog recover from seizure attacks. These are life-threatening situations, so having the oil around may be able to help you.


This disease can also affect dogs and it can appear as cell growths all around the body. The most prominent ones are around the eyes, and it can lead to partial or total blindness. There needs to be further research about these cases, but some owners swear that CBD oil can reduce abnormal cell growth caused by cancer. It has even been believed to cure a dog’s cancer.

However, as with any type of cure for your pet dog, it is important to go to the vet first. Even though CBD oil can truly help your pet, having professional advice can really help you out. You would not be endangering your dog’s life as well. Most vets would also advice other types of medications or procedures that can really help your pup recover. Although CBD oil is quite helpful, it wouldn’t hurt to approach a veterinarian about it.

It is also very important to use organic CBD oil when it comes to you and your dog’s health. There are a lot of CBD related products in the market, so it can be confusing to find one that is right for you. A rule of thumb that you can follow: check the labels and see the concentration of CBD in the product. If it is not the main ingredient, then there might be other substances mixed in. Sometimes, these are actually harmful and can hurt your dog even more. Always choose quality products for your dog’s health.

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