How to introduce dogs

how to introduce dogs

Bringing home a new dog can be exciting, and having two dogs is sometimes considered preferable to keeping just one. Dogs are pack animals and keeping two together can be beneficial to keeping them well socialized, establishing natural behavior patterns, and giving them a perpetual companion who will entertain them when you can’t.

Most times dog owners pay so much attention to a new dog while his old loyal dog gets neglected. No matter how fun your new dog is, make sure you don’t stop playing with your old friend, too.

Before you introduce two dogs to each other for the first time, make sure they get used to each other. They should be allowed to communicate with each other and this may result in physical interaction, sniffing and defensive behaviors. It can be to a very difficult task at first but you must keep working to make it possible.

Some dogs naturally will not coexist with another dog being introduced into the household. This is also applicable to humans, certain breeds and people can be possessive and territorial; they often use the “my” word more than any other English word. The new dog is seen as an intruder. A perfect example is to have friends or visitors bring their dog over to your house; wait and see how your dog reacts. If this ends up being unpleasant, expect such scenario when you bring a new dog home.

To avoid such unpleasant experience, read through these tips to know how to properly introduce your new dog.

First Meeting Should Be On Neutral Ground

Dogs are territorial animals. Try and make sure that the dogs meet on neutral territory for the first time like a neighbors’ front yard or a park. Do not introduce them in your dogs environment or around anything that belongs to you old dog else they consider the new dog as an intruder. Each of them must be on chains and if possible must be handled by different people.

Take Your Dogs To A Park With The Other Dogs

Go out with your old dog. Visit a nearby park where the other dogs are hanging out. Watch how they coexist with the other packs. Observe and take note of any aggressive behaviors that your dogs are displaying. If there are, it may not be the right time to introduce the new dog into the family. It may need you to first address your old dog’s aggressive behavior issues. If eventually your dogs get along well with other dogs, it is a positive sign that they are ready for a new house friend.

Preparing For The New Pet

Arrange and set up the things that will be needed by your new like a crate, food, chew toys and bed. During the first few weeks at home, you can’t expect your old dogs to fully accept the new dog by sharing things in common.

Before Picking Up The New Dog

Before you bring home a new dog, make sure to visit the new dog in the center. You can go along with an old blanket from home. This will familiarize your new pet with the scents of his new life with you. Return the item back to your home for your old dogs to smell the blanket. This will give them an imagination of a new friend.

Arrival Of The New Dog

When it is time to welcome the new dog, make sure you bond with your old dogs. Feed them, talk to them, embrace them and if possible wear them the same clothes that you wear your new dog. The new dog will recollect the scent of the other dogs on you. This will give him the confident needed for this introduction. It will also make you bond more with your new dog.

Be Sensitive

Be careful and sensitive during the introduction as some dogs might still get aggressive. Protect yourself and other family members from incidental harm. If eventually they start a fight, take care so you don’t get bitten by mistake, and consider gagging either of the dogs if you are made to believe that one may potentially become aggressive.

Introduce And Observe

Give the dogs a chance to sniff each other in brief. This is just a normal greeting behavior. As they are busy exploring the new dog, use a happy and friendly tone to introduce the dogs. Make sure you don’t allow them sniff for too long else it can trigger an aggressive behavior. Don’t forget to praise your resident dogs if they show good conduct.

Taking The Dogs Home

Once you see them enduring each other, you can now take them home. You can take them in a car or separate cars depending on the size of the dog. Just make sure you have other people accompanying you if you are to be in charge of the wheels.

Keep in mind the dangers while introducing a new dog into your home, especially if they are a larger breed. It could be extremely dangerous to you and any other pet you might own.

Having more than one dog getting along can be truly beneficial to both you and your dogs. Many dogs require more attention than the owner can offer; the second dog will fill in the gap for you. The two dogs will unite to form their own little “pack” and play together. This keeps them both alert, active and improves their fitness and weight control.

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