How to keep a pet busy during the day

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Are you a working pet owner and wondering how to keep your puppy busy during the day? There are many ways to keep a dog busy when you are not at home. They are essential because an idle dog is a mischievous dog.

dog's toysAlso, the idea of our dogs mopping around the house sad and unhappy is enough to break any dog owners heart.

You may use a smart /electronic dog door to keep your dog in the house, but if you don’t give it something to do, it may end up damaging property or creating disturbances.

So it’s a good idea to keep it occupied with some toys and interactive accessories for its sake and yours.

When picking out activities or toys to keep your puppy busy during the day, there are some factors to consider.

Age and size of your dog

dog runningActivities or toys that will amuse a small puppy will not entertain a grown dog.

When it comes to large dogs, the bigger they are, the more mental stimulation they need to kill boredom.

Also, some of them have a lot of pent-up energy that they need to release.

In many cases, if you don’t provide an energy outlet, they get destructive.

So pick the amusement for your dog that is right for his or her age and size.

Do you prefer outside or inside amusements?

You can choose to lock your dog in the home when you are away or find ways to keep it amused outside the home.

Choosing outside amusement option for your dog is an excellent choice for both of you.

Many dogs prefer being outside and also it minimizes the chances of it destroying any property in the home in case of distress.

How smart is your dog?

Let’s face it, some of our pet pups can be a bit dense, but we love them.

The good thing about such pets is that they are easy to amuse.

They require very little to stay occupied during the day when you are not at home.

On the other hand, other dogs are quite smart and require a lot of mental stimulation.

Therefore when choosing activities to keep such pets occupied you need to pick those that will engage their intellect.

It’s up to you to determine which category your pet dog falls in and choose the appropriate activities and toys to keep it occupied when you are away.

These are a few factors to think of when deciding how to keep your puppy busy during the day.

Using trial and error, you will find what suits your pet and be content that they are happy when you are out of the house.

Toys and activities to keep your puppy busy during the day

If you take the time to research, you will find a lot of toys and activities suitable for dogs.

They range from simple toys and activities to complex ones meant to stimulate and entertain your pet.

Some good suggestions are;

1. Good old television

dog and televisonLeave your television on for your dog and set the channel on an animal channel.

You can also set it up on a couple of dog-friendly DVDs that your dog likes.

Looking at other dogs and cats on the screen will keep the dog interested and shift its brain from engaging in any destructive activities.

If you put in some dog training DVDs, it may even help your dog to improve its behavior as it will copy the things it sees on the screen.

2. Food dispensing toys and dog puzzles

Your dog will get hungry at one point or the other and go looking for food.

Buy dog kongs and stuff treats and food inside to make it more challenging for your dog to eat.

It’s an excellent way for dogs to dispense energy and will occupy your dog for quite a while.

Dogs love food puzzle toys because they offer them a challenge and they can chew on them for a long time just trying to get the hidden goodies.

dog eatingSo buy a few and leave them filled with treats when you go, and your dog will love it.

Some dogs are brilliant and need more than a food dispensing toy to keep them busy.

There are also some complex dog food puzzles that you can buy to ensure your puppy is active during the day.

These dog puzzles are interactive and will engage your dog’s mind as it tries to get to the food your hide inside.

3. Get a dog trainer or dog walker

You can drop your dog off at the trainers as you go to work and come and pick it afterward.

A benefit of using a dog trainer is that while you are off working, your pet will learn essential skills such as toilet training and responding to commands.

They also engage in different activities that are fun and help them to burn off energy.

You also have dog walkers that will pick your pup and take it for walks when you are away.

They often take these dogs to parks where they can interact with other dogs as they explore nature.

Its a worthwhile investment for your pet especially if it is large and in need of a lot of exercise.

4. Doggy daycare or dog companion

If you have a well-trained do , then consider enrolling it in doggy daycare.

There it can hang out with other dogs and stay safe.

Make sure the facilities are clean, and the caregivers have adequate training to take care of your pet.

It’s a good idea to do a little research so that you enroll your dog in a reputable daycare facility.

Alternatively, you can get a buddy for your dog.

If your dog is not the jealous and territorial type, you can get it another dog to play, cuddle, and spend time with when you are away from home.

walking dogThey can share toys and chase each other around in the house to stay active.

You can also get them a dog house with a small play area outside the home where you leave them when you are not home to keep them from destroying any items in the house.

Try to pick a companion dog that will compliment your dog’s behavior and temperament.

If one is shy and keeps to itself, find it a dog friend that will encourage it to play and get active.

In many cases, dogs thrive when they are in pairs or groups as opposed to being solo.

So picking a sweet companion dog for your puppy will enrich its life significantly.

These are a few tips on how to keep your puppy busy during the day.

A tired dog is a calm and happy dog.

Most dogs need a lot of physical activity to burn off the excess energy.

Often if you do not exercise your dog, it will find other ways to use its energy and time such as tearing apart your furniture.

Since you don’t want such destructive accidents or a depressed pet on your hands, spend some money on one of these suggestions to keep your dog happy when you are not home.

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