Teaching a dog to understand basic commands

teaching dog basic commands

Dogs have natural instincts; we must learn to accommodate them and make the best out of our interaction, benefit and build trusting relationships with them.There is the need to teach or coach your dog the basic commands as shown below.

How to Train a dog to Sit

Training your dog how to sit is the most basic, important and simple natural exercise. That controls your dog when you need him still.

1) Get in front of your puppy and show it a treat. He will follow it with his head, trying to get hold of it.

2) Hold it above his head, behind his nose.The only way to reach it is by sitting on the floor. So as you lift the lure above his head say “sit.”

3) As soon as he sits, give him the treat and praise him. With a few trials, he will know how to earn his treat, by sitting down. The dog instinctively relates the sound of the word “sit” with the action of sitting down.

How to Teach your dog to Come

Come is another command that is useful if you need him to follow you when you lose his grip and also keep him out of trouble. Find a friend or partner to join you.

1) Look for a familiar location that is free from distractions. This allows the dog to focus.

2) Attach a leash and collar on your dog. Hold a treat in front of his nose. Get your partner to hold him loosely. Move a few feet ahead, call him to “come.”

3) While your partner gently lets off the leash. When he gets to you, give him with a treat.

4) If your dog does not respond, give the leash a slight shake.

How to Lie Down

Teaching your dog how to lie down is more difficult commands to obey. This is so because the posture is a submissive, compliant position. You can help by keeping training relaxed and simple.

1)Let the dog sit, in front of you, hold a treat place it slightly above his nose and encourage him to touch it. Reward the dog for lowering his head.

2. Slide your hand along the floor or ground in front of him. This motivates him to follow his head. Let down the lure steadily to the floor, a few inches in front of his feet. His nose shouldn’t leave your hand the entire time. If he tries to reach the treat quickly move it away. You can also try to Move your hand along the ground until he lies down. If your pup doesn’t follow the lure right away: cover the food until he figures it.He’ll probably lie down soon; reward him enthusiastically when he does!

3) As the elbows brush the ground, applause and give him numerous treat.so that he doesn’t get up quickly. Add the command “down!” to the training. With enough practice, they end up getting it right.

More basic commands for your dog are on how to stay and leave it they are useful in keeping your dog safe.

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