Should I crate my dog at night?


If your dog misbehaves once in a while at night, you may ask yourself the question-should I crate my dog at night? Many people put their dogs in a crate at night for security purposes. If you don’t want your dog to run off at night, or walk around the house unsupervised, you may think its a good idea too.

However, there are also some dog owners that are against putting dogs in crates whether it is during the night or day.

They think that putting a dog in a box is cruel.

Perfect Pet Dog DoorInstead, they advocate for other dog control measures such as using the best smart/electronic dog door to control their pets movements.

To make the right decision on whether to leave your pet in a crate at night or not you require information.

You need to understand what dog crating is, the benefits of night crating, and how it can benefit you and your dog.

Here are a few explanations and pieces of advice you can use to make the right decision.

What is dog crating?

Dog crating is confining dogs in an enclosed box-like contraption made of wood, plastic or metal.

Dog owners confine their pets in crates when they need to transport them from one place to another or when they want to train them.

They also do it when they want to keep dogs under close supervision to keep them from misbehaving.

Some people also use crates to keep dogs in one place when they leave home instead of letting them roam free in the house.

There are also dog owners that use crates as sleeping dens.

They lock their pups in them at night before going to bed and let them out in the morning.

The use of dog crates for dog confinement at night is popular among dog owners.

However, not all pet owners agree to this method of isolation, and there are some good reasons for it.

So it’s up to you to pick the side that suits your feelings on how you like to treat your pet.

Is putting your dog in a crate wrong in the first place?

Dogs like to nestle in enclosed places where they feel safe and cozy to sleep or rest.

They can do it any time they feel overwhelmed or tired.

Therefore many people opt to use crates to confine their dogs whenever they need to get them out of the way.

However, just because your dog likes to snooze or rest in its crate, doesn’t mean that you should confine it there all the time.

Dogs are social animals and need to interact with other animals and people.

They also need to spend time out in nature and exercise a lot.

dog's toysIt helps them to burn off energy, improves their mood and also keeps them healthy.

When they are outside, they also take time to relieve themselves which is very important.

Excessively confining a dog in a crate can hurt their development and disposition.

You will notice that when dogs are shut off in kennels, crates and other enclosed spaces for a long time against their will, they develop behavioral issues.

Some get aggressive and dangerous while others get depressed.

The same thing can happen to your dog if it dislikes spending time in a crate.

Crating a dog at night

However, there are times when putting your dog in a crate at night is essential such as when training a puppy.

It can also come in handy if you need to confine your dog for a few hours when you go out to prevent it from messing up your home.

Also, if your dog is grown and has not learned to respect boundaries and orders, it’s also a good idea to have them in a crate as you sleep.

If you leave it unattended when you go to bed, you may find it has destroyed items in the house or worse – pooped somewhere.

Lastly, dogs need to be independent and have their space where they can sleep.

The idea of snoozing with your dog in bed, or letting it sleep anywhere in the house is not the best.

A crate makes an excellent sleeping spot for a dog if it is in a warm place and has a comfy dog bed.

Just make sure the dog crate is only large enough for your pet to lay in or stand, and do not leave too much space inside otherwise it will poop in it.

Valuable information about night dog crating

As you can see, there are some benefits to dog crating.

If you choose to use this method of confinement to secure your dog at night, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Keep the crate close by

To keep the crate from feeling like a prison to your dog, always keep it close to you.

crateIn this case, I mean you should place it in the vicinity of you or other members of the family, so the dog does not feel abandoned.

For example, you can keep it somewhere in your bedroom or just outside in the hallway so that your pet knows you are close.

Monitor your dog’s behavior

If your dog is not happy about using a crate, it may exhibit unruly behavior such as chewing or clawing at the walls of the crate.

It may also bark uncontrollably and even defecate inside it in a panic.

If your dog behaves in this way, then you must not let it sleep in the crate until it gets over its anxiety.

Toilet breaks

Rules about crating include letting your dog out often for toilet use.

During the night you visit the toilet, and your dog should get a chance too.

You can let your dog out at the same time as when you go for your toilet break.

That way, you don’t stress your pet, and it can sleep well through the night.

Crating is only for healthy dogs

It’s wrong to confine a sick dog in a crate so avoid restricting sick dogs in crates and leave it for healthy pups.

Also if your dog is old, the crate may not be the right place for it to sleep.

Instead, choose a comfy dog bed and place it close by you, for your ailing or aging dog.

A dog crate is not a prison

Some people use a dog crate for timeout sessions, but that negates your chances of using it for any other purpose.

Your dog will always associate it with punishment so you will have to find it another place to relax.

If you want your dog to sleep in a crate, do not use it to punish your dog under any circumstances.

Ideally, the best idea when it comes to dog crates is to use them for training or transporting purposes.

When it comes to confinement, you can hire a dog trainer to teach your pet to behave and listen to commands wherever you go with it.

Most dogs are easy to train and will learn any routine your teach them; you don’t have to lock them away to make them obedient.

Overall, the question should I crate my dog at night has a different answer for each dog owner.

Every person has a preference as to how they want to treat a pet.

Whether you choose to put your dog in a crate at night or not, its well-being should come first.

That way you are sure that it remains a happy and well-adjusted member of the family.

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