Dog Care – Tips for Caring for Your Pet

dog care

Dogs are a great addition to most homes, therefore taking care of them and keeping them healthy is the responsible thing to do. Aside from the benefits this has for your pet, it is also of immense benefit to you if they are healthy and well.

To achieve this, your pet needs some level of attention. As a domesticated animal, it is not likely the dog showed up in your home. Even if it did, you chose to take it in and it is in your care. This makes you fully responsible for making sure it is in good health always.

To help you achieve this, we will now share with you some tips on caring for your dogs.

dog care

How to Care for Your Dog?

Provide Safe Housing

Part of taking care of your pet is keeping it safe from dangers and diseases and one way to do this is by providing it with comfortable accommodation. Whether inside your home or outside in a kennel in the backyard, ensure your pet is safe always and not exposed to hazards like weather elements or whatever can cause harm to it in any way.

Feed it a Quality Diet

Providing your pet with a diet that is more quality than quantity will preserve its health. Ensure you follow dietary recommendations based on its age, size, and breed. You should also feed it on time, following a suitable schedule. When you are not around, be sure to get someone to come over to do this for you or find a way of doing it. Also, make sure that fresh, clean water is always available to prevent dehydration.


Dogs are social creatures and just like humans, they need to interact and communicate. Spending quality time with it helps it trust you. This will foster understanding between you and your pet which will in turn help you easily recognize signs of illness or something being out of place as soon as the signs show up.


Naturally, dogs groom themselves which helps support their skin health, facilitating the growth of their hair follicles. Even with this, they still need to be washed from time to time. The frequency depends on your pet. Just note that too much bathing can be damaging to its skin and hair follicles thereby increasing the risk of infection from bacterial or fungi.

Bathing your pet once a month might be a good start. Ensure you use a dog shampoo and for long-haired dogs, comb their hair before bathing to avoid having to untangle wet hair. The water temperature should be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and begin with the head, ears, and neck to prevent fleas on the body from taking refuge in these places. Thoroughly rinse away with warm water containing vinegar to avoid any soap residue. You can read more on bathing frequency here.

Getting Your Dog Examined

To keep your dog in tip top shape, regularly visiting the vet for examination and administering of necessary drugs is quite important. You have to vaccinate and deworm when necessary and if you notice any symptoms, ensure you take it to the vet promptly.

Exercises and Walks

How to Care for Your Dog

Walking is a form of exercise for you and your pet. Be sure to take it on walks regularly and also let it run around a little in the park or in your backyard if you have one. You can play fetch, hide and seek, tug of war, and various games to help exercise your dog and keep it healthy.


Once to twice a week, groom your pet by combing or brushing its hairs, removing any ticks and fleas as you do so. You can remove burrs and tar or whatever mess is on your pet with vegetable oil and then use shampoo to remove the oil. Using boric acid solution and cotton, you can wipe away any rheum that might have gathered at the corners of the eyes by dabbing at it. Cut off any overgrown nails, and wash its feet often during winter months. Also, rub petroleum jelly underneath its feet if it becomes dry or cracked. You can see more grooming tips here:


Taking care of dogs requires regular attention and care. You will surely enjoy the rewards and benefits if you put in the work needed.

When outside, keep your pet on a leash except if you are in a safe and secured area where it cannot wander off. Also, keep them away from droppings from other dogs especially puppies and water puddles to prevent them from contracting diseases.

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