Top Tips For Purchasing Safe Dog Crates For Travel

heavy dog crate

Numerous dog owners consider their pets as faithful travel companions, accompanying them on short car rides or flying with them on a plane. However, in order for your furry friend to enjoy the trip as much as you do, you are supposed to provide it with the necessary comfort.

Fortunately, nowadays you can solve this problem by purchasing a travel dog crate, which is both comfortable and safe. Naturally, you’d have to choose the right model in accordance with your companion’s breed and size.

There is an extensive range of crash tested dog crates you can choose from with a variety of sizes, materials, colors, and safety features. However, for the purpose of traveling, these carriers should be lightweight, highly durable, and incredibly portable.

The following tips will help you make the right choice.

Consider its size

Size is the primary factor to consider when purchasing a crate, as it directly affects the comfort of your dog while staying inside. Make sure you choose a model whose size will allow your canine to stand up, turn around and lie down, without feeling restrained.

Therefore, you are supposed to adapt the size of the container to the height and length of your pet, leaving an extra space of minimum six inches. For instance, a large-sized crate would be the perfect choice for large breeds, as a container of any other size is likely to make your dog anxious and aggressive.

In case you’re an owner of a puppy, make sure you purchase a model with a divider panel that you can remove once your puppy grows bigger. Bear in mind that a small-sized container would be too restrictive after a couple of months, so you’d have to purchase a larger one. Fortunately, crates with a divider panel can be adapted to your canine’s size, without spending extra money.

Consider its material

Another crucial thing to consider when choosing a travel dog crate is undoubtedly its material, which enables both comfort and durability. There is a wide range of materials to choose from, such as: plastic, metal, soft fabric, and wood, all of which have both benefits and drawbacks.

heavy dog crate

Heavy-duty plastic crates are definitely one of the most widely used models, as they are suitable for both small and large canines. More importantly, these containers can be used for traveling, as they’re approved by airlines. You won’t have to worry about your pet’s well being, since these carriers are absolutely safe. Due to their incredible durability, they’re quite resistant to damage, done by chewing and scratching.

Metal dog crates aren’t exactly good-looking, but they are certainly the most durable type of containers. In terms of portability, most models are lightweight and foldable, facilitating transportation as well as storage. However, in order for your pet to feel comfortable, you need to purchase some pillows.

Soft crates are an ideal choice for owners of small dogs, being the most lightweight and comfortable variant. They’re the most convenient option for traveling, owing to their portability, however, bear in mind that soft fabric containers are harder to clean than the plastic and metal variants. Also, they aren’t a good option for canines which are fond of biting and scratching.

Wooden crates are more attractive, but not as durable as the previously mentioned models. These aren’t exactly a good alternative for traveling, due to their heavy weight. Visit this page to get familiar with all types of dog crates.

Don’t forget cleaning

Considering the fact that canines aren’t as hygienic pets as felines, make sure you purchase a container that isn’t difficult to clean. Naturally, its material plays a major role in the cleaning process, which is why choosing a plastic or metal model is always a better idea than purchasing a soft-sided one.

In order to avoid troubles when cleaning, you are advised to purchase a waterproof model, whose padding can be easily removed. Regardless of the material you’ll chose, it’s important for the bottom of the container to be made of plastic, as it’s easier to wash.

Consider safety

Safety is one of the essential factors to consider when choosing the right model, as your canine companion is supposed to be safe and secure during the trip. Therefore, the wisest idea would be purchasing a carrier with two fasteners in order to prevent your pet from escaping. Even the most disciplined pets can get anxious when traveling, as flying on a plane isn’t part of their everyday routine.

Additionally, if you are willing to spend more money on a travel crate for your pet, make sure you choose some of the crash-tested models. These provide maximal safety in the case of an accident or collision. However, prior to purchasing one, check if the product has been subjected to crash tests.

Ensure comfort

In order for your dog to be fond of such a carrier, it should be both spacious and comfortable. The coziest models are the ones made of soft fabric or polyester. In case the one you purchase lacks a padded bottom, you can use a blanket and a few pillows for greater comfort. It’s the only way for your canine friend to keep calm when being in a car or a plane.

Wrap up

Knowing the best crate to use can really help your dog enjoy the upcoming trips.

Spaciousness and comfort should be your number one priority!

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