What to look for in dog beds when shopping for your pet

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A what to look for in dog beds guide is essential for anyone that prioritizes the comfort of their pets. Our dogs can sleep anywhere as long as they are well -fed and content. However, if you love your dog, you want to make sure that it has somewhere cozy and warm to sleep.

dog sleepingSince our pets sleep a lot, they may as well have a comfortable place for it.

Buying a dog bed requires some thought and care.

You don’t want to be like a friend of mine who bought a dog bed online thinking it was the right size for his pet only to get a pillow-sized dog bed.

Although his large German shepherd was glad and used it as a headrest, it did not serve its purpose.

If he followed the suggestions in this what to look for in dog beds guide before making his purchase, things might have been different.

So if you are thinking of purchasing dog beds for large dogs or small ones soon, keep the following factors in mind.

Factors to consider when buying a dog bed for your pet

Size matters

Is your dog in its puppy stage? Then you have to factor in this point when buying it a bed.

You need to get a doggy bed that it will grow into as it develops from small pup to big dog.

Also if your dog is large, you need to buy it a bed that it can stretch in fully so that it is comfortable.

The right-size doggy bed will allow it to spread out without any of its parts hanging out, and still have a little space left over on all sides.

It’s a good idea to take measurements of your dog before you go bed shopping to make sure you get the right-sized pet bed for it.


Just like us, dogs also need to sleep in a firm and cushy bed to get a good rest.

The best thing you can do is buy a bed with excellent support for your dogs so that their joints and bones get the right support as they sleep.

You know how you feel after sleeping in a lumpy bed.

You wake up feeling tired and cranky.

Well, if you buy your dog a bed with no firm cushioning it will end up having aches and pains and feeling exhausted and cranky when it wakes up.

So buy it a nice pillow bed that’s firm, warm and cozy to ensure it gets the best sleep possible.

Easy to clean

Dogs are not the cleanest of home animals.

So you need to get a dog bed that you can clean easily to maintain hygiene in the home for the sake of you and your dog.

There are nice dog beds made of waterproof material that you can purchase for your pet.

These kind of beds are easy to clean, and they dry fast afterward.

So you can keep your dog and its resting place clean and free of germs always.

cleaaning dog's bedAlso, if you have a small dog, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy if you purchase a machine washable doggy bed.

If you have a large dog, try buying a couple of dog beds for large dogs so you can interchange them when one needs cleaning.

Beds for ailing and aging dogs

When your dog is young and healthy they will appreciate any dog bed you get them.

However, if you have a sick dog or an old dog, a regular dog bed may not be comfortable.

You have an option of buying heated dog beds for your dog if it is suffering from aching joints or arthritis.

You can also buy a cooling bed for your dog if you live in a hot area and it finds it hard to sleep in the heat.

If your pet is ill or aging, a dog bed will allow it to rest comfortably without aggravating its situation.

These are factors to consider when buying your pet a bed.

Unfortunately, some people do not appreciate the importance of doggy beds.

They let their pets sleep anywhere in the house or yard that they like.

If you are one of them, here are a few factors to enlighten you on why dogs beds are essential for pets.

Why you should buy your dog a dog bed

Give your dog its space

Dogs, like many pack animals, are territorial.

They like to have a particular spot they can sleep and relax.

You may argue that your home serves as such a spot for your dog, but it doesn’t because other members of the family are always milling around in it.

In your home, you need a special place where your dog can go to and chill.

It will allow your dog to be calm and well adjusted.

A dog bed is a great chill spot for a dog, and it gets even better if you surround it with personal items it loves such as chew toys and a comfort blanket.

Keep it off your bed or couch

Dogs get fleas and other insects on their coats sometimes.

They are also not the cleanest domestic animals and may trudge dirt and germs into your bed if you let them sleep with you.

It’s a good idea to get them a bed that you can clean out often to keep them from exposing you to germs and pests.

Good quality sleep

Furhaven Pet Pet BedDogs sleep better in their beds as compared to when they sleep with their owners.

It may look cute to snuggle with your pet, but it’s not good for them.

It may be too hot, or if you sleep too close to the fun or air conditioner, it may be to cool.

They also don’t get to stretch and relax as they would in their bed – and neither do you if you are honest.

So its best for you and your dog if you both get your own sleeping space.

Good option for sick and old dogs

If you have a sick dog, you know how hard it is for them.

dog and familySome sick dogs cannot control their bowel movements and may vomit accidentally.

You don’t want that kind of mess on your couch or bed.

Also if your dog is suffering from joint problems due to illness or old age, it’s painful for it to move.

Hence in such cases, it’s good to buy a special dog bed for your old or sick dog to ensure they are comfortable.

There are different types of beds such as orthopedic dog beds, heated dog beds and cooling ones among others you can buy to make your dog comfortable in any condition.

Learn about all the options to ensure you buy your dog the kind of bed that is right for it.

These are a few factors on the benefits of dog beds for your pet.

If you choose to purchase a dog bed for your pet, you can use the facts in the what to look for in dog beds section to help you make an excellent choice.

Dogs are members of the family and require a separate sleeping space for proper development, comfort, and peace of mind.

So why don’t you buy your pup a cozy dog bed today!

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