FunAce invisible pet fence system review

FunAce did wonders with their Invisible Pet Fence System. They are constantly creating and crafting new collars and receivers, for pet owners to use with the customers wants and needs in mind.

A lot of dog owners do not want their pets to be confined to one area of a home, or restricted to just the patio or porch, and with FunAce’s Invisible Fence you have the option of setting the boundaries for your best friend as you see fit.

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Two waterproof collars

This kit includes two collars, each with adjustable shock levels, a wireless receiver covering 1.2 acres, an installation and setup manual, and it is 100% waterproof. Each collar has a battery indicator, power indicator, charging port with waterproof cover, and two sturdy and reliable shock contact points that withstand rusting and weathering. A single collar can hold a charge for three to seven days, depending on how often your dog may wander into the invisible fence. The collar isn’t too bulky, and adjustable. It fits any dog that is at least 8 pounds or more, and why your dog may be outside for an evening or more at a time, it is not recommended to keep it on for more than 12 hours at a time. While maybe not the most fashionable shock collar, it definitely gets the job done.

Wire break indicator and lighting protection

The receiver also has a built-in wire break indicator, which is extremely useful for making sure there are no areas that are penetrable because chipmunks and moles do tend to build tunnels at the same depth as the buried line. One of the best things about this collar compared to their competitors is that it has built-in lightning protections. This protects the transmitter from surges during storms, so you do not have to worry about your dog getting harmed or the kit from being damaged. With a 100% reliability standpoint, and the worry free guarantee that you will not have to worry about the dog escaping the field of containment; there is little to no downside as to using this product.

Detailed installation manual

The Installation manual will get you started quickly, showing you how to bury the line and set up each collar to the receiver but if you have a previous unit installed or line laid in the ground already, this is essentially a “plug and play” system. The line comes in a spool that takes some effort to install, but all that consist of is just trenching the boundary you want and laying the line in the hole. Some applications even allow you to install the line above ground along an existing fence, for if you have problems with dogs jumping the fence, or using stakes.

Can be used for training

Even though this is an invisible fence, designed to contain your pet, this is not the endgame setup for any dog lover. This can essentially be used to train your pet to not leave the yard or to not enter a designated area by shock training, and remember that you can set the collar to just send a low current through the dog’s neck to just harmlessly remind him. What this means, is after an extended period of use, the collar will not have to be worn by the dog, and the shocks won’t have to be delivered. If you have a line buried in your front hard, fence-less, and the when the dog approaches the sidewalk to investigate the mailman, the collar will deliver harmless shocks the closer he gets. Eventually, the dog will catch on that, the sidewalk, no matter how delicious the mailman may look, is no place for him to venture out to. He will steer clear of it collar on or off. So this doubles as a training device, and for when that trust between you and your pet is established the collar won’t be mandatory for everyday wear.

Bottom Line

No more pricing trainers to teach your dog obedience, just use FunAce’s Invisible Pet Fence System to insure that your pet stays in the yard, and stays safe. So when choosing which invisible fence system to use, FunAce has the upper hand with its quality craftsmanship and swift user-friendly functionality. It’s one of those collars you can set and forget so you can rest assured that your dog will stay in the yard, but time is still needed to be spent to remind the dog where the boundaries are, and with enough practice the collar won’t have to be worn for prolonged periods of times, and maybe just for occasions where there won’t be supervision. Obedience starts with FunAce and you.

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