Dog Nutrition at Its Finest: Do Popular Dog Supplements Work?


Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. It is even said that they are the only creatures that love their owners more than they love themselves. So it is just right to give ample love and excellent care to these adorable four-legged creatures.

But the bigger question here is how.

In this article, the effects of popular dog supplements are tackled.

dog suplementsThe world of dog nutrition is still pretty much an experimental science.

There are people who would stick to traditional dog food that is manufactured by well-established companies known for pet care products.

But there are those who would argue that dogs should get their holistic nutrition from organic foods that should be consumed only by carnivores.

These people would further argue that since their dogs get all of their nutritional needs from their food, they do not need to take popular dog supplements.

Both concepts are quite sound ideas.

But one has to consider the simple analogy that humans do not get all of their nutritional needs from the food that they take.

Which is why they take food supplements.

This is also the reason why most veterinarians recommend the giving of food supplements to dogs.

But with so many dog supplements in the market, finding the right one is a bit difficult.

To make things easier for the dog lover, here are some of the most popular dog supplements and what it can do:


This is considered to be the most popular dog supplement in the market.

One might have heard that this is being taken by humans for its joint-restorative properties.

Veterinarians also prescribe this as a joint supplement for dogs.

It prevents the progression of dog arthritis by rehabilitating old cartilage and in the same time, it encourages the growth of new ones.

This is derived from crushed crab shells.


This is another joint supplement for dogs.

Most pet care manufacturers combine this with glucosamine.

Formulae that have these two ingredients are said to be more potent than those that just have one so it would make better sense to purchase dog supplements that contain both ingredients and not just one.

Very much like its course counterpart, it encourages the growth of new cartilage.

This comes from pig or cow cartilage.

But if one is not so keen that such supplement come from them, then one has the option of getting chondroitin from specific algae.

3.Fish Oil

This is said to be the dog lover’s second favorite among popular dog supplements.

fish oilIt comes next to glucosamine.

This also helps prevent dog arthritis.

Not only that, it can improve the texture of the dog’s coat.

Veterinarians would sometimes use this to treat skin allergies in dogs.

4.Coenzyme Q10

This supplement is also known as ubiquinone.

Veterinarians would prescribe this to prevent heart ailments as well as to age-related cognitive issues.

They would also give this supplement to dogs with existing heart issues.

So if one is in the popular dog supplements aisle, one must not ignore this.

5.Digestive Enzymes

Recently, this has been included in the list of popular dog supplements.

There are many dog owners who have included this in their dog’s diet because they think that commercially produced dog foods no longer have the enzymes needed for their dogs to properly digest their foods.

Most digestive enzyme supplements may contain the following: pancreatic enzyme, protease, amylase, lipase and cellulase.

6.Milk Thistle

This is not just part of the popular dog supplements.

But people would also consume this herbal product because of its active ingredient called silymarin.

Scientists have seen that this prevents the body from metabolising chemicals that turn to be toxic to the liver.

Veterinarians prescribe milk thistle as a liver-support supplement for dogs.


Just like most popular dog supplements, people have long consumed this for its beneficial effects on the digestive system.

The most common samples of these good bacteria are L. acidophilus, B. bifidum and L. bulgaricus.

The good bacteria prevent the bad bacteria from entering the dog’s stomach.

Thus, it also prevents stomach problems.

Veterinarians are very particular in the consumption of the probiotics.

It must not be placed in hot dog food as it can be unstable.

But it can be taken straight by the dog since there are probiotic supplements that can be readily consumed.

8.Vitamin C

This is also known as ascorbic acid.

vitamin cThis is one of the popular dog supplements that have been proven very beneficial to those who take it.

This vitamin maintains connective tissue and collagen.

Beside that, this protects the body (both human and canine) from the effects of free radicals.

These free radicals have been suspected to be the primary cause of osteoporosis and other chronic diseases in dogs.

This is a component for the skin, veins, teeth, cartilage and tendons so it is very much needed for its healing.


This is one of the most important and ever so popular dog supplements.

It has been formulated in a way that the dog can benefit from taking the multivitamin.

It has to be done this way because the dog cannot metabolise vitamins in huge quantities.

Veterinarians use the multivitamin to treat certain canine health issues.

But there are some studies showing that it does not benefit already healthy dogs.


This is another one of those popular dog supplements that have been beneficial for humans as well.

Once consumed, the body modifies the nutrient in a way that will help the dog build a lean body.

dogBut one must keep in mind that the dog should also have regular exercise so that it can make the most out of this nutrient.

There are so many popular dog supplements on the market.

These are just some of them.

Understanding the benefits that these supplements give can help the responsible dog owner make a wise choice for their dog.

Although such knowledge would help the dog lover in choosing the right supplement for their dog, it is wiser to ask a veterinarian which one is best for the dog.

So if you are looking for supplements for your dog, you should not immediately race toward the popular dog supplements aisle.

But instead, you ought to bring your dog to its veterinarian so that they can recommend what is the best formulae for your beloved pet.

They would be able to prescribe what combination would work best for your dog.

They would identify which supplement is not needed for your dog and which one is good for it.

If you already have the prescription, then go to your nearest popular dog supplements store.

Your dog is indeed worth it!

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